Textual Stock Prediction Model

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NLP Prediction (NLP) Business Applications

NLP is an interesting field in AI in which you build systems to try and understand language. This has an application in speech and text analysis. Communication is an essential part of business and you do not have to look far to see the application value of NLP in Finance and Business.


The extent of using NLP in finance has mostly been limited to sentiment analysis (similar to the study performed here). Other studies include the textual analysis of financial reports.

  • Models can be used to interpret the readability of reports and see if it is associated with higher earnings management or leads to a heightened risk of bankruptcy.
  • Used in conjunction with machine translation to interpret individual public discussions and to train a model looking at the predictive value of such information on the changes of future stock market movement.


Similar to the finance applications, there are countless opportunities to use NLP within your business.

  • A company can use NLP internally on email databases and chat servers to identify and flag important pockets of information, such as potential talk of confidential information and can stop a person from sending an email before it is too late.
  • NLP is a crucial element of chatbots that can be used for sales, CRM, scheduling and countless other areas and tasks.
import pandas as pd
from sklearn.feature_extraction.text import CountVectorizer
from sklearn.linear_model import LogisticRegression
# CountVectorizer, part of scikit-learn, will take care of our NLP tasks.
data = pd.read_csv("Combined_News_DJIA.csv")

Variable Description

The variables in this dataset is very straight forward, it includes the date, a classification variable as to whether the stock went up or down on that day and a 25 headline articles as they occurred on reddit.

Reddit does not update the articles as fast as the original sources or as fast as a news subscription service like Reuters, it is user created links and submissions most likely referring back to the original sources.

The label and the news headlines are reported concurrently. Following the EMH (Efficiency Market Hypothesis), the expectation is that the market market would react immediately to bad news expected to cause uncertainty or affect the overall market.

Due to the latency of reddit the purpose of this analysis is not so much to profit from this strategy, but rather to show that machines can learn from past words and phrases and can reasonably “interpret” articles to foretell the direction of the stock market.

This is quite interesting due to the fact that it is normally quite hard to predict the direction of the stock market, especially when you are only basing it off off the top 25 news articles of the day, which very seldom includes information directly relating to the stock market.

This piece of research is also interesting in that it shows that there is some prediction value contained in the headlines of articles. The benefit of training a machine to “read” articles to decide whether it will have an affect on the market, is that the machine does not have the biases that often affect investors.

As a reminder, the Label variable will be a 1 if the DJIA stayed the same or rose on that date or 0 if the DJIA fell on that date.

In this scenario we are going to split our data into a training set and a testing set. When splitting time-series information into the training and testing set it is best to define the training data from the beginning of the period and to use the data in the last part of the dataset as the test set. I will use 2014 as the cut-off point.

Below I show the variables contained in the analysis.

02008-08-080b"Georgia 'downs two Russian warplanes' as cou...b'BREAKING: Musharraf to be impeached.'b'Russia Today: Columns of troops roll into So...b'Russian tanks are moving towards the capital...b"Afghan children raped with 'impunity,' U.N. ...b'150 Russian tanks have entered South Ossetia...b"Breaking: Georgia invades South Ossetia, Rus...b"The 'enemy combatent' trials are nothing but......b'Georgia Invades South Ossetia - if Russia ge...b'Al-Qaeda Faces Islamist Backlash'b'Condoleezza Rice: "The US would not act to p...b'This is a busy day: The European Union has ...b"Georgia will withdraw 1,000 soldiers from Ir...b'Why the Pentagon Thinks Attacking Iran is a ...b'Caucasus in crisis: Georgia invades South Os...b'Indian shoe manufactory - And again in a se...b'Visitors Suffering from Mental Illnesses Ban...b"No Help for Mexico's Kidnapping Surge"
12008-08-111b'Why wont America and Nato help us? If they w...b'Bush puts foot down on Georgian conflict'b"Jewish Georgian minister: Thanks to Israeli ...b'Georgian army flees in disarray as Russians ...b"Olympic opening ceremony fireworks 'faked'"b'What were the Mossad with fraudulent New Zea...b'Russia angered by Israeli military sale to G...b'An American citizen living in S.Ossetia blam......b'Israel and the US behind the Georgian aggres...b'"Do not believe TV, neither Russian nor Geor...b'Riots are still going on in Montreal (Canada...b'China to overtake US as largest manufacturer'b'War in South Ossetia [PICS]'b'Israeli Physicians Group Condemns State Tort...b' Russia has just beaten the United States ov...b'Perhaps *the* question about the Georgia - R...b'Russia is so much better at war'b"So this is what it's come to: trading sex fo...
22008-08-120b'Remember that adorable 9-year-old who sang a...b"Russia 'ends Georgia operation'"b'"If we had no sexual harassment we would hav...b"Al-Qa'eda is losing support in Iraq because ...b'Ceasefire in Georgia: Putin Outmaneuvers the...b'Why Microsoft and Intel tried to kill the XO...b'Stratfor: The Russo-Georgian War and the Bal...b"I'm Trying to Get a Sense of This Whole Geor......b'U.S. troops still in Georgia (did you know t...b'Why Russias response to Georgia was right'b'Gorbachev accuses U.S. of making a "serious ...b'Russia, Georgia, and NATO: Cold War Two'b'Remember that adorable 62-year-old who led y...b'War in Georgia: The Israeli connection'b'All signs point to the US encouraging Georgi...b'Christopher King argues that the US and NATO...b'America: The New Mexico?'b"BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Extinction 'by man...
32008-08-130b' U.S. refuses Israel weapons to attack Iran:...b"When the president ordered to attack Tskhinv...b' Israel clears troops who killed Reuters cam...b'Britain\'s policy of being tough on drugs is...b'Body of 14 year old found in trunk; Latest (...b'China has moved 10 *million* quake survivors...b"Bush announces Operation Get All Up In Russi...b'Russian forces sink Georgian ships '...b'Elephants extinct by 2020?'b'US humanitarian missions soon in Georgia - i...b"Georgia's DDOS came from US sources"b'Russian convoy heads into Georgia, violating...b'Israeli defence minister: US against strike ...b'Gorbachev: We Had No Choice'b'Witness: Russian forces head towards Tbilisi...b' Quarter of Russians blame U.S. for conflict...b'Georgian president says US military will ta...b'2006: Nobel laureate Aleksander Solzhenitsyn...
42008-08-141b'All the experts admit that we should legalis...b'War in South Osetia - 89 pictures made by a ...b'Swedish wrestler Ara Abrahamian throws away ...b'Russia exaggerated the death toll in South O...b'Missile That Killed 9 Inside Pakistan May Ha...b"Rushdie Condemns Random House's Refusal to P...b'Poland and US agree to missle defense deal. ...b'Will the Russians conquer Tblisi? Bet on it,......b'Bank analyst forecast Georgian crisis 2 days...b"Georgia confict could set back Russia's US r...b'War in the Caucasus is as much the product o...b'"Non-media" photos of South Ossetia/Georgia ...b'Georgian TV reporter shot by Russian sniper ...b'Saudi Arabia: Mother moves to block child ma...b'Taliban wages war on humanitarian aid workers'b'Russia: World "can forget about" Georgia\'s...b'Darfur rebels accuse Sudan of mounting major...b'Philippines : Peace Advocate say Muslims nee...

5 rows × 27 columns

# Splitting in set
train = data[data['Date'] < '2015-01-01']
test = data[data['Date'] > '2014-12-31']
(1611, 27)
# Selecting a random headline
example = train.iloc[3,10]

# Lowercasing all words
example2 = example.lower()

# This line of code tokenises and vectorises each word from a string.
example3 = CountVectorizer().build_tokenizer()(example2)

print("Before Tokenisation and Vectorisation:\n")

print(pd.DataFrame([[x,example3.count(x)] for x in set(example3)], columns = ['Word', 'Count']))
Before Tokenisation and Vectorisation:

['the', 'commander', 'of', 'navy', 'air', 'reconnaissance', 'squadron', 'that', 'provides', 'the', 'president', 'and', 'the', 'defense', 'secretary', 'the', 'airborne', 'ability', 'to', 'command', 'the', 'nation', 'nuclear', 'weapons', 'has', 'been', 'relieved', 'of', 'duty']


              Word  Count
0             duty      1
1               of      2
2          defense      1
3        commander      1
4              the      5
5          command      1
6             navy      1
7          weapons      1
8              has      1
9         squadron      1
10            that      1
11             air      1
12       secretary      1
13             and      1
14  reconnaissance      1
15          nation      1
16        provides      1
17        airborne      1
18        relieved      1
19            been      1
20       president      1
21              to      1
22         nuclear      1
23         ability      1

Therefore, the above code transforms the list into a table of counts. The above steps just gives you an idea of the process at hand that happens behind the scenes in scikit-learn (library).

The first step is easy and that is to connect all the strings associated with the target variable into one.

trainheadlines = []
for row in range(0,len(train.index)):
    trainheadlines.append(' '.join(str(x) for x in train.iloc[row,2:27]))
# Recall that append starts a new index for each operations
['b"Georgia \'downs two Russian warplanes\' as countries move to brink of war" b\'BREAKING: Musharraf to be impeached.\' b\'Russia Today: Columns of troops roll into South Ossetia; footage from fighting (YouTube)\' b\'Russian tanks are moving towards the capital of South Ossetia, which has reportedly been completely destroyed by Georgian artillery fire\' b"Afghan children raped with \'impunity,\' U.N. official says - this is sick, a three year old was raped and they do nothing" b\'150 Russian tanks have entered South Ossetia whilst Georgia shoots down two Russian jets.\' b"Breaking: Georgia invades South Ossetia, Russia warned it would intervene on SO\'s side" b"The \'enemy combatent\' trials are nothing but a sham: Salim Haman has been sentenced to 5 1/2 years, but will be kept longer anyway just because they feel like it." b\'Georgian troops retreat from S. Osettain capital, presumably leaving several hundred people killed. [VIDEO]\' b\'Did the U.S. Prep Georgia for War with Russia?\' b\'Rice Gives Green Light for Israel to Attack Iran: Says U.S. has no veto over Israeli military ops\' b\'Announcing:Class Action Lawsuit on Behalf of American Public Against the FBI\' b"So---Russia and Georgia are at war and the NYT\'s top story is opening ceremonies of the Olympics?  What a fucking disgrace and yet further proof of the decline of journalism." b"China tells Bush to stay out of other countries\' affairs" b\'Did World War III start today?\' b\'Georgia Invades South Ossetia - if Russia gets involved, will NATO absorb Georgia and unleash a full scale war?\' b\'Al-Qaeda Faces Islamist Backlash\' b\'Condoleezza Rice: "The US would not act to prevent an Israeli strike on Iran." Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak: "Israel is prepared for uncompromising victory in the case of military hostilities."\' b\'This is a busy day:  The European Union has approved new sanctions against Iran in protest at its nuclear programme.\' b"Georgia will withdraw 1,000 soldiers from Iraq to help fight off Russian forces in Georgia\'s breakaway region of South Ossetia" b\'Why the Pentagon Thinks Attacking Iran is a Bad Idea - US News & World Report\' b\'Caucasus in crisis: Georgia invades South Ossetia\' b\'Indian shoe manufactory  - And again in a series of "you do not like your work?"\' b\'Visitors Suffering from Mental Illnesses Banned from Olympics\' b"No Help for Mexico\'s Kidnapping Surge"',
 'b\'Why wont America and Nato help us? If they wont help us now, why did we help them in Iraq?\' b\'Bush puts foot down on Georgian conflict\' b"Jewish Georgian minister: Thanks to Israeli training, we\'re fending off Russia " b\'Georgian army flees in disarray as Russians advance - Gori abandoned to Russia without a shot fired\' b"Olympic opening ceremony fireworks \'faked\'" b\'What were the Mossad with fraudulent New Zealand Passports doing in Iraq?\' b\'Russia angered by Israeli military sale to Georgia\' b\'An American citizen living in S.Ossetia blames U.S. and Georgian leaders for the genocide of innocent people\' b\'Welcome To World War IV! Now In High Definition!\' b"Georgia\'s move, a mistake of monumental proportions " b\'Russia presses deeper into Georgia; U.S. says regime change is goal\' b\'Abhinav Bindra wins first ever Individual Olympic Gold Medal for India\' b\' U.S. ship heads for Arctic to define territory\' b\'Drivers in a Jerusalem taxi station threaten to quit rather than work for their new boss - an Arab\' b\'The French Team is Stunned by Phelps and the 4x100m Relay Team\' b\'Israel and the US behind the Georgian aggression?\' b\'"Do not believe TV, neither Russian nor Georgian. There are much more victims"\' b\'Riots are still going on in Montreal (Canada) because police murdered a boy on Saturday.\' b\'China to overtake US as largest manufacturer\' b\'War in South Ossetia [PICS]\' b\'Israeli Physicians Group Condemns State Torture\' b\' Russia has just beaten the United States over the head with Peak Oil\' b\'Perhaps *the* question about the Georgia - Russia conflict \' b\'Russia is so much better at war\' b"So this is what it\'s come to: trading sex for food."',
 'b\'Remember that adorable 9-year-old who sang at the opening ceremonies? That was fake, too.\' b"Russia \'ends Georgia operation\'" b\'"If we had no sexual harassment we would have no children..."\' b"Al-Qa\'eda is losing support in Iraq because of a brutal crackdown on activities it regards as un-Islamic - including women buying cucumbers" b\'Ceasefire in Georgia: Putin Outmaneuvers the West\' b\'Why Microsoft and Intel tried to kill the XO $100 laptop\' b\'Stratfor: The Russo-Georgian War and the Balance of Power   \' b"I\'m Trying to Get a Sense of This Whole Georgia-Russia War: Vote Up If You Think Georgia Started It, Or Down If you Think Russia Did" b"The US military was surprised by the timing and swiftness of the Russian military\'s move into South Ossetia and is still trying to sort out what happened, a US defense official said Monday" b\'U.S. Beats War Drum as Iran Dumps the Dollar\' b\'Gorbachev: "Georgian military attacked the South Ossetian capital of Tskhinvali with multiple rocket launchers designed to devastate large areas"\' b\'CNN use footage of Tskhinvali ruins to cover Georgian report [VIDEO]\' b\'Beginning a war as the Olympics were opening violates the ancient tradition of a truce to conflict during the Games.  The IOC could respond by taking the 2014 games away from Russia.\' b\'55 pyramids as large as the Luxor stacked into a mega-city pyramid in Tokyo Bay\' b\'The 11 Top Party Cities in the World\' b\'U.S. troops still in Georgia (did you know they were in Georgia in the first place?)\' b\'Why Russias response to Georgia was right\' b\'Gorbachev accuses U.S. of making a "serious blunder" in pursuing its interest in the Caucasus region\' b\'Russia, Georgia, and NATO: Cold War Two\' b\'Remember that adorable 62-year-old who led your country into war based on evidence? That was fake, too.\' b\'War in Georgia: The Israeli connection\' b\'All signs point to the US encouraging Georgia to invade South Ossetia. Goddamnit Bush.\' b\'Christopher King argues that the US and NATO are behind the Georgian invasion of South Ossetia but have misjudged Russian resolve. \' b\'America: The New Mexico?\' b"BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Extinction \'by man not climate\'"',
 'b\' U.S. refuses Israel weapons to attack Iran: report\' b"When the president ordered to attack Tskhinvali [the capital of South Ossetia], we knew then we were doomed. How come he didn\'t realize that?" b\' Israel clears troops who killed Reuters cameraman\' b\'Britain\\\'s policy of being tough on drugs is "pointless", says a former civil servant who once ran the Cabinet\\\'s anti-drugs unit.\' b\'Body of 14 year old found in trunk; Latest (ransom paid) kidnapping victim in Mexico. Head cop quits, Prez dissolves suspect elite task force\' b\'China has moved 10 *million* quake survivors into prefab homes\' b"Bush announces Operation Get All Up In Russia\'s Grill. Yeah, this will end well." b\'Russian forces sink Georgian ships \' b"The commander of a Navy air reconnaissance squadron that provides the President and the defense secretary the airborne ability to command the nation\'s nuclear weapons has been relieved of duty" b"92% of CNN readers: Russia\'s actions in Georgia - justified!" b\'USA to send fleet into Black Sea to help Georgia, send troops in "humanitarian aid exercise"\' b"US warns against Israeli plan to strike against Iran\'s nuclear facilities" b"In an intriguing cyberalliance, two Estonian computer experts are heading to Georgia to keep the country\'s networks running amid an intense military confrontation with Russia" b\'The CNN Effect: Georgia Schools Russia in Information Warfare\' b\'Why Russias response to Georgia was right\' b\'Elephants extinct by 2020?\' b\'US humanitarian missions soon in Georgia - if Russia hits the US - WWIII?\' b"Georgia\'s DDOS came from US sources" b\'Russian convoy heads into Georgia, violating truce\' b\'Israeli defence minister: US against strike on Iran\' b\'Gorbachev: We Had No Choice\' b\'Witness: Russian forces head towards Tbilisi in breach of ceasefire agreement\' b\' Quarter of Russians blame U.S. for conflict: poll\' b\'Georgian president  says US military will take control of seaports and airports - Pentagon denies\' b\'2006: Nobel laureate Aleksander Solzhenitsyn accuses U.S., NATO of encircling Russia\'',
 'b\'All the experts admit that we should legalise drugs \' b\'War in South Osetia - 89 pictures made by a Russian soldier.\' b\'Swedish wrestler Ara Abrahamian throws away medal in Olympic hissy fit \' b\'Russia exaggerated the death toll in South Ossetia. Now only 44 were originally killed compared to 2,000.\' b\'Missile That Killed 9 Inside Pakistan May Have Been Launched by the CIA\' b"Rushdie Condemns Random House\'s Refusal to Publish Novel for Fear of Muslim Retaliation" b\'Poland and US agree to missle defense deal. Interesting timing!\' b\'Will the Russians conquer Tblisi? Bet on it, no seriously you can BET on it\' b\'Russia exaggerating South Ossetian death toll, says human rights group\' b\' Musharraf expected to resign rather than face impeachment\' b\'Moscow Made Plans Months Ago to Invade Georgia\' b\'Why Russias response to Georgia was right\' b\'Nigeria has handed over the potentially oil-rich Bakassi peninsula to Cameroon.\' b\'The US and Poland have agreed a preliminary deal on plans for the controversial US defence shield\' b\'Russia apparently is sabotaging infrastructure to cripple the already battered Georgian military.\' b\'Bank analyst forecast Georgian crisis 2 days early\' b"Georgia confict could set back Russia\'s US relations \'for years\' | World news | guardian.co.uk" b\'War in the Caucasus is as much the product of an American imperial drive as local conflicts.\' b\'"Non-media" photos of South Ossetia/Georgia conflict.\' b\'Georgian TV reporter shot by Russian sniper during live broadcast [video]\' b\'Saudi Arabia: Mother moves to block child marriage\' b\'Taliban wages war on humanitarian aid workers\' b\'Russia: World  "can forget about" Georgia\\\'s territorial integrity\' b\'Darfur rebels accuse Sudan of mounting major attack\' b\'Philippines : Peace Advocate say Muslims need assurance Christians not out to convert them\'',
 'b"Mom of missing gay man: Too bad he\'s not a 21-year-old cheerleader, then they\'d still be looking for him" b"Russia: U.S. Poland Missile Deal Won\'t Go \'Unpunished\'" b"The government has been accused of creating laws that have a chilling effect on freedom of expression in the UK in a critical report from the UN\'s committee on human rights" b\'The Italian government has lashed out at an influential Catholic magazine which suggested fascism might be resurfacing within the government.\' b\'Gorbachev: Georgia started conflict in S. Ossetia\' b"China fakes more than your girlfriend; \'Ethnic minority\' children at Olympics ceremony were fake too!" b"The UN\'s criticism of freedom of expression in the UK are valid" b\'Russian general threatens nuclear strike on Poland as Bush demands Moscow withdraws from Georgia\' b\'Russia can inspect Polish missile defence site\' b\'Russia-Georgia Conflict Fueled by Rush to Control Caspian Energy Resources\' b"Business Week: Victory in Georgia gives Russia the edge in the struggle over access to the Caspian\'s 35 billion barrels of oil and trillions of cubic feet of gas" b"Under Soviet rule we didn\'t believe a word of our own propaganda... But we have learnt... that the West has its own propaganda and... is more powerful because people believe it." b\'Ministers have been accused of building a national DNA database "by stealth" by retaining profiles of nearly 40,000 children never convicted of a crime.\' b"Russia: Georgia can \'forget\' regaining provinces" b"Russians \'Seize US Weapons Depot\' in Georgia" b\'Why are redditors generally supportive of Russias invasion of Georgia, but critical of Americas in Iraq?\' b\'Johann Hari: We need to stop being such cowards about Islam\' b\'US officials have said that their military presence in Georgia will now become permanent\' b\'Israel clears troops who killed Reuters cameraman\' b\'Unenforceable laws encourage cops to escalate their tactics -- until tragedy occurs\' b\'What Chinese pollution really looks like\' b\'Hacker Kidnaps and Tortures Informant, Posts Picture as a Warning to Others\' b\'Bush Tells Putin: This Aggression Will Not Stand\' b\'Georgia is all about the oil pipelines\' b\'Rivals say they plan to remove Georgian president\'',
 'b\'In an Afghan prison, the majority of female prisoners are serving 20-year sentences for being victims of rape \' b"Little girl, you\'re not ugly; they are" b"Pakistan\'s Musharraf to Resign, Leave the Country" b\'Tornado throws a bus in Poland, captured by one of the passengers\' b"Britain\'s terror laws have left me and my family shattered" b"Iran \'fires satellite into space\'" b\'Rights of Non-Muslims restricted by new Maldives constitution\' b\'Tour of Tskhinvali undercuts Russian version of fighting\' b\'The Great Resource War is already underway, mainly in the Middle East, but also in smaller skirmishes scattered areas around the world, disguised to many as the Global War on Terror. \' b\'Over 190,000 US contractors working in Iraq\' b\'Russia moves SS-21 missiles into Georgia: US defense official\' b\'a President says he is resigning "to avoid an impeachment battle that would harm the nation\\\'s interests"\' b\'"Democratic" Georgia shuts down an opposition TV channel owned by Russians\' b\'New Cold War is an option -- Russian parliamentarian \' b\'Georgian Situation Continues the Quest for The Prize of Oil, Money and Power\' b\'MI5 seeks gay spies\' b\' New porn channel lets Canadians strut their stuff\' b\'The Dangerous Neighbor: Vladimir Putin Takes on a Powerless West\' b\'Israel opinion page: Russians are saner.\' b"NATO\'s Hour" b\'Georgian President Saakashvili Eats His Tie on Live TV\' b\'No Chicken Left Behind: Animal RFID Surveillance Arrives in Force\' b\'Putin has given us an order that everyone must leave or be shot\' b\'National DNA database grows on the genes of the innocent\' b\'Mayor Asks Ugly Women To Visit His Town\'',
 'b"Man arrested and locked up for five hours after taking photo of police van ignoring \'no entry\' sign" b\'The US missile defence system is the magic pudding that will never run out\' b\'Schrder lambasted for blaming Russian conflict on Georgia\' b\'Officials: 10 French soldiers killed near Kabul \' b\'These ten laws make China a totalitarian wasteland\' b\'Russia seizes US vehicles\' b"Muslims are only 4% of Denmark\'s 5.4 million people but make up a majority of the country\'s convicted rapists. Practically all the female victims are non-Muslim." b\'Taliban Forces Kill 10 French Soldiers and Raid U.S. Base\' b\'Assaults, kidnappings and killings of humanitarian aid workers have more than doubled in the past five years\' b"South Ossetia Isn\'t Kosovo" b\'Finally, an Olympic image to take your mind off Michael Phelps ... [pic]\' b\'New York laser graffiti artist detained indefinitely in Beijing for Tibet Protest art\' b\'US left isolated over Nato plans to maintain relations with Russia\' b"Driven: Shai Agassi\'s Audacious Plan to Put Electric Cars on the Road" b\' NATO freezes Russian ties over Georgia\' b\'Brazil Will Play Military War Game to Defend Recently Discovered Offshore Oil\' b\'16,000 fine for British woman caught sharing game online\' b\'102-year-old grandma is oldest person on Facebook\' b\'Today 5 years ago - August 19th 2003. Bombing of the UN headquarters in Iraq\' b\'US national Ken Haywood, whose computer was found to send threat emails after serial bomb blasts in India, flees the country.\' b\' Taliban kill 10 French troops near Afghan capital\' b\'Not Everybody Loves Offshore Wind Power in Spain\' b\'Taliban Forces Kill 10 French Soldiers and Raid U.S. Base \' b\'Pakistan is more democratic than America. \' b\'Blaze engulfs Egyptian parliament\'',
 'b\'Two elderly Chinese women have been sentenced to a year of re-education through labor after they sought a permit to demonstrate in an official Olympic protest area.\' b\'The Power of Islam: The Human Rights Council at the United Nations has now banned any criticism regarding Sharia Law and human rights in the Islamic World\' b"We had 55 times more military soldiers in the first Gulf War than contractors. In the current Iraq war, the ratio\'s 1:1." b\'"I live here on less than a dollar a month" -- Obama\\\'s brother, Kenya shanty town \' b\'Russia sends aircraft carrier to Syria.\' b\'The American people should be eternally grateful to Old Europe for having spiked the Bush-McCain plan to bring Georgia into NATO.\' b\'Abkhazia officially appeals to Russia for independence\' b\'Russia warns of response "beyond diplomacy" against US missile shield\' b\'India Sets Aside 40% of Regional Wasteland for Jatropha Biodiesel Production\' b\'Elderly Chinese Women Sentenced to Labor Re-education After Applying for Permission to Protest at the Olympics\' b\'Plane skids off runway in Madrid\' b\'Taliban mount ferocious assaults on allied targets\' b\'150 Feared Dead In Spanair Plane Crash In Madrid \' b\'Was Western Intelligence involved in terrorist attacks in India? A westerners computer Internet connection was used to send terror e-mail minutes before Ahmedabad blasts. \' b\'Spanish Freedom of Speech Dies an Ignoble Death so that Spanish Parasites Will Not be Offended. \' b\'Grote Markt [PIC]\' b\'Russia has informed Norway that it plans to cut all military ties with NATO\' b"\'What Are the Aims of this War?\': French Opposition Demands Rethink of Afghanistan Mission" b\'Bush Covered up Musharraf Ties with Al Qaeda\' b\'Mikhail Gorbachev: Russia Never Wanted a War\' b\'Germans urge tougher laws after new privacy scandal \' b\'The Time of the Wimps: Dialogue with Russia Is the Only Choice\' b\'1998 Missile Strikes on Bin Laden May Have Backfired\' b"For a moment let\'s forget everything else and pay homage to these unsung heroes" b\'The First Solar Radio Station in Argentina\'',
 'b"British resident held in Guantanamo Bay wins legal battle to force Foreign Office to reveal \'torture\' evidence" b\'Chinese may have killed 140 Tibetans this week: Dalai Lama\' b\'U.S. Navy Ships Head to Georgia\' b\'Hacker uncovers Chinese olympic fraud\' b"If you\'ve ever wondered what Kim Jong Il was like in grade school, here you go. Yes, he was quite ronery. Also, ordered his former teacher\'s whole family killed." b"Russia\'s Nuclear Threat Is More Than Words" b\'Czech President: "I must protest aloud against the incorrect interpretation of the situation in the Caucasus."\' b\'50% Of All Food Produced Is Wasted Before It Gets Used\' b"China sentences Alive in Baghdad blogger, GRL\'s James Powderly & 4 other citizen journalists to 10 days in jail for covering Tibet protests during the Olympics" b\'"Go ahead and let Georgia declare war between NATO and Russia. Now, any half-wit small-country leader gets to audition for the role of Archduke Ferdinand"\' b\'Cafferty: Georgia Started War with Russia [vid]\' b\'Kazakhstan is considering diverting its oil exports away from the BTC pipeline that runs through Georgia, and using Russia instead. The reason?\' b"Russia threatens sale of offensive weapons to Israel\'s enemies" b\'Belfast Police Confiscate Boardgame In Terrorist Crackdown\' b"World\'s Oldest Man Dies At The Age Of 138" b\'Russia condemns US missile deal\' b\'NATOs decision to freeze relations with Moscow and Washingtons inept handling of Pakistan are strategic foreign policy mistakes.\' b\'Sweet Sixteen or Fraudulent Fourteen,  Hackers unearth more underage gymnast allegations \' b\'If Russias feeling churlish, they can pretty much bring to a grinding halt any kind of coercive actions\' b\'Chinese Gymnasts 14, Official Document Shows\' b\'Suicide attack kills at least 50 at Pakistan arms factory\' b\'The Abkhazian Parliament has approved an official appeal to Russia to recognise its independence\' b\'Georgia, Bulgaria and the Second Balkan War | afoe | A Fistful of Euros | European Opinion\' b"Terrorist reveals Pak\'s sinister designs on India" b"International Olympic Committee launches probe into He Kexin\'s age"',
 'b\'Syria says its ready to put a Russian missile system on its soil as a counterweight to U.S. plans to deploy a missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic\' b\'"Superclass"- new book - over the past several decades a "global elite" has emerged whose connections to each other have become more significant than their ties to their home nations and governments.\' b\'Georgia did not believe Russia would respond to its offensive in South Ossetia and was completely unprepared for the counter-attack, the deputy defence minister has admitted.\' b\'Ossetian leader admits conducting ethnic cleansing\' b\'Report: Push for Iraq War Preceded Intelligence FIndings\' b"Russia Capitalizes on Bush\'s New World Disorder" b\'Americans including James Powerderly arrested at Olympics as China Clamp Downs on Pro-Tibetan Groups--\' b\'Prohibited Places FOIA request refused by UK Ministry of Justice on the grounds of cost / time\' b\'An acute water shortage in the West Bank has become so severe that most families are too poor to buy water\' b\'Australian Privacy Awareness Week\' b\'British Government Stole a Entire Island and Gave it to the U.S. \' b\'Son of leading Iraqi Sunni politician charged with planting a bomb in a house belonging to a Shiite family\' b\'How educational is a Chinese re-education camp? Not very.\' b\'"peacekeeping" troops with armoured cars and helicopters would remain inside Georgia for the foreseeable future\' b"It\'s Something About Denmark: Why Danes Are the World\'s Happiest People" b\'The Chinese Women Gymnasts May Lose Their Gold Medals\' b\' U.S.-led coalition kills 76 Afghan civilians\' b\'China to Overtake UK on Renewable Energy Production\' b"Pakistan\'s Ruling Party Nominates Slain Bhutto\'s Husband for President" b\'Three men held in terror probe linked to threats to kill Gordon Brown\' b\' The U.S. hands over military secrets  to Moscow\' b\'Fire Marshal Handcuffs Woman for Swearing\' b\'UK economy comes to a standstill \' b\'26 year old boy discovered The Meaning of Life\' b\'Olympics Medal time line 1896 at 2008  \'',
 'b"N Korea\'s Kim died in 2003; replaced by lookalike, says Waseda professor" b\'Secret prison on Diego Garcia confirmed\' b\'Israel claims allowing an aid ship to reach Palestine is "a dangerous precedent" & will use deadly force, a response out of proportion to the threat." What dangerous precedent could this create?\' b\'Pedophile attempts to assault and kidnap child; Mother beats pedophile on head with pipe.  Nobody upset.\' b\'Wealthy Mexicans, terrified of soaring kidnapping rates, are spending thousands of dollars to implant tiny transmitters under their skin\' b\'"If the weapon states are not prepared to rid themselves of nuclear weapons, why would other states continue to deny themselves the kind of leverage that these weapons bring?"\' b\'Israeli Report: Guards regularly abuse inmates\' b"Flashback: Naked, drunk, surrounded by sex toys - it\'s the Israeli ambassador" b\'Russia to recognize Georgia rebel regions!\' b\'Iraqi Teenage Girl Wearing Explosives Turns Self in to Police\' b"Iceland\'s Armed Forces Unveils Mecha-Bjrk [PIC]" b\'Swiss engineers, a nuclear black market and the CIA\' b\' Israel releases 198 Palestinian prisoners\' b\'Let\\\'s rewrite history :  A new historical concept - Stalin\\\'s terror was "a development tool"\' b\'The Puppet Masters Behind Georgia President Saakashvili \' b"Gold Farming Comparable In $$ To India\'s Entire Outsourcing Industry" b"SHOCK! Amsterdam\'s Smoking Ban Doesn\'t Apply to Weed..." b\'Refugee camp in Darfur under direct attack\' b\'2008 Globally the Coldest Year of the Century So Far\' b\'Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of Hamas leader, becomes a Christian \' b\'Victims Of "Nigerian Scams" Giving Nigeria A Bad Name Claims Nigerian Official\' b\'Russia accused of violating ceasefire deal\' b\'Four killed in Kashmir protests\' b\'When Islamic terrorist organization donates...\' b"UK child protection database \'will be used to prosecute young people\'"',
 'b\'North Korea halts denuclearisation after US fails to remove them from list of states sponsoring terrorism.\' b\'60 Children Among Dead in US Airstrike in Afghanistan\' b\'The Russian Parliament has voted overwhelmingly to officially recognize the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia\' b\'Violent animal rights activists set fire to scientist home - very little protection available for scientists\' b\'NBC censored that Olympic champion, Matthew Mitcham, is gay\' b\'UN says "convincing evidence" shows US airstrike in Afghanistan killed 90 people, including 60 children\' b\'Italy tries to outlaw Islam\' b\'Mystery virus kills 160\' b\'Israeli group "Peace Now" says settlement construction in the occupied West Bank has nearly doubled since last year\' b"Revealed: Britain\'s secret propaganda war against al-Qaida" b\' Israel settlement surge draws Rice criticism\' b\'Solar Powered, Carbon Neutral Pyramid to House 1 Million People in Dubai\' b\'Russia claims Proof of Genocide\' b\'How NATO transformed from a military alliance into a quasi-United Nations\' b\'Cartwheeling Banned in School\' b\'Philly-area activists released by China; Jeff said he was slapped around and threatend, with them saying, Do you want your head cut off or do you want to be shot?\' b"Vatican describes Hindu attack on Christian orphanage as a \'sin against God\'" b\'Protesters tell tales of Beijing detention- sleep deprivation, threats oh my\' b\'Python kills zookeeper\' b\'Kelly was Murdered Says UK Intelligence Insider\' b"Fury as image of Myra Hindley appears in \'Best of British\' film at 2012 Olympics party" b\' North Korea to suspend nuclear disablement\' b\'Germans suspect Bayer pesticide in beehive collapse\' b\'Research on terrorism is invaluable - but we do it under fear of arrest\' b\'Top US diplomat escapes gun attack in Pakistan\'',
 'b\'Photos of a 15-year-old Iraqi suicide bomber who gave herself up  \' b"London Olympics: \'Tacky\' 2012 handover show attacked by British bloggers" b\'Fascist close to taking over Thailand. They want to replace the democracy with a system that would be dominated by appointees from the bureaucracy and the military. \' b\'Iraq says U.S. sought troop presence to 2015\' b\'Indian state erupts in violence after Hindu shot\' b\'A majority of Russians back the Putin-Medvedev government and are excited about the return of Russia as a superpower. \' b"US \'\'doves\'\' bring to Georgia Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles" b\'Russia cruiser to test weapons in crowded Black Sea\' b\'N. Korea Angered By US Non-Commitment of Promise, Flashes Its Plutonium Capability Trump Card.\' b"One man\'s China crusade" b"World Bank: One-Third of World\'s Poor in India (42% of India\'s population live Below Poverty Line ($1.25/day); 75.65% live on less than $2/day..which is more than Sub-Saharan Africa) " b\'The Free Gaza Movement forced the Israeli government to issue a fundamental policy change regarding their military and economic blockade of Gaza.\' b\'U.S. soldiers say they executed Iraqis on riverbank\' b\'BBC denies interference in al-Qaida coverage\' b"Three drug hitmen die in attack on Mexican army  - when hitman are going after the army, there\'s a problem..." b\'Must We Help Georgia?\' b\'BBC:West condemns Russia over Georgia ,  WEST == U.S. OF A. ??\' b\'Archaeologists unearth 1,300-year-old mummy in Peruvian capital\' b\'Ossetian leader accuses US of genocide\' b\'Egypt urges end to Israel threats\' b"7.0 Quake strikes Russia\'s Siberian region" b\'Backgrounder: Basic facts about Abkhazia\' b\'Sudan hijackers free passengers in Libya\' b\'Black Sea Fleet ships start tracking NATO guests\' b\'UK makes Atlantic sea bed claim\'',
 'b"Military help for Georgia is a \'declaration of war\', says Moscow" b\'Western Media Mislead Public on Georgia-Russia Conflict [VIDEO]\' b\'Conservative foreign affairs magazine: the US should cooperate with Iran on energy to balance Russian influence\' b\' Dalai Lama admitted to hospital\' b"British journalism student gang-raped by asylum seekers in Calais squatter camp they call \'The Jungle\'" b"Russia: Military help for Georgia is a \'declaration of war\'" b\'Airline removes life vests to lower weight -- save on fuel\' b\'In Defiance of the US, Israel Pushes Ahead with Settlement Expansion\' b\'Test of Russian New Long Range TOPOL Missile That Evades Defensive Anti-missile Defense Systems Successfully Done\' b\'Russia wins backing from China and Central Asia over Georgia\' b"Baby\'s life saved by e-mail" b\'Diplomat: Russia plans to raise navy presence in Syria\' b\'Embarrasing Public Rift in US State Department Sparks International Furor\' b\'Russia: Texan may have been helping Georgia\' b\'Germany : Man Arrested for Kidnapping Daughter to Stop Marriage to Non-Muslim\' b\'Relief agencies criticize US military "humanitarians"\' b\'The History Channel For Adults \' b\'Poor struggle as rat meat prices soar\' b\'Iran condemned for surge of youth hangings\' b\'The Economist is now publishing anti-Russia propaganda.\' b\'British paedophiles can opt for chemical castration.\' b\'Two headed baby dies in Bangladesh after developing breathnig complications\' b"Pentagon OK\'s Missile Sale to Taiwan" b\'Poti: the hottest place in the new cold war \' b\'Disabled Russian Journalist Jailed for Beating Cops\'',
 'b\'Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has accused the US of provoking the conflict in Georgia, possibly for domestic election purposes. \' b\'who is: "Michael Lee White, a resident of Houston, born in 1967"?\' b"Georgia has decided to cut diplomatic ties with Russia, days after Moscow recognised the independence of Georgia\'s two breakaway regions." b"Mexico City\'s abortion-rights law is upheld" b\'Things are getting rough south of the border. Mexicans are chipping themselves, using GPS tracking and bullet-proofing everything for security purposes.\' b\'Bosnia Overcomes Ancient Ethnic and Religious Divisions to Unite in Anger Against Gay Festival\' b\'Guerrilla Gardening: Vigilante Green Thumbs Illegally Plant in Public Places\' b\'Dwindling Army Applications: Afghanistan Puts Germans Off Military Career\' b"India\'s Floods: a Manmade Disaster?" b\'UK: Private security workers and local government officials have police powers to stop and fine people for littering, dog crap, and other minor offenses!\' b\'11 headless bodies discovered by Mexican farmer in Yucatan\' b\'Putin: U.S. Created Georgia Conflict\' b"S Ossetia \'will become Russian\'" b\'U.S. Citizen A Georgian Commando\' b\'Return of the apartheid party (In South Africa)\' b\' Somali pirates a growing threat to shipping\' b\'Sadr Announces Suspension of Mahdi Army "Indefinitely"\' b" Iraq\'s Palestinians still live in fear" b\'Russia to sign accord for bases in South Ossetia: report\' b\'Hugo Chavez supports independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia\' b"China refuses to endorse Russia\'s move on Goergian Seperatists" b\'Source: Israel ready to stop Iranian nukes\' b\'A blogger takes office in Malaysia\' b\'Bosnian Serb wartime leader Radovan Karadzic refused to enter a plea Friday before the UN war crimes tribunal, which he dismissed as "a court of NATO".\' b\'Cuba to try anti-Castro punk rocker Gorki Aguila \'',
 'b"A girl filmed Israeli soldiers\' brutality. Since then, her family has been the victim of revenge attacks.  " b\'The Dutch have recalled a spy from Iran citing a U.S. plan to attack Iran with unmanned aircraft within a few weeks.  An Israeli news source confirmed preparations for a military strike against Iran.\' b\'Japanese wives hire "professional seducers" to set up hubby for divorce. (File under: "It just ain\\\'t fair")\' b\'Japans Prime Minister Resigns\' b\'State of emergency declared in Bangkok\' b\'Judge Says Human Rights Case Against ExxonMobil Can Move Forward\' b\'Israelis guilty of Hebron killing\' b\'"Thirst", a presentation about water shortage is the World\\\'s Best Presentation for 2008 on SlideShare.\' b\'Russia Says US May Have Sent Weapons To Georgia\' b\'Dutch intel: US to strike Iran in coming weeks | Iran news | Jerusalem Post\' b\'Gareth Porter notes how the US has easily applied a double standard to condemn Russia."\' b\'Israeli army targets family over brutality film\' b"While we debate over offshore drilling and lifting gas taxes, China is planning to build the world\'s fastest train at 236mph. " b\'Nabucco Pipeline suddenly given a lot of importance by Turkey et al. after conflicts in Georgia\' b\'1.2 Million Homeless, Approx. 3 Million Affected After Floods in Bahir, India\' b"Thailand\'s prime minister calls state of emergency " b\'According to the NIC-CIA,  Pakistan is slated to become a "failed state" by 2015, "as it would be affected by civil war, complete Talibanisation and struggle for control of its nuclear weapons".\' b"WAR WARNING-Russia Warns Rothschild\'s European Union-NAYO Super Power" b\'Mexico: Supreme Court upholds abortion law\' b"Death Penalty Campaign: Neo-Nazis Exploit Public Anger Over Girl\'s Murder (Germany)" b\'"From East Africa to South Asia, the US is disengaging in the former hot spots of the War on Terror. Its a quiet admission that Bushs foreign policy has failed."\' b"BBC NEWS | Europe | Police \'break up Ingush protest\'" b"One man\'s fetid open sewer is another man\'s gold mine" b\'Lula suspends Brazil spy chiefs over phone taps\' b"Apprently a 49 Game Losing Streak ain\'t THAT bad......"',
 'b\'Poland Legalization of Marijuana - two majour steps in the right direction\' b"What\'s REALLY happening between Russia and the U.S." b\'As Brazil begins to tap its immense oil reserves, it is bucking the tradition of giving all the profits to the upper-class.\' b\'"Surveillance in a Box": Siemens has developed software to pool and sort data from telephone calls, email and internet activity, bank transactions and insurance records. \' b"US confronts Russia as Cheney flags \'deep\' interest in ex-Soviet zones" b\'Spanish judge seeks information on civil war dead\' b\'US gives $1bn to rebuild Georgia\' b\'Oil prices likely to drop below $100 due to falling demand and stronger dollar - according to Reuters\' b"Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko has threatened to dissolve parliament and call elections after the collapse of the country\'s ruling coalition." b\'$75B Spent By Evil Saudis To Spread Islam Globally\' b\'Second Russian journalist in three days killed \' b"Gov\'t Triggers Official Inquiry into Alleged CIA Prisons in Poland" b\'Sudden death after arrest may be new syndrome (nothing to do with tasers or beatings of course)\' b\'The French Ban TV for Children Under Three\' b\'Third US Navy ship heads for Georgia\' b\'The Medvedev Doctrine and American Strategy (Stratfor) - Russia Makes Clear Its Intentions\' b\'3 More Canadian Soldiers Die, 5 Wounded\' b"Britian\'s [Big Brother] CCTV system proves to be a waste!" b\'Scotland Could Boost UK Hydropower by 50%\' b\'Tensions between Russia and U.S. threaten space station\' b\' North Korea begins reassembling nuclear facility\' b\'Iraq: Iraqi army readies for showdown with Kurds | World news | The Guardian\' b\'Persia: Ancient Soul of Iran -- \' b"In Iran, women\'s rights activists score victory on marriage legislation" b"Vladimir Putin picked as world\'s most influential person "',
 'b\'Security guards beat man at soccer (football) game, fans and players charge the field and beat them.\' b\'U.S. Troops cross border into FUCKING Pakistan!! U.S. confirms ground assault against Taliban inside Pakistan. Sept 03, 1:28am\' b\'Syria has made an official proposal to Israel for direct peace talks, Assad says.  "We are awaiting Israel\\\'s response."  The two countries have been at war for 60 years\' b\'Pakistan condemns US over raid\' b\'"I could never have imagined that they would bomb my wedding party. They killed my entire family. I will never forgive them."\' b\'Japan: Anti-terrorism Law Serves U.S. Interests\' b\'Israeli warplanes violate Lebanese airspace, break sound barrier twice over Tyre\' b\'Abramoff jailed for corruption\' b"Pakistan reacts with fury after up to 20 die in \'American\' attack on its soil" b\'Before hauling parts of its mothballed nuclear reactor out of storage this week, North Korea notified the United States that it intended to reassemble the nuclear plant\' b"US\' Somalia Policy Likely to Bring Blowback" b\'Pakistan protests to U.S. envoy over border raid\' b\'"Zionism was there to transform the Bible from a spiritual text into a land registry."\' b\'Will Business Ever Take Human Rights Seriously?\' b\'Syria makes peace proposal to Israel\' b\'London brothels offer sex for 15GBP\' b\'Israel continues to be a favorite destination for the trafficking of women for the sex industry - also known as the white slave trade\' b"Pakistan reacts with fury after up to 20 die in \'American\' attack on its soil" b\'The Second Cold War and Corporate Security (Stratfor Report)\' b\'Analysis: Increasingly, Hamas is gaining acceptance in the Arab world\' b\'U.S. general reassures Japan over nuclear carrier\' b\'Junkie elephant gets weaned off the smack after undergoing a detox programme\' b\'Fears for Ukraine as pro-west coalition fails\' b\'Rallies in support of elections boycott held by Belarusian expat community\' b\'Pakistan ground assault marks new strategy\'',
 'b\'In Jordan, the honor killings that are not: Women are murdered for other reasons, but when caught the guilty claim it is an honor killing to obtain lenient sentencing.\' b\'U.S. Navy Ship Arrives at Georgian Port Where Russia Has Troops  \' b"At least five people have been killed in another suspected US missile strike on militant targets in Pakistan\'s border region, Pakistani officials say." b\'Polish prosecutors probe possible CIA jail | Reuters\' b\'Russian Lawmaker Says Moscow to Deploy Weapons Near Poland\' b\' Petraeus says Qaeda still undefeated in Iraq\' b\'Storm-hit Haitians starve on rooftops.\' b\'French Government to store personal information on people as young as 13\' b\'Among many bald statements, one stuck out: Israel is now ready to destroy three or four nuclear sites out of 12 in Iran.\' b\'Euro Parliament ruling means Britons could be convicted in absence\' b\'Russian archaeologists find long-lost Jewish capital.\' b\'Iran says again it has no plans to possess nuclear weapons\' b"Syria: Israel must respect \'67 border" b\'CIA Prisons in Poland: a Story of Revelation\' b"Lavrov rejects Cheney\'s attack on Russia" b\'On Monday I received my Palestinian citizenship, on Tuesday I was already in an Israeli jail.\' b\'Taliban trophy photos horrify France\' b"Free gas creates \'chaos\' - an EA marketing ploy. I think they need to do it more" b"France stunned at photos of Taliban fighters with \'trophies\' taken from 10 French soldiers killed in Afghanistan" b\'Pakistan Parliament calls for action against future military incursions - repel such attacks in the future with full force.\' b\'NYC School Teacher Missing--please read and pass along!\' b"\'Commandos nearly exposed in Syria\'" b\'The number of girls in poor countries who marry before the age of 18 will double to 100 million in the next decade\' b"Okay, so it looks like we\'re moving increasingly into WWIII territory, but does the worldnews subreddit logo have to imply that all world news is about war and violence? " b\' Jim Crow alive and well in Hebron\'',
 'b\'A French judge has ordered two branches of Scientologists and their leaders to stand trial for fraud \' b\' Russia in legal bid to ban South Park\' b"\'60 Minutes\' Cut Ahmadinejad\'s Statement, \'Solution Is Democracy\' in Israel/Palestine" b\'U.S. drones kill 13 in missile attack in Pakistan\' b\'Screw You, TSA: No Conviction on Key Charges in Liquid-Bomb Trial in London\' b\'Scientology on trial for fraud in France!\' b\'An EU ban on ads with sexist overtones? Another quasi-fictional piece of translucent flimflam\' b\'Film Backs Afghans Claims of US Killings [of 90+ civilians]\' b\'Giant Buddha found at Afghan site.\' b\'After denying strenously the US reopens inquiry into Afghan attack that may have killed upto 90 civilians\' b\'Videos surface showing dead Afghan children after US raid, sparking a new investigation\' b\'"Consortium" of Media Execs to Canadian Green Party:  You can\\\'t participate in debate because the other parties don\\\'t want you there.\' b\'Everything going wrong in the world .. in one convenient graphical display. \' b\'Until yesterday the US military had insisted that only seven civilians were killed in Nawabad on the night of August 21 - the actual number is closer to 92 (Vid)\' b\'Father rescues his toddler daughter after she is sucked down 150ft flooded drain.\' b\'Greenpeace Mexico Scores Big with Green Sex Guide\' b\'Afghanistan: Civilian Deaths From Airstrikes on the Rise\' b"Harrowing video film backs Afghan villagers\' claims of carnage caused by US troops" b"1 in 4 \'facing fuel poverty\'" b\'Russian warships are headed to the Caribbean\' b\'Interrogating Human Rights and Climate Change\' b\'Revealed: Shocking footage that could prove 90 Afghans - not seven - died in U.S. airstrike\' b\'The Afghan government, human rights officials, and a U.N. investigation back up the account of villagers who say 90 civilians were killed in a U.S. airstrike.\' b\'Germany Discovers a War in Afghanistan\' b\'Afghanistan - UN has video of U.S. airstrike aftermath\'',
 'b\'I love the world: Thai Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej was forced to resign after a court said he had violated the Constitution by hosting a cooking show. Seriously.\' b"French revolt over Edvige: Nicolas Sarkozy\'s Big Brother spy computer" b\'Terrorists Fail! "Time to Carry Liquids on Planes" - Virgin\' b"If you think 9/11 was an inside job, you\'ll find company in Cairo." b"The Dalai Lama\'s brother has died--pretty interesting article" b"North Korea\'s Kim Jong Il may have had a stroke, U.S. intelligence official says" b"How the KGB (and friends) took over Russia\'s economy" b\'80% of artists would get &lt;30/year from copyright extension\' b\'US officials think Kim Jong Il may be gravely ill\' b\'Church of Scientology faces fraud trial in France\' b\'Liquid Bomb Terror Plot Collapses In Court -- None of suspects charged with headline-grabbing plan to blow up airlines, alleged ringleader completely acquitted\' b\'Artist offends members of a faith: Has forced himself into self-exile due to numerous legal cases against him. I wonder what country and religion that could be...\' b\'U.S. Backs Off Civilian Nuclear Pact With Russia - NYTimes.com\' b\'British park wardens ordered to stop and quiz adults spotted without children\' b\'How to Spot a Terrorist on the Fly - washingtonpost.com\' b"3 Accused U.K. Airline \'Liquid Bomb\' Plotters Found Guilty" b\'First official sharia law court in Warwickshire (UK) operating for a year now. Still no stonings. Maybe "Alternative Dispute Resolution" isn\\\'t such a bad thing after all.\' b\'Abu Haris Al Qaeda chief in Pakistan killed by US missle strike\' b\'Ultimate Frisbee at the highest level: You had no idea it was this freaking cool [video]\' b\'Scientology members to stand trial in French court\' b\'GAME OVER: Russia starts diplomatic relations with South Ossetia and Abkhazia\' b\'George W. Bush plans to withdraw 4,000 troops from Iraq before the end of his presidency as the Pentagon starts to shift its focus to Afghanistan.\' b\'North Korean Leader Is Very Ill, may have had a stroke, American Official Says\' b\'Al-Qaida new tape blasts Iran for working with US\' b"Russian troops to remain in Georgia \'for a long time\'"',
 'b\'Dutch to ban burkas when picking children up from school\' b"For 21 years a British man has refused to bury his sons body, claiming authorities covered-up the real cause of the child\'s death" b\'War Nerd - Ossetia: all over but the whining\' b\'North Korean Leader Kim Jong-il is Confirmed to be Ill\' b\'Polish PM Wants Child Abusers Castrated\' b\'Russian bombers land in Venezuela\' b\'Devastating Landslide Kills 56 in China\' b\'Iran demands UN investigate Israeli "threats" to kidnap Ahmadinejad\' b\'2 Israeli Human Right Groups: Israel is forcibly transfering Palestinians from West Bank to Gaza, splitting families, in violation of international law.\' b\'125,000 Gorillas Find Haven in Mud Swamp But Still Face Extinction\' b\'Moroccan blogger insults King, King jails insulting blogger\' b\'Ralph Peters, the retired US army colonel whom you may know for his plans for redrawing the Middle East, now argues for funding muslim terrorists in Russia.\' b"US \'not winning\' in Afghanistan" b\'Earth Policy Institute: Increasing Equality by Educating Every Child\' b"Israel \'dividing up Palestinians\'" b\'Iran Being Supported by Shell Oil, OMV and Many Others\' b\'Russia sends warplanes on Venezuela training mission\' b\'Satellite Images Reveal Exact Nature of Destruction in Georgia\' b\'Obama win preferred\' b\'Across Haiti, a Scene of Devastation\' b\'Google Satellites Aim to Bring High-Speed Internet to All of Africa | 80beats | Discover Magazine\' b\'Hindus highlight plight of Roma people in Europe\' b\'Australia Criticized for Setting "Weak" Carbon Emission Goals\' b\'This is why the Taliban are pissed, and so would you be if this were you [video]\' b\'Islam in Europe: Balkan youth\'',
 'b\'American intelligence confirms that the latest military actions in South Ossetia were started by Georgia and Russias position in the conflict was correct\' b\'"The Russians are right! We\\\'re wrong! Georgia started it, the Russians ended it," Rep. Dana Rohrbacher, a California Republican, said\' b\'Russian bombers arrive in Venezuela for training\' b\'Bolivia asks U.S. ambassador to leave, protests mount\' b\' Indian girl kills self over the Large Hadron Collider Big Bang fear\' b\'Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov has accused the United States of emboldening Georgia to start a war\' b\'Three dead in fight over size of genitals\' b\'Walmart Sets Up Unions for its Employees (in China)\' b\'Russian bombers fly to Venezuela\' b\'Two Russian bombers land in Venezuela\' b\'Satellite finds N. Korea missile site\' b\'Putin defends Georgia offensive\' b\'President Bush secretly approved orders in July that allow American Special Operations forces to carry out ground assaults inside Pakistan without the prior approval of the Pakistani government\' b\'Criminalizing Criticism of Islam  \' b\'Most succinct story ever\' b\'Earth quakes of magnitude 6.9 hit Japan and Indonesia\' b\'Amid Growing Unrest, Bolivia Orders U.S. Ambassador to Leave\' b\'Official: Bush ordered raids into Pakistan\' b\'After Spying Revelations, Arab Newspapers Say Bush\' b\'Deadly earthquake strikes Iran\' b\'Syria: U.S. policy post 9/11 has increased terrorism\' b\'Russian nuclear battleships arrive in Venezuela for joint exercises\' b\'BREAKING: Tsunami Alerts - Japan & Indonesia after 7.6 magnitued quakes\' b\'Elizabeth Smart Is Paranoid Kidnappers Will Come After Her Again\' b"Earthquake Hits Iran\'s South, Measures 6.1 On The Richter Scale"',
 'b"OPEC finished??  Saudi Arabia says \'LATER!\'" b\'Putin may strip CNN of its Russian broadcasting rights\' b\'Putin on Georgia: "What did you want us to do? Wave our penknives in the air and wipe the bloody snot off our noses?"\' b\'Chavez said the U.S. ambassador has 72 hours to leave Venezuela - "That\\\'s enough *#@! from you, Yankees"\' b\'87 000 British tourists trapped abroad after UK tour operator collapses\' b"\'Who the **** are you to lecture me?\': Russian minister\'s extraordinary rant at Britain\'s FM" b\'President Hugo Chavez ordered the U.S. ambassador to leave Venezuela in 72 hours and said he was immediately withdrawing his ambassador from Washington. \' b\'Russian Poll: 84% Say Truth About 9/11 Being Deliberately Hidden \' b" Venezuela\'s Chavez expels U.S. ambassador" b\'Israeli Settlers have crossed red line (now attacking IDF)\' b"Britain\'s new class structure: wealth and power have been consolidated in a tiny new class at the top." b\'"We do not want people here who conspire against democracy," says Bolivian President ordering US Ambassador out  \\t \' b\'War Is A Racket\' b\'Venezuela throws out US ambassador as tensions soar\' b\' Hallucinogenic chocolates doom Berlin sweet shop\' b\'"It is embarrassing to say, but we have a long history in this country of violent expansion and I think not only do most people in other countries [not] know this, most Americans don\\\'t know this."\' b"Catholic priests accuse UK\'s Channel 4 of having a pro-Muslim bias" b"Behind Chavez\'s Anti-US Rant: Venezuela government insists it has proof of Bush Administration involvement in an alleged coup plot. " b\'Venezuela has thrown out US ambassador and threatened to cut off oil supplies to US\' b\'End Of The World? - Large Hadron Collider: Oct 21, 2008\' b\'Hurricane Ike: Galveston Live Web Cams\' b\'US kicks out Venezuelan envoy in diplomatic clash.\' b\'Chavez Picks a Fight With U.S. --Venezuela orders out the U.S. ambassador on the same day that it welcomes long-range Russian bombers for military exercises \' b\'Chinese economists warn of the biggest adjustment in 30 years\' b\'holiday Firm Collapses, thousands stranded and more firms to follow \'',
 'b\'Did Saakashvili Lie?: The West Begins to Doubt Georgian Leader\' b\'Indian Newspapers after Terrorist Attack on Delhi: "..some of the liberties that we take for granted might have to be curbed to ensure that terrorists are effectively restrained,"\' b\'EU Stocks plunge!\' b"Israel raid \'could be war crime\'" b\'Venezuela Joins Bolivia in Expelling U.S. Ambassador - washingtonpost.com\' b\'US Killed Civilians in Afghanistan After a False Tip From a Rival Tribe\' b\'BBC News Declining due to Mistreating of Stringers\' b"If there\'s no such thing as Al Qaeda, how do you explain this?" b\'U.S. Selling Bunker-Busting Smart Bombs to Israel . . . Hmmmm\' b"Pakistan soldiers \'confront US\'" b\'A Global Poll Shows That Only 53 Percent Of Americans Are Opposed To Torture (In Between Azerbaijan at 54% and Russia at 49%)\' b\'Portal song with typography\' b\'Russian Television Broadcasted a 9/11 Truth Documentary To 30 million People\' b"Europe Shuns U.S.-Style `Active Role\' in Boosting Economy, Bank Bailouts" b\'Nigeria militants warn of oil war \' b\'Telling Georgia to keep attacking Russia is like telling a 98-pound weakling to rematch with the hulking thug who just put him on the floor.\' b\'Israeli security forces black performer to dance to prove his identity\' b"Zimbabwe\'s President Robert Mugabe has signed a historic power-sharing deal with his long-time rival, opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai." b\'North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il, who is reportedly recovering from a stroke, began losing consciousness at work in April and could not properly govern as his health worsened\' b\'Burma: Doctor met Aung San Suu Kyi, but refused to gave details on her healh\' b\'Canadian destroyer helps save Italian freighter from Somali pirates\' b\'World Bank poverty statistics questioned, additional 400 million people acknowledged living in poverty\' b\'Islamic Terrorists in Australia: Guilty verdicts in terror trial\' b"Minister \'set to quit\' over Brown" b"Bono - retire from public life and we\'ll donate a ton of money to fight AIDS"',
 'b"Pakistani Tribesmen Representing Half A Million People Vowed To Switch Sides & Join the Taliban If Americans Don\'t Stop Raids into Pakistan" b\'Italy: Berlusconi government seeks to rehabilitate fascism\' b\'A chemical blamed for killing two infants in China has been found in 69 brands of baby milk powder nationwide, state television said on Tuesday, in a potential dramatic escalation of the scandal\' b\'Pakistan Orders Troops to Open Fire on U.S. Forces to Stop Raids\' b\'Aquaflow Strikes Oil with "Green Crude" from Algae\' b\'Afghan civilian casualties soar. The UN says that from January to August 1,445 civilians were killed - a rise of 39% on the same period last year. \' b\'Pakistan orders troops to open fire if US launches air or ground raid across Afghan border\' b\'Suicide bombing kills 22 in Iraq\' b\'South Ossetia says finds 500 of 1,600 civilian dead | International | Reuters\' b\'Canadians among happiest in world\' b\'Goths arrested on suspicion of murdering and eating teenagers in Satanic ritual\' b\'On the Day Pakistani Military Promised to Respond to US attacks, Pakistan Closed Torkham Border Crossing (Khyber Pass), Which is the Route for  70% of NATO Supplies.\' b\'Genetically engineered Merck Cancer Vaccine Made Mandatory For Immigrants: Controversial shot now required if you want to live the American dream \' b"Russia\'s Medvedev: Attack on Iran will endanger entire world" b"Nigeria militants \'raze\' Shell oil complex " b\'Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, Admiral Michael Mullen, makes unannounced visit to Pakistan\' b\'Intelligence officer claims CIA was complicit in torture in Uzbekistan\' b\'Pakistan Allegedly Fires Warning Shots at US Troops\' b\'Remember the McDonalds theory of war?  The Russia vs Georgia war has conclusively disproved it.\' b"Petraeus leaves Iraq, Odierno takes command. You\'ve done a heckofa job, Davie." b"Witchcraft ISN\'T REAL: Deadly Congo soccer riot sparked by witchcraft rumor" b\'Thousands flee heavy Darfur fighting\' b\'Many more U.S. troops needed in Afghan war: general ("We\\\'re in a pretty tough fight here ... and I think we\\\'re going to be here for a while....")\' b\'A fatwa against Mickey Mouse\' b\'Mideast leaders to meet amid doubts of a deal\'',
 'b\'Attack on US embassy in Yemen leaves 16 dead\' b\'100 groups demand to see secret anticounterfeiting treaty\' b\' Suspected U.S. missiles hit Pakistani village\' b\'Zimbabwe: Loaf of bread now costs $10 trillion\' b\'Russian stock exchanges halt trades, drop 60% since May\' b"Government drug advisers begin review of ecstasy\'s class A status" b\'Blasts, gunfire near U.S. Embassy in Yemen\' b\'Yesterday:  US Military leaders tell Pakistan we respect their soverignity.  A few hours ago:  Suspected US missile strike kills 6 in Pakistan \' b"\'Japan\'s Hillary\' makes bid for prime minister " b\'Confidential data on millions of Norwegians sent to media by mistake.\' b\'We must find who did this and punish them!!!\' b\'Suspected US missile strike kills 6 in Pakistan\' b\'Fast Lane to the Future: A new superhighway linking its four major cities is bringing old and new India into jarring proximity.\' b\'Arctic ice begins regrowth\' b\'Opportunity knocks in Canada for U.S. immigrants\' b" Thaksin\'s brother-in-law is elected as Thai prime minister" b\'1st anniversary of the beginning of the Saffron Revolution\' b\'Russian stock market falls 17%\' b\'Car bombs at U.S. embassy in Yemen kill 16\' b"CIA: Bin Laden doesn\'t oversee day-to-day al Qaeda operations " b\'WTF? Six Brazilian politicians legally change their names to Barack Obama\' b\'Tony Blair to appear on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart\' b\'At least 100 rapes in Karachi,Pakistan a day\' b\'US footage of attack that killed Pakistani soldiers\' b"Potential HBOS- Lloyds merger \'bad news for consumers\'"',
 'b\'6,200 babies sick: Milk scandal spreading \' b\'Afghan farmers are pulling up poppies for wheat\' b\'Venezuela Says U.S. Uses Anti-Drug List as Weapon of Domination\' b\'6 more people die in another US missile strike in Pakistan\' b\'U.S. may use Georgian air bases to strike at Iran\' b\'Russia may sell more air defense systems to Iran\' b\'Russian President Threatens Arctic Annexation\' b\'China accuses US of financial Weapon of Mass Destruction\' b\'Terror on the high seas: the brutal return of piracy\' b\'Israel Takes Step Toward Electing Woman PM, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni Wins Kadima Party Primary; In Good Position To Become First Female Leader In 34 Years\' b"Bush: U.S. Embassy attack a reminder nation \'at war\'.  Does anybody still listen to this guy?" b\'China Blames US for Tainted Dairy Products, 100 children Sick\' b\'In a world first, women in the majority in Rwanda legislature\' b\'Blogger Posts Malaysian Flag Upside Down; Arrested For Sedition\' b\'How the economy tanked for dummies\' b\'Iraqis kills 3 contractors, city Fallujah is razed. U.S. soldier kills 4 bounded Iraqs, gets 7 months.\' b\'CIA Chief Speaks of Trying to Provoke Terrorists as Latest Drone Strike Kills Seven in South Waziristan\' b\'German Authorities Wiretap Skype, Raid Homes of Whistleblowers.\' b\'In Yemen, a Planned Massacre of Americans Is Averted\' b\'Livni sweeps Kadima race; Olmert pledges cooperation \' b\'Rising prices tip another 75 million towards starvation\' b"Sri Lanka\'s navy says it has fought a sea battle with Tamil rebels, a day after what the military described as the heaviest day of fighting in weeks." b\'official poverty rates of 51.8% in Gaza and 19.1% in the West Bank soar to 79.4% and 45.7%\' b\'India deploys planes with Nuclear Capability in Kashmir \' b\'Tariq Ali: Has the U.S. Invasion of Pakistan Begun?\'',
 'b\'Brits take a stand - ban short-selling of financial stocks\' b\'Scientology could be banned in France if they lose fraud lawsuit. \' b"Spain\'s media in uproar over McCain\'s comments regarding Prime Minister Zapatero" b"Arabs across the ideological spectrum are denouncing cleric\'s fatwa on \'immoral\' TV" b\' Bitter Asians wag the finger at U.S. bank bailouts\' b"Rome\'s Ban On Skimpy Clothing Leads Prostitutes To Dress As Nuns" b"UCLA study of satellite imagery casts doubt on surge\'s success in Baghdad" b\'China Blames Wall Street Meltdown On Federal Reserve Overissuance Of Currency \' b\'Unknown piece of music by Mozart found in France\' b\'Interesting Places: Shibam: Manhattan of the Desert [pics]\' b\'UK Teenager sentenced to jail for two years for downloading a guide to making naplam\' b\'Why are people worried about short selling (Alex, financial cartoon)\' b\'US air raid kills Iraq civilians\' b\'Russian minister says war with the United States not possible\' b\'North Korea Preparing to Restart Nuclear Facility\' b\'America continues to lose world influence as Russia sells weapons to Iran and  Venezuela\' b\'Rice says U.S. will resist Russian moves against its neighbors\' b\'14 men rob a coca cola factory - shoot out with security - wtf!! \' b\'South Ossetia information warfare, two sides presented in one talk show\' b\'North Korea preparing to restart nuclear reactor\' b\' Venezuela expels U.S. rights group for criticism\' b\'Chavez expells Human Rights Watch from Venezuela for criticizing govt.\' b\'Euthanasia advocate takes her own life.\' b"The complete list of the world\'s billionaires" b"Swaziland\'s HIV/AIDS treatment crisis goes critical"',
 'b\'Russian navy sails to Venezuela \' b\'Oil prices shoot up over $25 a barrel - the biggest 1-day rise ever - as anxiety over US bailout weighs on dollar \' b\'Russia has successfully fired a new intercontinental ballistic missile. The Bulava missile has a range of 10,000 kilometers and can carry six individually targeted nuclear warheads.\' b"Pakistan\'s top leaders were to have been in the Islamabad Marriott hotel when it was bombed - but changed venue at the last minute" b"After a 20 year ban, Italy\'s Prime Minister has vowed to return nuclear power to the country" b\'Nearly 53,000 Chinese children sick from milk - Yahoo! News\' b\'"Mariam Ayyad, 57, attempted to block Israeli soldiers from arresting university students in her building ... was beaten and pushed and she fell down the stairs."\' b\'Sex with trafficked women to be criminalised\' b\'That Syrian "Nuclear Facility" that Israel bombed last year?  The IAEA found no trace of radiation nor graphite in the remains.\' b"Another \'W\'  Foreign Policy Failure - Russia and Venezuela to Conduct Joint Naval Excercises in Caribbean " b\'Iraqi Lawmaker Faces Prosecution For Visiting Israel, Advocating Peace\' b\'Pakistani troops fire on invading U.S. choppers\' b"Pakistan troops \'repel US raid\'" b\'Breaking: Pakistani Troops, Tribesmen Fire On US Helicopters\' b\'Pakistani forces fire at US choppers: officials. The incident happened late on Sunday near Lwara Mundi village in the North Waziristan district\' b"All We are Saying is GIve Peace a Chance - UN: \'Guns Fall Silent\' in Afghanistan on Peace Day" b\'Dig pinpoints Stonehenge origins\' b\'Almost 13,000 Chinese children sickened by tainted milk \' b"Pakistan\'s rulers were supposed to be in Hotele during bomb attack " b\'Turkey scared to admit Armenian genocide, says historian\' b"Change in dinner plans saved Pakistan\'s rulers from hotel bomb attack" b\'Pakistani troops fire on intruding U.S. choppers\' b\'Heads are starting to role in China as the tainted diary products scandal deepens. \' b\'Russian ambassador: Czechs selling security for radar\' b"Merchant of Death appears in Thai court, no it\'s not Nic Cage"',
 'b\'$US 13 billion of the money allocated for reconstruction projects in Iraq was wasted or stolen, with some of it ending up in al-Qaedas coffers\' b"[Breaking] \'Shooting\' at school in Finland" b\'Noida CEO beaten to death by sacked employees\' b"Japan starts work on $9B \'space elevator\' to replace rockets " b\'Venezuela Welcomes Russian Warships and Chinese Fighter Jets\' b\'Scenes from India (pics)\' b"Methane \'escaping\' from Arctic sea bed" b"22 year old story, submitted as news, reaches reddit\'s front page." b" \'Grim\' Afghanistan Report To Be Kept Secret by US " b\'Colin Powell On Russia/Georgia Conflict: Georgia Started It\' b\'School shooting in finland\' b\'Millions of tonnes of methane, bubbling to surface of Arctic sea, could accelerate global warming\' b\'Critics Question Ability Of Missile Defense System\' b"Iran president blames Wall Street turmoil on U.S. \'military engagement\'" b\'Irans President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the US military intervention abroad is partly to blame for the economic turmoil on Wall Street.\' b\'Sarkozy calls for those behind the market crisis to be punished\' b"Russia engages in \'gangland\' diplomacy as it sends warship to the Caribbean" b"EU patent office on strike: \'the organisation is decentralising and focusing on granting as many patents as possible to gain financially from fees generated.\'" b\'Mystery surrounds hijacked Iranian ship\' b\' U.S.-led wars behind Wall Street crisis: Ahmadinejad\' b\'Pakistan blames US raids for hotel bombing\' b\'Double Darwin Award? A couple having sex on a railway track have been killed by a train\' b\'Tourists Taken Hostage in Egypt - Relocated to Sudan\' b\'Bush, Ahmadinejad To Speak At UN \' b\'Workers Allegedly Beat CEO To Death In India\'',
 'b"Iran leader says \'American empire\' near collapse" b\'Global corruption index: Somalia most, Denmark least corrupt country\' b"All Systems Go for China\'s Manned Space Launch" b\'The wreckage of a suspected US spy plane has been found near the Afghan border by the Pakistani army, but it has denied claims it was shot down\' b\'Children are targets of Nigerian witch hunt | Children and babies branded as evil are being abused, abandoned and even murdered while the (Christian Evangelical) preachers make money out of the fear\' b"N Korea nuclear seals \'removed\' " b\'North Korea expels IAEA monitors from atom bomb plant\' b"Amid milk scare, China\'s elite get special food" b\'Aid groups: Tony Blair faces imminent failure in Middle East \' b"Iran\'s Ahmadinejad: US \'empire\' nears collapse" b\'Pakistanis shoot down suspected U.S. military drone\' b\'English Tutor flees the country after swindling 5 billion.\' b\'.S. navy tanker under apparent pirate attack off Somalia \' b\'Hurricanes Shift Debate On Embargo Against Cuba \' b\'Soldiers accidentally kill Sunni leader in Iraq\' b\'Astronomers detect an interplanetary collision. Worldnews?\' b\'Fears grow in Lebanon as 10,000 Syrian troops arrive on the border\' b\'They further stated that from here on the IAEA inspectors will have no further access to the reprocessing plant.\' b\'Admiral Mullen Pleads For Co-operation With Russia\' b\'Russia Refuses To Meet With U.S. on Iranian Nuclear Program\' b\'Krugman on the bailout: All the signs I look at, declared Paulson in April 2007, show the housing market is at or near a bottom. Umm, yeah, and we should trust your judgment now?\' b\'Pittsburgh students cannot get less than 50% in assignments, tests and other work.\' b\'Four fallacies about the Russo-Georgian conflict\' b"Georgia\'s president announces government overhaul" b\'Does the Cold War Have Lessons for Today?\'',
 'b\'Russian woman caught red-handed drinking orange juice in Dubai\' b\'Russia to loan Chavez $US 1 billion  to buy arms\' b\'Henry Rollins in Israel. "Your kids will inherit the war you did not stop." Amazing video.\' b\'Stopping a Financial Crisis, the Swedish Way\' b\'Pakistani troops fire at US helicopters on border\' b"Ahmadinejad: \'American Empire\' Nearing its End" b\'Internet will run out of IP addresses by 2010, warns Vint Cerf\' b"Pakistan \'fires on Nato aircraft\' " b"Zardari Says U.S. Raids Harm Pakistan\'s Anti-Extremist Campaign  " b\' US finds emboldened Russia holding the cards\' b\'Venezuela: Enchilada of Evil\' b\'Green Knives Bide Their Time For Gordon Brown : Red, Green, and Blue\' b\'N.Korea ousts U.N. monitors, to restart atom bomb plant \' b\'Iraq passes election laws that US and Iraq officials call "crucial" for the nation to heal its political and religious fissures.\' b\'Fred Reed throws his hat in the presidential ring\' b\'Senior White House officials were central in discussions on using harsh interrogation techniques\' b\'Shots fired in US-Pakistan clash\' b\'The suspense is killing me\' b\'Carla Bruni-Sarkozy in New York  \' b\'A McCain-Palin ad claims Obama has been "mum" on the economic crisis. That\\\'s false.\' b\'Finnish gunman burnt bodies after massacre\' b\'Bistros going out of business as French diners stay home or turn to fast food\' b"Venezuela\'s Chavez sees America as a \'sinking ship\'" b\'Indonesia cleaning up corruption\' b\'Do you drink enough water? \'',
 'b\'Japanese space tourist paid Space Adventures $21M to go to the ISS. They bumped him, sent one of their investors instead, and kept his money\' b"France\'s top diplomat said Thursday that many European nations have decided to wait out the Bush administration" b\'Xinhua Runs Spacewalk Story Before Astronauts Leave Earth\' b"Somali pirates \'seize 30 tanks\'...where are the ninjas when you need them?" b"New Coup D\'Etat Rumblings in Venezuela" b\'The Swedish government says it is proposing measures to soften an eavesdropping law after widespread public protests\' b"Pakistan \'kills 1,000 militants\'" b\'BBCNews: US military says its troops have exchanged gunfire with Pakistani forces across the border with Afghanistan. \' b"1st anniversary of Burma\'s bloody Saffron Revolution" b\'Jewish extremists suspected in attack on Israeli peace activist\' b\'BBC: World leaders and philanthropists pledge nearly $3 billion to fight malaria\' b\'Gay leader assassinated in Baghdad. Militia run Islamic courts sentencing gays to death.\' b\'90 School Children Abducted by Uganda Rebel, LRA\' b"Over half of Europe\'s amphibians face extinction by 2050 | Environment | The Guardian" b"Carbon dioxide emissions in \'07 outpaced researchers\' most dire projections" b\'Pakistani and American Troops Exchange Fire\' b\'Iran Sinking as Groundwater Resources Disappear\' b\'Russia to ban Simpsons and South Park\' b\'Tehran - A tale of two cities?\' b\'2 Terrorism Suspects Arrested on KLM Flight\' b\'Fusionman crosses the English Channel using his jet wing! [article and vid]\' b\'Pakistan warned US troops not to intrude on its territory Friday, after the two anti-terror allies traded fire along the volatile border with Afghanistan\' b"China\'s astronauts in orbit, prepare for spacewalk" b\'Government questionnaires stir unease about ethnic cleansing in a Baghdad enclave\' b\'Harper Hunt\'',
 'b\'The Power Of Nightmares - BBC (Part 1)\' b"Japan makes cars. Saudi Arabia pumps oil. China supplies socks and flat-screen TVs. What\'s America\'s No.1 export? Debt" b\'Chinese officials called it a separatist attack; new photos show Chinese officers attacking other Chinese officers.. with machetes\' b"Huge European bank and iinsurance giant fails -- bailout of 11.2 billion euro ($16.4 billion) by 3 separate gov\'ts" b\'111-year-old woman murdered after being accused of witchcraft. Belief in witchcraft is NOT just a harmless quirk.\' b\'British children as young as nine are being forced into marriage by their families\' b\'nucking futs... Israeli settlers threaten to kill British film crew, curse Jesus  Video of an Israeli settler threatening a British film crew. \' b\'Sniper shoots dead a prisoner INSIDE French jail before he could be quizzed by police over a murder\' b\'Al Qaeda -- the Database\' b\'Extreme right emerges as strong force in Austria\' b\'"The Taliban have been engaged in secret talks about ending the conflict in Afghanistan in a wide-ranging \\\'peace process\\\' sponsored by Saudi Arabia and supported by Britain"\' b\'Hurricane hits canada.\' b\'New Security Organization Will Try to Prevent Nuclear Theft\' b\'Olmert: Israel Needs to Leave West Bank\' b\'Chavez says Venezuela will develop nuclear power\' b\'Post-Ramadan crowd greeted with bombs of the car, suicide variety\' b\'Militias Assassinate Gay Iraqi Leaders\' b\' Japan transport minister quits over gaffes\' b\'Venezuela wants to work with Russia on nuclear energy: Chavez \' b\'Aspiring chef dies hours after making ultra-hot sauce for chilli-eating contest\' b\'American pressure on the Gulf-States to save Wall Street\' b\'Powerful earthquake reported north of New Zealand\' b\'LTTE has launched a nerve-gas attack against Sri-Lankan troops\' b\'China running out of IP addresses \' b\'EU bans food imports from China\'',
 'b\'Gorbachev forms new Russian party opposing Putin\' b"Ahmadinijad\'s willingness to accept Israel - why do we always here the other side of the story?" b"Olmert Says Israel Must Withdraw From \'Almost All\' of Occupied Territories" b"Mexican Violence Forcing Families to Migrate: Extreme poverty isn\'t the only reason people are fleeing Mexico these days" b\'America Loses Its Dominant Economic Role\' b\'French Muslims Find Haven in Catholic Schools \' b"Meanwhile There\'s A War Going On... Remember Iraq?" b\'Scores die in India temple crush\' b"REAL Somalian pirate story, ship was not iranian, but ukranian, and was not carrying WMD\'s" b\'Venezuela to build nuclear technology with Russia \' b\'Bus collides with milk tanker, 35 dead in Pakistan \' b\'Moscow already has a Trophy Museum of the Georgian War\' b\'A stampede at a hill-top temple in western India killed more than 147 people and wounded 55 others who had gathered to celebrate the start of a religious holiday.\' b\'197 dead in temple stampede in India\' b\'ZIMBABWE: Farm animals bartered to stave off hunger\' b\'Pakistani Refugees Pour Into Afghanistan\' b"Pakistan\'s Taliban chief possibly dead from kidney failure." b\'Good News: Gurkhas win right to stay in UK \' b\'Petraeus: Pakistan Facing Existential Threat\' b\'Nearly 150 Die in India Temple Stampede\' b\'Rich Flanders seeks more autonomy\' b\'Chinese-made cookies with elevated levels of melamine found in the Netherlands\' b\'China is Trying a Policy of Engagement with Rogue America, to Help Moderate U.S. Behavior\' b\'Olmert disavows "Greater Israel"\' b\'Voters in Ecuador Approve New Constitution\'',
 'b\'"Fucking hell ... it\\\'s fucking Great Britain. It\\\'s 2008. I\\\'ve been to Soweto and I\\\'ve seen Aids orphans eating better than that."\' b\'Brian Haw, Britains most loved peace protester, beaten to pulp by police\' b\'Suicidal teenager urged to Jump by crowd, so he did\' b\'British envoy says mission in Afghanistan is doomed, according to leaked memo \' b\'More Blowback:  The U.S.-backed Ethiopian military has secreted away scores of "suspects" -- including pregnant women and children -- and fueled anti-American rancor in Africa.\' b\'The Atlas of the Real World\' b\'Should Germany prosecute Holocaust deniers like Gerald Toben?  Should England extradite them?\' b\'US navy happy to extend blockade of pirate ship\' b\'Sources: Man blamed for Bhutto killing is dead\' b\'"In Bolivia, we nationalized for the people to have money, while the United States wants to nationalize debt and a crisis of the wealthy."\' b\'The New Democratic Party (NDP) of Canada is standing by candidate Bev Collins over beliefs about the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.\' b\'Voter Turnout: A Global Survey.\' b\'Somalia: World can use force against the pirates. Things are going to get interesting....\' b"After being accused of Flirting with Sarah Palin, Fatwah Is Issued Against Pakistani Prime Minister For \'Indecent Behavior For A Muslim\' " b\'Trio of warlords blamed for surge in Afghanistan violence\' b\'Cost of massive unemployment in Iraq could be paid in blood\' b\'Somali pirates deny fatal onboard shoot-out\' b\'168 Hindu pilgrims die in stampede at temple\' b\'MI6 secrets found on camera sold on eBay: Newspaper says info includes names, school records of al-Qaida suspects\' b\'Security Analyst Warns of Rise of Organized Crime in Zimbabwe PART 5 of 5\' b\'For you you to call my God INVISIBLE is a call for action.  My country will wipe you and your kind from this earth very soon. Islam is a foolish cult. America hates you and will see you destroyed.\' b\'A Palestinian 20 years, kept their children in the basement\' b"Pakistani Taliban Leader Dead Or Dying?, Baitullah Mehsud Very Ill, Officials Say Group Scrambling For New Leaders, Taliban Says He\'s Getting Better" b\'Canada:  CBC National News covers 9/11 Truth\' b\'Dusty Foggo Gets Green Light for Green Badge\'',
 'b\'Mexican Farm Leader Dies After Lighting Himself on Fire in Protest\' b\'Surveillance of Skype messages found in China \' b"Russia: \'US economic dominance over\', World needs \'more just\' financial system" b"\'Hundreds join\' settler violence" b\'After a few cryptic reports in the European media over the Summer, the story of the two influenza biochemistry researchers who were brutally killed in London June 29, 2008 \' b\'The United Nations is raising its security level in Pakistan and ordering children of international staff to leave the country.\' b\'Amid the chaos on Wall Street, the question looms  who wins? Increasingly, eyes are flickering towards China\' b\'Alternative to German bank crisis: The transformation of the banks into public utilities, their democratic control by the people, and their subordination to the interests of society as a whole.\' b\'UK university probes "Nazi" initiation video \' b\'The Atlas of the Real World \' b\'Reserve Bank of India deputy general manager jumps to death from his office at BKC.\' b\'Hikers May Have Found Fossett Items \' b"Israel\'s latest crowd control weapon: super stink bomb" b\'New Bosnian biodiesel factory shows just how far Bosnia has come after ethnic cleansin\' b\'Freedom Not Fear 2008 - Stoppt die Vorratsdatenspeicherung!\' b\'US approves Indian nuclear trade deal\' b\'Retailers Need to Realign Wall Street Reporting Practices with Cross-Channel Reality\' b\'Even after war, many Georgians revere Stalin - International Herald Tribune\' b\'Putin accuses Ukraine of aiding Georgia during war\' b\'US Senate approves Indo-US nuclear deal, ends the three-decade ban on US nuclear trade with India \' b\'Murder Capitals of the World\' b\' Russia to deploy new nuclear missile\' b\'Capturing the database state: community photocall\' b\'Life in Zimbabwe... " a teachers monthly pay was not even enough to buy two bottles of cooking oil."\' b\'A Canadian Explains Why The American Election Is So Important To The Rest Of The World [incredible read]\'',
 'b"US strikes \'kill 20 in Pakistan\'" b\'A script written by the BBC and the government to be broadcast in the event of a nuclear attack has been published.\' b\'Jewish settlers trying to stop olive harvest, opposed by "Rabbis for Human Rights"\' b"Medvedev : The U.S. financial crisis should be taken as a sign that America\'s global economic leadership is on the wane" b"Cokie Roberts Once Again Proves She Doesn\'t Belong Within 100 Miles of a News Studio" b\'"How symbolic that Chinese astronauts take a spacewalk while the US Treasury Secretary is on his knees." \' b"Life in Somalia\'s pirate town" b\'Britain: Forty percent of children live in poverty\' b\'How they see us: A dangerous juncture in Afghanistan\' b\'Young immigrant females age 11 - 26 now required to get the highly controversial HPV vaccine before becoming citizens.\' b\'Shocking: China monitors Skype users for mention of Taiwan, dissident groups, democracy. NSA helpfully points out that it would be easier to just monitor everything.\' b\'What a surge will do for Afghanistan...\' b"Is the African National Congress, South Africa\'s Ruling Party, About to Split?" b\'Religious fundamentalists are waging a ruthless campaign to eliminate women who have taken up high-profile jobs\' b\'Tonight these pictures will be projected in some 50 cities all over the world.  We wanted you to see them first.\' b\'Bangkok Sex Tycoon Runs For Governor\' b"Signs of a pending depression? The Economist\'s D-word index" b\'The Jewel of Medina - out on Monday\' b"Phallic charms, buffalo amulets at heart of plans by Thailand\'s new culture minister" b\'An explosion in the South Ossetian capital of Tskhinvali on Friday killed nine Russian peacekeepers and wounded three others\' b"Kenya\'s wild and dangerous west" b\'The Forgotten Wars: less than 1% of people knows there is a war in Sudan and Somalia\' b\'Israeli settlers turn on their own soldiers. \' b"Development Doesn\'t Require Big Government~Poor countries are learning the wrong lessons from the crisis." b\'The Bailing Out Continues in Europe- Belgium is bailing out a large bank that just went under\'',
 'b"Iceland. Sept 5/08 : UN\'s Best Country to Live \'07.  Oct 5/08: Food hoarding begins, Currency rated just above Zimbabwe" b\'The dark side of Dubai\' b\'China cancels military contacts with US in protest \' b\'Pirates die mysteriously on captured ship\' b\'Pakistan facing bankruptcy \' b\'Taliban split with al Qaeda, seek peace !\' b"Teacher\'s Union calls for Legalization of Teacher-Student Sex" b\'Duality of man: Is anyone kind of relieved that the other economic boot is dropping even though they are shitting their pants?\' b"Female fighters: We won\'t stand for male dominance" b\'Biggest ever fall in UK stocks\' b\'CNN: King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia recently hosted talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban militant group\' b\'Germany to allow domestic military deployment\' b\'Moscow Says U.S. Leadership Era Is Ending \' b\'The Impact Of Global Insolvency: Pakistani Government Is About To Go Bankrupt\' b\'Markets need morals, says Brown.\' b\'Chinese lawyers seeking redress for the infant victims of poisoned milk are facing Official Government pressure to abandon their efforts. \' b\'AIDS, cancer scientists scoop medicine Nobel \' b"Europe\'s economic super power, Germany, agrees to 50 billion bail out" b\'France urges Israel not to attack Iran\' b\'Attackers in the Congo shot and hacked to death six workers of the International Committee of the Red Cross\' b\'17 year old Girl has 7 Kids \' b"Iceland\'s Economy on Verge of Collapse" b\'Europe joins the bailout game\' b\'Iraq: The Surge Is Not Working\' b\'Strange Creature Found On Russian Coastline Baffles Locals\'',
 'b\'(Russia) "You won\\\'t buy our version of the war in Georgia? Fine, we won\\\'t buy your version of 9/11."\' b\'U.S. Security Firm Indicted for Fraud in Afghanistan\' b\'The government of Iceland getting a 4 bn loan from Russia in exchange for a 99-year lease on the airport at Keflavik - a former American air base\' b\'Recent scenes from North Korea\' b\'Iran says it forced down Western plane.  U.S. denies initial Iranian reports that aircraft was American\' b\'An Iranian news agency said on Tuesday that a U.S. military aircraft had violated Iranian territory unintentionally and had been forced to land in Iran.\' b\'The Western World Needs to Rethink its Rush to Biofuels \' b\'The West has completely failed the people of Somalia\' b\'Nepal declares girl new living goddess.  3-year-old will be worshipped as incarnation of the Hindu deity Taleju\' b"50 dead in seven days in Mexico\'s drugs war" b"China\'s Reputation On Product Safety Reaches a New Low" b\'Pakistan Faces Bankruptcy, Wants $100 Billion Handout\' b\'Russia says Georgia trying to provoke new conflict\' b\'Taliban split with al Qaeda and seek peace with Afghan government\' b\'Al-Qaeda is dwindling, but "recent military strikes by the Americans in Pakistan\\\'s tribal areas are unifying the different radical Islamic groups"\' b"A novel about the Prophet Muhammad\'s child bride has been published in the US ahead of schedule after the office of the British publisher was attacked." b\'Yahoo employee was head of "media terror cell" for Islamic Mujahideen\' b\'Terror as Iceland faces economic collapse\' b\'Russia is moving back to hair-trigger alert testing for its strategic nuclear bombers and cruise missiles for the first time since the closing years of the Cold War\' b\'The PEPCON disaster\' b\'Putin Releases Video "Learn Judo With Vladimir Putin"\' b"It\'s 12:40 Pm Pacific Time, and the DJIA is Down 393 Points and Plummeting!" b\'UN Says at Least 5,000 Flee Violence in Congo - NYTimes.com\' b\'Australian jet plunge injures 40 \' b\'US supports Taliban return to power\'',
 'b\'Modern slavery in Dubai\' b\'Brazil and Argentina, two biggest economies in South America, Monday launched a new payment system of bilateral transaction with their local currencies, aimed at eliminating the U.S. dollar \' b"The British government\'s plan for teachers to monitor their pupils for signs of potential extremism only stifles debate and encourages secrecy." b\'Attack on U.S. Embassy in Yemen Linked to Israeli Mossad\' b\'Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has started his own video blog \' b"China\'s super-wealthy lose a third of their wealth over night" b\'Chinese Space Walk Filmed in Water\' b\'UK announces 50bn ($88bn) rescue plan\' b\'14-year-old Iowa girl abandoned under Nebraska law\' b\'NYTimes: U.S. Inquiry Is Said to Conclude 30 Civilians Died in Afghan Raid \' b\' The Matrix of Death. A New Dossier on the (Im)Precision of U.S Bombing and the (Under)Valuation of an Afghan Life\' b\'Russia to cut military personnel to 1 mln by 2012\' b\'World economic crisis deepens: Nikkei sinks 9%, Russian exchange was shut down after a huge decline at the open, U.K. bailing out banks\' b\'The assassination of Salvador Vergara Cruz, mayor of a Mexican resort town, may represent a turning point in how Mexico deals with its drug trafficking problem.\' b\'Why are Afghan criminal networks secretly stockpiling enough heroin to supply every junkie on the planet? And where is it?\' b\'The latest conflict simmering between Lebanon and Israel is all about food: Lebanese businessmen accusing Israel of stealing traditional Middle Eastern dishes like hummus\' b\'UK banks are now part nationalised as Government injects 500 billion\' b"English woman fights to use dead husband\'s sperm" b\'China: No more Western religious music in concert halls.\' b\'There Will Be No Lasting Peace without the Taliban\' b"Hindu mobs in Indian province burning and killing Christians and Muslims...why isn\'t this in the news?" b\'China reluctant to reveal tainted milk figures\' b\'Is CNN Biased In This Presidential Race? I have been watching and testing\' b"Anger over Baader-Meinhof Biopic: Victims\' Families in Uproar over New German Terrorism Film" b\'A bunch of multinationals have figured out how to make their pollution-based businesses seem like the solution to the climate crisis.\'',
 'b\'The Bush administration this month is quietly cutting off birth control supplies to some of the worlds poorest women in Africa.\' b\'A 14 year old schoolboy posed as a female British secret service spy in an internet chatroom to persuade a 16 year old friend to try to murder him\' b\'Mexico: Government agents killed 4 to 6 people in Chiapas, 3 of them mafia execution-style. Residents respond by briefly capturing 77 government agents.\' b\'U.K. Uses Anti-Terrorism Law to Seize Icelandic Bank Assets  \' b\'Enraged neighbors briefly captured 77 police officers using nothing but sticks and traditional machetes.\' b\'Russian president Dmitry Medvedev calls on European leaders to create a new world order that minimises the role of the US\' b\'"Sovietology, like paranoia, is a very dangerous disease, and it is a pity that part of the U.S. administration still suffers from it," Medvedev said.\' b\'Icelandic Regulator Takes Control of Kaupthing Bank \' b\'Prior to the tyrannical theft of Palestine  via the Balfour Declaration issued to Lord Rothschild  the Middle East had been a relatively peaceful area.\' b\'Jews were never exiled from the Holy Land, most of todays Jews have no historical connection to "Israel"; the only political solution to conflict with the Palestinians is to abolish the Jewish state.\' b\'China milk victims may have doubled to over 90,000\' b\'From Germany to Guantanamo: The Career of Prisoner No. 760 believed to have provided aid to the Sept. 11 attackers, and the confessions extracted from him by torture could collapse in court. \' b"Why Iceland\'s economy collapsed" b\'Military Justifies Attack That Killed at Least 33 Afghan Civilians (including 12 children)\' b"Britain \'could be mining landfill for gold in a decade\'" b\'UK uses anti-terror laws against Icelandic bank\' b\'New World Order: Global co-operation, nationalisation and state intervention - all in one day\' b\'Terror law used for Iceland deposits\' b\'German law professor who almost stopped the EU: Elite wants world government \' b\'Russia Pulls Out From Georgia Buffer Zones\' b\'U.S. report warns of crisis in Afghanistan\' b\'You too can stranglehold your opponents like Vladimir Putin ...\' b\'Blast rocks Pakistan capital: At least 12 people are feared dead in a suspected car bombing at police headquarters\' b\' North Korea said to be deploying missiles\' b\'IMF: World on Brink of Recession\'',
 'b\'Icelandic Currency (ISK) loses 73% of its value in a single day. Yesterday, 1 USD = 92 ISK. Today, 1 USD = 418 ISK. \' b\'Iceland has gone bankrupt. They are likely going to ask the International Monetary Fund for help and ditch the krona.\' b\'French President Nicolas Sarkozy: Lets put things clearly. There was a Georgian military aggression. That was a mistake. But the Russian armys reaction was disproportionate\' b\'Nobel peace price for 2008 to Martti Ahtisaari\' b\'Oops! "Jewish People" is a Myth, says Jewish Historian \' b\'Yom Kippur: Jews Riot in Acre Over Arab Driving A Car \' b\'Equipped with knives, sticks and clubs, they all had one purpose: to do harm to Arabs for being Arabs.\' b"Iran\'s \'Nuclear Detonators\' Are A CIA Fake" b\'UK accuses Iceland of economic terrorism: Seizes assets\' b\'Asian stock markets prunge over 10 percent on news that the sky is falling\' b\'Police faced off against hundreds of Jewish rioters chanting "death to Arabs" and trying to block the city\\\'s main thoroughfare\' b"Nature loss \'dwarfs bank crisis\'" b"Two of this week\'s Nobel Prize winners talk about how the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki changed their lives." b\'Banned from Sumo for life for smoking marijuana? Japan even more uptight about pot than US\' b\'FTSE plunges 440pts in 10 minutes as markets around the world go into freefall again\' b\'"Sources inside the (World ) bank confirm that servers in the institution\\\'s highly-restricted treasury unit were deeply penetrated with spy software last April."\' b\'Oh My! Whatever Will The Oil Barons & Ministers Do? We need a rally for OPEC!!\' b\'Meanwhile, shares on the Tehran stock exchange have increased in value by 20% during the year.  (Of course, the majority of their eggs are in the oil basket....)\' b\'Libya is to withdraw all its assets from Swiss banks, estimated at $7bn\' b\'Rioting between Jews in Arabs has resumed in Akko after a Yom Kippur filled with violence in the racially mixed city\' b\'Inflammatory Republican rallies raise concerns\' b\'Congressional leaders Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi urged President Bush Thursday to call an emergency meeting with the G8 to address international financial instability.\' b\'Mullah Omar: U.S. Should Withdraw Now Or Meet The Same Fate As The Soviets\' b\'Bulgarian roses will be planted in France\' b\'Pakistan in crisis on mission for US funding\'',
 'b\'EU Bans the Incandescent Light Bulb\' b\'AFP: Paul Krugman wins Nobel Economics Prize\' b\'Europe to U.S.: You messed up the rescue, too\' b\'Hindu Threat to Christians: Convert or Flee\' b\'Europe puts $2.3 trillion on line for banks, almost 3 times the USA bailout\' b\'Congratulations on your Nobel Prize in Economics Paul Krugman!\' b"When can we get some damn privacy? Governments lose data! Up to 1.7m people\'s data missing" b\'AFRICA: Sexually-transmitted grades kills quality education\' b\'New Beijing Traffic Laws Take 800,000 Cars Off the Road in China\' b\'A Jamaican lottery scam draws in millions of US dollars every day, providing Jamaican gangs with high-calibre weapons.\' b\'Terror bill: 42-day detention rejected\' b"Ringo \'too busy\' for autographs" b\'EU warns youth: turn your MP3 players down!\' b\'For three decades the Free Aceh Movement fought for independence from Indonesia, settling finally for autonomy.  Now its founder, long in exile, comes home.\' b\' North Korea restores U.N. monitoring of atom site-diplomats\' b"Aids in Africa: The power of the pulpit\'s message" b\'AskReddit: Out of all the significant world events that you have experienced in your lifetime, where would you rank the current financial crisis ? \' b\'A different spin on textbook controversy: rewriting history in the interest of peace\' b\'The Soleckshaw, a new solar powered rickshaw, has been unveiled this month in Delhi, and is being touted as a solution to traffic jams, pollution woes, and backbreaking human labor.\' b"Venezuela shuts down McDonald\'s" b\'Children of the black dust\' b\'UK banks receive 37bn bail-out\' b\'Bank shares fall despite bail-out\' b\'Fighting the Financial Crisis: Stocks Surge As EU Nations Unveil Bailout Packages\' b\'EU to ban traditional light bulbs, despite dangers of CFLs to health and the environment\'',
 'b\'Russian Lawyer Who Defended Journalists Is Poisoned In France\' b\'Daughter of Mossad chief sent to military prison for refusing to enlist. Stay classy, Israel!\' b\'US Surrenders Power to Appoint World Bank President \' b\'India gets a new view of US: Collection agents at call centers hear tales of woe from a land whose lifestyles they once idealized.\' b\'I was tortured and sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia. As a westerner, I was eventually released, but others are not so lucky\' b"Redditors in Canada: don\'t forget to get out and vote today!" b\'Friendly-Fire Cover Up Revealed by New Video\' b"Farrakhan To Announce \'A New Beginning\' Oct. 19th - Nation of Islam leader to make major statement at mosque dedication" b"How Did GOP Get $8 Million from Wachovia?  (Was It Before or After They Were \'Bailed Out?\'... If That Even Matters)" b\'N. Korea defectors drop leaflets condemning leader \' b\'Protests in London Against the Financial Bailout Plan for Banks (videos)\' b\'Syria, Lebanon establish diplomatic ties\' b\'PDF: Amnesty International reports a sharp increase in beheadings in Saudi Arabia, with migrants and the poor bearing the brunt\' b\'UK "Shariah TV" Episode 5 asks "How can you be a Muslim in the Land of the Great Satan?"\' b\'Some of my best friends are gay: Pete Mullen apologizes and explains his suggestion that homosexuals have "sodomy warnings" tattooed on their bodies.\' b\'Unexploded Bombs in Germany: The Lethal Legacy of World War II\' b\'Global Economic Crisis Likely To Have Profound Consequences For US Politics, World Relations\' b"Among the 64 Israelis arrested in the wake of Acre\'s 4 days of riots, the Arab man who started it all by driving his car during Yom Kippur." b\'My eight-year-old daughter - who has kidney problems - was dragged by her hair and one man tried to push her through the railings on the windows.\' b\'Stephen Harper has been a terrible Prime Minister and has run perhaps the poorest campaign, despite his millions, of all the major parties\' b\'A photo-timeline of the Darfur conflict, now in its fifth year, by Doctors Without Borders\' b\'Bush Blinks on North Korean Nukes. Again.\' b"Who knows what disasters lurk within the world\'s scattered lands? The Hungarians know." b\'Science Based Approach to HIV/AIDS Returns to South Africa\' b\'UK: Church of England Signs Pact With Radical Sunni Sect Responsible for the Taliban, Equates Terrorism With the "Excesses of Western Foreign Policy"\'',
 'b\'On behalf of the 64% of Canadians who did not vote for our new Conservative government, I apologize for what our country has done.\' b"China will be a democracy by 2020, according to one of the country\'s most influential reformers. " b"Iceland: Britain\'s unlikely new enemy" b\'CFR Member Calls For New Global Monetary Authority\' b\'How to engineer a financial catastrophe.\' b\'Suicide spurs bid to regulate the Internet in South Korea\' b\'Australia: Muslim Students Group Outraged After Having to Share Prayer Room With Infidels\' b\'President of Honduras Calls for Drug Legalization\' b\'Conservative government re-elected, CBC projects\' b"Rabbits Overrun Nelson Mandela\'s Jail of 18 Years" b\'Thai and Cambodian soldiers fire bullets and rocket-propelled grenades at one another over disputed border two days after Cambodia warned of potential "large-scale conflict".\' b\'CNN: Re-election Projected for Canadian PM Stephen Harper\' b\'Brazil saves penguins. Yay for penguins!\' b"Muslim convert Joseph Thomas took ticket, cash from al-Qa\'ida: court" b"Canada\'s vote against change" b\'...a Saudi woman initiated a boycott campaign against lingerie stores aiming to put pressure on shop owners to replace salesmen with women.\' b\'Iceland receiving assistance from Nordic countries | from the hip\' b\'Supreme Court Rejects Execution Appeal - NYTimes.com\' b\'I revealed myself to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob as l Shaddi, but was NOT known to them by my name Yahweh.\' b"Italians are up on arms over France\'s refusal to extradite for trial Marina Petrella, a former member of the communist terrorist group Brigate Rosse." b\'UK Says Rich Nations Should Pay Billions Every Year for Rainforest\' b\'What does the rehabilitation of Bill Ayers tells us about the war on terrorism?\' b\'Why No Outrage Over Persecuted Hindus? How many millions of Hindus do Muslims have to kill or displace before the world takes notice? \' b\'Attack on U.S. Embassy in Yemen Linked to Mossad\' b"French authorities investigate the alleged posioning of a prominent Russian human rights lawyer, raising the spectre of ex-KGB officer\'s poisoning two years ago."',
 'b\'Iceland has food stocks for about 3 to 5 weeks\' b\'Israeli Bestseller Breaks National Taboo - Dr Shlomo argues that the idea of a Jewish nation is a myth invented little more than a century ago.\' b\'CNN anchorwoman actually takes on Israeli spokeswoman [VID]\' b\'Ever wondered what a dead city looks like? Watch this BBC report from inside Mogadishu, Somalia\' b\'Italian PM Berlusconi wants Russia to join EU \' b\'Three months in jail if you have premarital sex in Dubai. You know, that place with the massive architecture everyone thinks is just so cool\' b\'The Communications Data Bill (2008) will lead to the creation of a single, centralized database containing records of all e-mails sent, websites visited and mobile phones used by UK citizens.\' b\'Pinochet-era death squad members jailed\' b"European Union to Stick to Tough Climate Targets Despite Poorer Countries\' Attempt to Block Moving Forward" b\'Russia ends decades-old border dispute and gives territory to China \' b\'The Queen visits Google\' b"Norway police charge Microsoft\'s Fast with fraud" b\'Britain, in alliance with Poland, Sweden and the Baltic States, has narrowly prevented the European Union from reopening trade and aid talks with Moscow\' b\'Last Titanic survivor, 96, sells mementos to help pay nursing home fees in England\' b\'Friendly fire in Iraq -- and a coverup\' b\'Iraqi negotiators are reviewing a revised draft of a long-delayed security agreement to govern the conduct of American forces in Iraq, an Iraqi government spokesman announced Wednesday. \' b"United Nations declare Gaza smuggling \'an industry\' - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)" b\'Five Afghanistan scholars visiting the University of Washington reported missing\' b\'BBC in "its last stages": budget cuts will make it increasingly difficult to maintain standards\' b"Intelligence report: U.S. antiterror ally Pakistan \'on the edge\' " b\'Sarkozy: Arabic Is the Language of the Future\' b\'World sharemarkets slump on recession fears\' b\'Tactical calculations in Afghanistan make "nonsense of US and British claims that their civilian victims are accidental \\\'collateral damage\\\'..."\' b"Don\'t Laugh at the Bear" b\'U.S. travel alert adds Nogales, Mexico\'',
 'b\'The Other Man On The Podium\' b\'Dutch non-profit reproductive health organization sails ship around the world, anchoring in international waters to provide abortions to women in countries where abortion is banned\' b"Grand Ayatollah Issues Decree Calling Muslims to Defend Iraq\'s Christians" b\'Marx Das Kapital sales soar among young Germans \' b\'A man in England killed his wife because she changed her Facebook relationship status to "single"\' b\'Georgia Used Cluster Bombs in August War, Too\' b\'Arctic Temperatures Break All-Time Recorded High\' b\'Reddit, please send help, (UK) politicians insane. Apparently not monitoring mobile and web records would be "giving a licence to terrorists to kill people"\' b\'Wow. "Secret coded messages are being embedded into child pornographic images, and paedophile websites are being exploited as a secure way of passing information between terrorists."\' b\'England to run out of honey before Christmas after catastrophic honeybee decline \' b\' Iran to stop executing youths\' b\'China watches over internet caf customers in web crackdown \' b\'China\\\'s media "freedoms" are reduced. New measures include cameras in internet cafes and pictures taken of all users\' b\'Bali bombing - new suspects\' b\'Hindu American Foundation petitions the NY Times to focus as much on the activities of Christian missionaries in India as it does on anti-Christian violence.\' b\'A quick overview of how Islamic terror organizations get their funding.\' b\'Last Titantic Survivor to Auction Off Mementos to Pay for Nursing Home - We can do better!\' b\'Hungary Gets $6.7B Loan to Avert Meltdown \' b\'Sao Paolo : Hundreds of black-clad military police fired teargas, stun grenades and rubber bullets at striking civilian officers seeking a 15 percent pay raise\' b\'Austrailian historian arrested for Holocaust denial\' b\'Defense Secretary Gates said he is prepared for reconciliation with Taliban as part of the political outcome in Afghanistan\' b\'Is Switzerland the next Iceland?  "Switzerland was forced to take emergency measures yesterday to shore up its two biggest lenders to prevent a collapse in confidence in the country\\\'s banking system."\' b\'Police battle police in Sao Paulo\' b\'25 more civilians killed in NATO air strike in Afghanistan: villagers\' b\'The West Is at a Loss in Afghanistan\'',
 'b\'Coke Dealers Badass Party House w/ Private Zoo\' b\'Japan: 44 per cent of country\\\'s workforce are part-time only. Communist-themed "manga" comics are enjoying soaring success.\' b\'Seriously, what\\\'s going on in China that would cause melamine in everything from milk to dogfood... and now chocolate and strawberry flavored "willy spread"?\' b\'Fascinating Pictures of Russian Trains \' b\'Activists celebrate Irans ban on juvenile executions\' b\'New Security Scanners Called "Virtual Strip Search" at Melbourne Airport Will Show Genitals!\' b\'Beijing Olympic Official gets the Death Sentence.\' b\'Rwanda abandons French language\' b\'Convert or we will kill you, Hindu lynch mobs tell fleeing Christians\' b\'A split in Belgium?\' b\'Pakistan facing bankruptcy as world financial crisis deepens\' b\'Trial of 86 nationalist hardliners accused of using assassination and bombings in an attempt to overthrow the Islamist-leaning Turkish government is postponed when supporters flood the courtroom.\' b"Burros carry one man\'s library to Colombian villagers" b\'UK borrowing at 60-year high\' b\'Did a Gulf of Tonkin Incident Just Happen In Iranian Waters?\' b\'Vietnamese Security Police Again Active in Poland\' b\'Really? Iran Security Forces arrest pigeons working for imperialists equipped with metal rings and invisible strings near Natanz nuclear facility\' b\'China to Allow Land Leasing, Transfer. New Law Is Part of Project Aimed at Doubling Rural Incomes\' b\'Sri Lanka MoD says 33 troops died fighting Tiger rebels over the weekend. Here are some govt. videos.\' b"Muslim fanatic prisoners to be \'de-programmed\' using controversial techniques to \'cure\' them of beliefs" b\'Bank hackers steal from French President Sarkozy\' b"Drug violence traumatizes Mexico\'s children." b\'Almost 200 UFO files will be made available by the MoD over the next four years.\' b\'Israel Considering Saudi Peace Deal\' b"British spinster jailed after breaking neighbour\'s arm with spade"',
 'b"Britain\'s freedoms under threat from \'Big Brother security state\', warns Director of Public Prosecutions" b"Centuries of freedoms being broken by security state, says England\'s top prosecutor" b\'Newly declassified documents: Stalin was ready to send over a million Soviet troops to the German border in order to preempt Nazi aggression. This could have prevented the outbreak of the World War II\' b\'Providing micronutrients for 80% of the 140 million poorest children in the form of vitamin A and zinc would cost $60 million/year. This action holds benefits of more than $1 billion/year.\' b\'China accuses US of "widespread human rights abuses on its own territory" and hypocrisy in criticizing others\' b"A Photo Essay on Vietnam\'s Forest Pygmies: Only discovered in the 1980s, this is Vietnam\'s Smallest Indigenous Minority (in both senses of the word)" b"\'More inequality\' in rich nations" b\'Terrorism Act\' b\'Bali bombers to be shot dead after losing court appeal to be beheaded\' b\'1917 Baron Rothschild was the addressee of the Balfour Declaration, which committed the British government to the establishment in Palestine a national home for the Jewish people.\' b\'Somalia frees hijacked cargo ship\' b\'What are the Japanese doing right now? Minute by minute graphs from the best census keeper on earth\' b\'Bali bombers to be shot to death\' b\'Canada had role in torture of its nationals: probe\' b"Mobile\'s missed calls that reveal \'terrorists tried to detonate car bombs 15 times in central London\'" b"Lloyd\'s of London, the world\'s biggest insurance market, said Tuesday that Hurricanes Gustav and Ike will cost it at least $2.34 billion in damages claims." b"Amnesty International says Nigeria\'s criminal justice system is so flawed, it\'s calling for a moratorium on executions to avoid the deaths of innocents." b"Mao Zedong\'s only grandson leads Maoist revival" b\'Counter-Terrorism Bill clause 83 reminder - chilling effect on reporting or speculation about military or intelligence service or police personnel ?\' b\'In Algeria, death sentences follow fugitives thick and fast\' b\'French Bistros File Record Bankruptcies as French surrender their culinary pride to Le Big Mac\' b\'Botswana brides: Buy now, pay later\' b"ANC call on SA land redistribution described as \'reckless\'" b"Army scientists \'deployed in UK\'" b"Sarkozy pushes eurozone \'economic government\'"',
 'b\'US falls to 119th out of around 160 countries ranked by press freedoms outside its own territory, says Reporters Without Borders.\' b"Austria in shock as leader of far right Alliance for the Future of Austria reveals he\'s gay - and was having a long-term affair with Jorg Haider, the former leader" b"BBC: India successfully launches the unmanned Chandrayaan 1 spacecraft - the country\'s first mission to the Moon" b\'Moon rocket at an Indian price: Just 80 million dollars to the moon\' b\'Despite intense U.S. pressure, Pakistan refuses to buy the "with us or against us" worldview and are edging closer to talks with the Taliban, saying, "What\\\'s wrong with talking?"\' b\'Kristallnacht remnants finally unearthed near Berlin, close to 70 years on\' b\'Surprisingly enough, Chagos Islanders lose the latest round in their battle to return to their home, stolen from them by the UK\' b\'Russia, Iran and Qatar announce an OPEC-style "big gas troika" that will control 60% of the world\\\'s gas supplies.\' b"Women who switched roles to live lives as men. Last of Albania\'s \'sworn virgins\'" b\'Chinese call Microsoft the "biggest hacker in China, with its intrusion into users\\\' computer systems without their agreement or any judicial authority".\' b\'Dutch police official on coffeeshops and the meshing of legal and illegal drug trade\' b\'A skyscraper in Mecca catches fire. Does anyone have more on this?\' b\'Ouch! Wachovia Reports $23.9 Billion Loss for Third Quarter\' b\'Dear Mr. Brown, we are not terrorists\' b"Chagos Islanders, comprehensively screwed over by the UK and US governments, may have a chance of returning to their stolen homeland (but don\'t hold your breath)" b\'It is more important to be attractive than to be right\' b\'Civilian deaths from US/Nato air strikes in Afghanistan are not accidents or mistakes  they are calculated and predicted\' b\'UK Government tied in knots by bondage protest\' b\'Nicolas Sarkozy threatens to sue over "voodoo doll" that tells people to stick pins into his body\' b\'Jamaica beach vanishes in crime wave\' b\'Economic downturn likely to cause British recession: Brown\' b\'35 Taliban reported killed in Afghan battle....Just how many of these f*ckers are there?\' b\'Mexico arrests suspected major cocaine trafficker after shootout\' b\'Donors pledge 4.5 billion dollars to Georgia\' b\'Mountain range that rivals the Alps may prove that Antartica was once part of Western U.S.\'',
 'b\'Argentina nationalizes private pensions and acknowledges that they were an "enormous error\\\'\\\'. Argentina takes action to protect workers and retirees instead of banks. \' b\'How people of other religions are treated in Muslim countries: Amazing facts.\' b\'Baby rape a cure for AIDS - How can this be sick belief be common in a developed country? over 1500 new infections daily, over 20,000 rapes a year\' b\'UN says wealth gap creating a social time bomb - Growing inequality in US cities could lead to widespread social unrest and increased mortality.\' b\'Another war? Bosnia in real danger of collapse\' b\'Israeli Revealed as owner of South Sudan bound weapons ship\' b\'EU awards its Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought to jailed Chinese dissident Hu Jia.  China\\\'s Foreign Ministry calls it meddling but "too trivial to dwell on."\' b\'Mexican Government Covers Up Murder of Journalist\' b\'Pakistan stares into the abyss\' b\'Massive Secret Uranium Shipment Revealed\' b\'Pakistan Will Give Arms to Tribal Militias.  What could go wrong?\' b\'Pakistan: 8 Students Die in Suspected US Missile Strike on School\' b\'Russians told all is well as economy sinks\' b\'Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were working on a Big Brother-style cable television propaganda industry to be broadcast across Germany\' b\'Far-right Austrian leader sacked for revealing gay affair with Jrg Haider\' b\'US airstrike kills 9 Afghan soldiers at checkpoint\' b\'US, British ex-diplomats warn Bosnia in danger of collapse\' b\'UN warns of mass starvation in North Korea\' b\'Horrific Flashback From My Soviet Childhood\' b\'Pakistan takes $5bn IMF bail-out after allies refuse funds\' b\'Russia Backs Keeping U.S. Force in Iraq\' b\'GOP Donors Critical of Palin\\\'s Pricey Threads; Some Want Money Back ("..like to think they were successful enough to [get] their wardrobe with their own money")\' b\'India Launches Moon Mission\' b\'Mobile biometric scanners for all UK police\' b\'"V", "U" or "L" shaped - the shape of the coming global recession [Hint: L shaped is bad]\'',
 'b\'EU formally renews ties with Cuba \' b\'Terrorism laws can be abused to stifle dissent: UN rights expert\' b\'Colombia: Half a million people on strike in the nation that kills more union members than the rest of the world combined.\' b\'Australia uses accusations of child abuse to take land from Aborigines for uranium mines\' b" Aussie govt: Don\'t criticize our (terrible) \'Net filters" b\'German banks wants bonus repayment repayed from former managers.  Nice lead Germany\' b\' Oil falls nearly $5 as OPEC cut fails to halt slide \' b\'U.S. Student Jailed In Iran\' b\'Resurgence of anti-semitism in Germany\' b"The United States has plundered global wealth by exploiting the dollar\'s dominance, and the world urgently needs other currencies to take its place: China paper" b\'North Korea faces worst food crisis in decade - Millions of people in the country are facing "severe deprivations" not seen since the mid-1990s\' b"Airport Striptease: Germany Shies Away From \'Peeping Tom\' Airport Scanners" b\'Russian default risk tops Iceland as crisis deepens\' b\'EU defies Beijing warning to award Chinese dissident human rights prize\' b\'Deputy Governor of the Bank of England: "This is a once-in-a-lifetime crisis and possibly the largest financial crisis of its kind in human history" \' b\'Eastern European economies face bankruptcy\' b"Stephen Hawking to retire as Cambridge\'s Professor of Mathematics" b\'The arrest of Pinochet -- 10 years later. 30,000+ victims, 38 convictions.\' b\'"I\\\'m in search of Gandhi in the land of Gandhi," he added. "I\\\'ve failed to find him."\' b"Russia\'s financial crisis is escalating with lightning speed as foreigners pull funds from the country and the debt markets start to price a serious risk of sovereign default." b\'North Korea clamps down on mobile phones to stop news of food crisis\' b\'Iran holding American student in prison\' b"UK\'s highest court has criticised Islamic law for discriminating against women following a case in which a mother was forced to flee to the UK from the Middle East" b"Iran accuses US of \'pillaging\' Iraq " b"Rumors flurry about Ahmadinejad\'s health following event cancellations."',
 'b\'BBC: Rampant Evidence That Georgia Committed War Crimes During Conflict With Russia\' b\'Is Britain on its way to becoming a surveillance society. Or has it already arrived?\' b\'Extremists to be barred from UK\' b\'1000 Congolese citizens hurl rocks at a UN compound, "angry that a 17,000-strong U.N. peacekeeping force has been unable to protect them from a rebel attack just 25 miles north of the city."\' b\'Happy Diwali \' b\'UK parents to be fingerprinted by nursery schools\' b\'Europe on the brink of currency crisis meltdown \' b\'Defectors describe executions, torture in North Korea\' b\'The 255th death due to lack of medical treatment resulting from the seige on Gaza passed away, Monday\' b\'How then did a Victorian working class family with four children enjoy a nutritious if unsophisticated diet on a budget of less than 2 per week?\' b"A news story that\'s remarkable for giving a much rounder than usual picture of civilian responses to the Islamist stoning of a woman accused of adultery." b"North Korea\'s military threatened to use everything in its arsenal to reduce South Korea to rubble unless Seoul stops civic groups from sending anti-Pyongyang leaflets into the communist state." b\'A woman in Somalia has been stoned to death after an Islamic Sharia law court found her guilty of adultery\' b"Chile\'s torture colony -  Colonia Dignidad " b\'Right By My Side Where You Supposed To Be:  We might be on the verge of a major breakthrough with the Taliban\' b\'Italy: mega-march against Berlusconi\' b\'Iraq demands all US troops out by 2011\' b\'IMF may need to "print money" as crisis spreads \' b"Refugees Australia rejected \'killed by Taliban\'" b"\'Bush\'s Way of Waving Goodbye to Syria?\'" b\'UN atomic energy chief warns of nuclear theft \' b\'China May Lend Russia $25 Billion as Part of Oil Deal \' b\'Q&A: Why is Congo in the news, and what role is the UN playing?\' b"I don\'t get it? Are people who insist on warring against the WRONG Country stubborn, or stupid, or evil?" b"Iranian general admits supplying weapons to \'liberation\' fighters in middle east"',
 'b\'Finnish e-voting system loses 2% of votes, has no paper trail\' b\'One dead, thousands without power and the first October snow in London in 74 YEARS as Arctic blast sweeps across UK\' b\'Gordon Brown\\\'s terror claims for ID cards are "bunkum" says GCHQ expert\' b"mental midgets at tsa will eventually re-allow us to bring our non-explosive liquids back on planes! now if they\'ll just stop stealing our crap" b\'Over 1,000 foreign soldiers killed in Afghanistan since 2001\' b"Report: N. Korea\'s Kim suffers `serious\' setback" b\'UK doctors warned "we\\\'ll report you to MI5" over IT security\' b\'UK will face peak oil crisis within five years, report warns\' b\'Five synchronized suicide bombings hit Somalian targets, including a UN building and the Ethiopian embassy.\' b\'"The stench went through my nostrils"  - Pub chefs accused of serving human excrement in gelato to a family complaining about noise during a football match. \' b\'Israeli biometric database bill passes first vote\' b\'World Conservation Congress: biodiversity underpins the well-being of human societies and their economies\' b\'Net giants create code to defend online freedoms\' b\'UK database guru warns over breaches\' b\'This is the Zlin-143, the plane commonly used by the Tamil Tigers\\\' "Air Wing" which today dropped aerial bombs on a Columbo power station and escaped a Sri Lankan air force dragnet.\' b"Venezuela gets its own Satellite! Let\'s try to find out what it can do!" b\'Young dodge the internet censors\' b"Livni\'s brave stand" b\'U.S. embassy in Syria says may close to public\' b\'Extremists face tougher UK entry\' b\'MI5 targets Irelands al-Qaeda cells\' b\'Ludmilla Radchenko For The Art Of Being A Woman\' b\'Scores dead after Pakistan quake\' b"If you guys don\'t elect Obama, can we have him?" b\'Cops: Centipedes are dangerous weapons\'',
 'b"I Know We\'ve Got This Election in US To Worry, But I Wanted To Help Shine More Light On Our Australian Friends Potential \'Internet Filter\' Problem. Let\'s Keep That In The Spotlight Too!" b"I can picture in my mind a world without War, a world without Hate. and I can picture us attacking that world, because they\'d never expect it. -Jack Handey" b\'British home secretary launches investigation into CIA and MI5 torture which could lead to a criminal prosecution.\' b\'Not as important as the US election or aussie internet censorship.. but.. 215 dead, up to 50,000 people may be homeless in Pakistan, following earthquake..\' b\'Australia to implement mandatory internet censorship\' b\'British cave explorers find worlds deepest cave. 1 km. That shit is deep!\' b\'Iceland: "Britain has devastated our economy"\' b\'Israeli meseum of tolerance being built on a Muslim graveyard\' b\'Chinese News reports on RAND proposal for an American war to save the American Economy\' b\'Jordan woman stabbed to death over sex images\' b\'Dutch 2008 Commemorative coin (Netherlands and Architecture): beautiful and wonderfully creative\' b\'(pics) Battles rage in Congo\' b\'Losing Afghanistan: After 7 Years of War, the Taliban Attacks the Culture Ministry in Heart of Kabul\' b"And the winner of Bayer\'s 17th International Childrens Painting Competition is...you guessed it..." b\'China to Talk with Dalai Lama Envoys - Comic\' b\'War Refugees: Christians On the Run in Iraq\' b\'Global Fund revokes $10M in anti-AIDS funding and $2M in anti-malaria funding to Uganda over allegations of mismanagement.\' b\'Not Even Getting Hosed Down Can Stop A Band Of Somalian Pirates\' b\'Listen online to live audio of CNN TV\' b\'Scores dead in nine Indian explosions\' b\'If Walter Cronkite says World Government it must be true\' b\'Graffiti on a wall between Israel and Palestina\' b"Meanwhile, in the UK, Lesley Douglas, BBC Radio 2 controller, resigns over the Brand/Ross prank call \'scandal\'" b\'Israeli army to defend Palestinians from..............Israeli settlers\' b\'Bomb attacks in India kill at least 67\'',
 'b\'Out-of-office reply ends up on bilingual road sign in Wales\' b\' CIA officers could face trial in Britain over torture allegations \' b\'teens attack 75 year old blind flamingo - what is wrong with our world?\' b\'Exxon Posts Largest Ever Profit of $14.83 Billion in a Quarter!\' b"I Know We\'ve Got This Election in US To Worry, But I Wanted To Help Shine More Light On Our Afgani Friends Ongoing \'Us Killing Them\' Problem. Let\'s Keep That In The Spotlight Too!" b"Priests to face \'sex drive tests\'; Pope looks like Sith Lord in photos." b\'Is the Taliban Stockpiling Opium? And If So, Why? \' b"Berlusconi Guts Italys School System, It\'s Going From one of Europe\'s Best to one of Its Worst. " b\'The truth about South Ossetia\' b"Johann Hari: How we fuel Africa\'s bloodiest war" b"Worst Terrorist Attack in India\'s Northeast - 12 separate blasts, with police saying nearly 70 people have died" b\'Australia denies residency to doctor because his son has down syndrome\' b\'France: Imam arrested for illegal marriages\' b\'Japan general fired over WWII essay critical of US\' b\'Suspected US missile strike kills 20 in Pakistan\' b\'Police halt wedding of boy, seven, to girl aged five\' b\'Syria cut off contacts with Iraq and reduce its forces on the border\' b\'Japanese air force chief of staff says the idea that Japan was an aggressor in WWII "mind control".  In his view, it was the US that forced Japan into war.\' b\'Pakistani police break up the marriage of a 7 and 4 year old, reportedly arranged to end a long-standing family feud.\' b\'UK drug abuse worst in Europe\' b\'Libya has paid $1.5bn into a compensation fund for relatives of US victims of terror attacks blamed on Tripoli.\' b\'Pirates are back - Seize Boat Crew Off Cameroon \' b\'3000 Year Old "Spider God" Temple Found in Peru\' b\'Brit becomes Mayor of Spanish town, because every other ruling councillor is arrested for corruption\' b\'UK Centre for Social Cohesion press release - The UK government to work with extremist Muslim students\'',
 'b\'British police ask for camera license!\' b\'Beheaded after trying for asylum in Australia\' b\'March of the dustbin Stasi: Half of councils use UK anti-terror laws to watch people putting rubbish out on the wrong day\' b\'Amnesty: Somali rape victim, 13, stoned to death, AF \' b\'Japanese Air chief sacked over WWII denial\' b"Australian ISPs speak out against government\'s Great Firewall mandatory content filter" b"SAS chief quits over \'gross negligence\' that killed his troops" b\'Syrians protest against US attack \' b\'"1 million people flee" fighting in Congo, U.N. says\' b\'US airstrikes kill (another) 20 in Pakistani villages\' b\'Syria has denounced a US strike on its territory but sources say Damascus secretly backed the raid\' b\'Rescued Royal Bank of  Scotland to pay millions in bonuses\' b\'GAMBIA: Sex tourists exploiting children\' b\'Prostitution: which Approach works - Legalization, or Criminalization?\' b\'Banks seek help to forgive some credit card debt\' b\'Tories pledge to stop UK surveillance powers abuse\' b"Roberte Mugabe supporters grab one of Zimbabwe\'s last white-run farms" b\'Telling the Truth About Rape in Congo\' b\'New right-wing Swiss party to enter political arena\' b\'Christmas Slowly Losing Popularity\' b\'Mercy Politics: Refugees: The Dire Consequence of Wars and Conflicts.\' b\'Huge Piece Space station trash plunging to Earth\' b\'Marriage dowry is major cause of poverty\' b\'Saddam Hussein the martyr  inside tyrants tomb\' b\'Somalia: Rape victim, 13, stoned to death\'',
 'b\'Every MP to receive a copy of Orwell\\\'s "Nineteen Eighty-Four"\' b\'Scientists conclude a mud volcano that displaced 36,000 Indonesians was caused by exploratory drilling for natural gas.\' b\'A bill proposed in Dutch parliament would force women deemed unfit mothers to take contraception for two years.  Fail to comply and the state takes the newborn into custody.\' b\'Those New Photos of a Healthy Kim Jong-Il suppplied by North Korea..they have no shadows\' b\'Thousands of Indian farmers are committing suicide after using genetically modified crops \' b\'Man dies in hospital after Calgary police use Taser during arrest on weekend\' b\'Conflict in Congo, refugees on the move [ Pictures ] \' b\'Government to Chinese kids: run at least 1km a day to fight obesity, celebrate Communist party\' b\'Modern day little red riding hood: UN reports that Somali woman executed for adultery was instead a raped teen.\' b"German doc moves to Australia to help during doctor shortage; two years later, he\'s told he can\'t stay b/c his son has Down\'s Syndrome" b\'Greenpeace calls off annual harrassment of Japanese whaling ships to concentrate on clearing the reputations of two activists accused of stealing whale meat.\' b\'At least two bomb blasts have injured more than 60 people in Thailand\' b\'Dominican migrant: We ate flesh to survive being stranded in the ocean \' b\'Israeli troops destroy West Bank settler structures\' b\'UN finds three internal displacement camps emptied and destroyed in Congo; tens of thousands missing; cholera outbreak possible.\' b\'Singapore brings contempt of court case against Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones Publishing.\' b\'Guantanamo Jury Sentences Bin Laden Aide to Life\' b"South Korea facing \'kimchi deficit\'" b"Dalai Lama says talks a failure, Tibet \'now dying\'" b\'Pakistanis give Gen. Petraeus an earful on his first visit\' b"For sale: Saddam Hussein\'s luxury yacht" b\'Crisis Creates a New German Politics\' b\'Talk or I restart war, Congo rebel tells government\' b\'Rebel leader says he will continue fighting towards the Congo capital unless the government agrees to public talks.\' b\'Two top state police officers slain in Mexico, where 12 officers have been killed in five days\'',
 'b\'Kenya declares holiday for Obama\' b\'The Western media has recently outdone itself in censoring important stories - stories which contradict the policies and interests the media seeks to uphold...\' b\'Does it seem like every other US bomb dropped in Afghanistan hits a wedding party?\' b\'Plane crashes in centre of Mexico City\' b\'Half of the Zimbabwe population faces starvation\' b\'Woman drives sleeping rapist to police station\' b\'At least 38 civilians dead in another strike on a wedding party in Afghanistan...\' b\'Newspaper frontpages around the world this morning. Thanks, USA!\' b\'Kidnappers Kill Five Year Old Boy By Injecting Acid Into his Heart\' b"Russian Pres Dmitry Medvedev: \'Presidential term should be extended\'" b\'Russian President in State of the Nation address says that when Barack Obama becomes U.S. President, the relaions between the two countries will get a second wind.\' b\'McCain loses with class\' b\'Poll reveals Germans would like return to nationalisation\' b\'Israel Launches Deadly Airstrike in Gaza. ah shit!\' b\'Riot/celebration at White House - crowd shouting "Bush out" - anyone nearby have any updates? (saw this breaking on CBC TV)\' b\'Mexican Interior Minister dies in plane crash.  CIA not suspected.\' b\'Hamas militants pounded southern Israel with a barrage of rockets Wednesday, hours after Israeli forces killed six gunmen in a fresh bout of violence\' b\'Russia will deploy short-range missiles in the Baltic Sea region near the border with Poland in response to plans by the United States to build an anti-missile system in Europe.\' b\'Artificial hair on submarines may help them overcome turbulence\' b\'Human Rights Watch says more cluster munitions than previously reported were used by both sides in S. Ossetia war.\' b"If you\'re ever accused of war crimes, hiding out near the Hague may not be the best idea.  Bosnian war crimes supect arrested in Netherlands." b"Mexico\'s interior secretary killed in plane crash" b\'Kim Jong Il Said to Visit Military Units, Despite Health Rumors\' b\'Russian President to Increase Presidential Term to 6 Years\' b"Jamie Oliver says the British don\'t know how to cook"',
 'b\'London: Smokers to be banned from fostering children\' b\'"Suddenly, It May Be Cool To Be American Again"\' b\' Pirate pride in Sweden as Pirate Bay hits 22 million peers \' b\'Want to help third world countries improve in the long term but kind of a tight ass? Try Kiva\' b"Supermarkets to be asked to take people\'s fingerprints for ID Card scheme." b\'Internet freedom under threat from governments\' b\'Morales says US anti-drug DEA killed Bolivian farmers\' b\'Jacqui "ID Cards\\\'" Smith has had her fingerprints "borrowed" - no need to pop to the supermarket for her now!\' b\'Rice: Mideast peace pact unlikely by end of year - I hate to be cynical, but we really expected this to happen?\' b\'Son of Osama bin Laden loses asylum bid in Spain \' b\'Up here in Canada, we love the USA today. We were NEVER anti-American ... only anti-neocon!\' b"Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez\'s government says it is taking over one of the world\'s largest gold deposits." b\'A Nepali teacher has finally turned his dream into reality by connecting his remote mountain community to the internet.\' b"28-year-old Oxford grad becomes Bhutan\'s new king and world\'s youngest monarch" b\'Russia Warns of Missile Deployment \' b"Ireland\'s head-shops raided for selling herbal ecstacy" b"Italy\'s internet usage is one of the lowest in Europe.  Does that make it backwards?" b\'Suicide bomber hits Pakistan tribal elders\' b\'Mexican Hitmen Finish off Victim During Surgery \' b\'UK passport fees to jump by a third to more than 100 to pay for fingerprinting\' b\'UN High Commissioner for Human Rights told the BBC she was taken aback by the "terrible" conditions in Gaza on a recent visit\' b\'French magazine banned over Islam cover\' b\'ZIMBABWE: Hunting for good garbage to eat\' b\'UK interest rates slashed by 1.5% to 3% - lowest since 1955!\' b\'NYTimes: Georgia Fired Inaccurate Cluster Bombs, Often Bombing Their Own Cities And Killing Their Own Civilians\'',
 'b\'"People \\\'can\\\'t wait for ID cards\\\'" - WTF?  Why would anyone  (even if indifferent to the scheme) actually WANT an ID card?\' b"Kim Jong Il Photoshop Error Betrays Leader\'s Health Problems? (PHOTOS)" b\'NYTimes: "Newly available accounts raise questions about the accuracy and honesty of Georgias insistence that it acted defensively against Russian aggression."\' b\'Iran Response to Obama Victory\' b\'Israel seems to have little time for the irony that a modern Jewish shrine to "coexistence and tolerance" is being built on the graves of the city\\\'s Muslim forefathers.\' b\'Woman Guilty of Unlawful Sex With 14yo Student\' b\'Read the blogs of students quarantined in a Chinese University as a cholera epidemic unfolds\' b\'Oil strikes 21-month low under $US58\' b\'Huge Protests in Georgia, the people demand an explanation from the government for the mistakes of the war, which Saakashvili launched an offense to reclaim separatist South Ossetia\' b\'UK Loses Billions in Renewables Installation Because of US Tax Rebates - BP expects to have one gigawatt of US wind power installed by 2008 and to have trebled that amount by 2010.\' b\'Georgia Claims on Russia War Called Into Question \' b\'U.S. Missile Kills 10 in Pakistan.  Has anyone else noticed that since the U.S. accelerated the air war, civilian deaths are far outweighing Taliban deaths?\' b\'US Imposes Banking Sanctions on Iran\' b\'Stu Rasmussen becomes the first openly transgender mayor in the United States. First are happening! Keep the firsts going people!\' b\'Kashmir city "has now become a prison, every second day they impose a curfew without announcing it"\' b"Scott Pelley: \'60 Minutes\' Crew Attacked in China While Reporting" b\'Putin er...Medvedev orders missiles deployed in Europe\' b\'South Asian nations agree to build 243,000-tonne grain reserve\' b\'60 Minutes crew attacked by angry Chinese\' b"Father Sold Drugs in Nightclubs to Find Daughter\'s Rapists" b\'Aussie milk contaminated, says China\' b\' IMF bails out Ukraine - Business News, Business - The Independent\' b\'GM Opens $300 Million Russian Plant to Boost Sales\' b\'Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, the youngest king crowned\' b"Oil\'s stunning retreat: How long can it last?"',
 'b"UK Judge asks media whether to release Guantanamo Bay \'torture\' evidence" b"Conservatives take New Zealand: John Key says NZ election win a \'vote for change\'" b\'Blueprints for Auschwitz camp found in Germany\' b\'One million Cubans evacuate as Hurricane Paloma,  now Cat 4, aims for Cuba\' b\'Israeli Supreme Court rules it\\\'s fine to build a build a "Museum of Tolerance" on top of a centuries-old Muslim cemetery\' b"Iran slams Obama\'s tough language on nukes - \'A step in the wrong direction\'" b\'New Zealand votes. The world holds its breath.\' b\'Report in US undercuts Georgian claim of how war started\' b"Russia\'s Putin may return as president in 2009 " b\'US State Department admits Georgia erred in August attack on South Ossetia\' b\'Pakistani militants kill 2 alleged U.S. spies.  Warnings are found pinned to bodies dumped in volatile border region.\' b\'Israel Developing Nuke-Hunting Drone\' b\'Stonewall: Bigots of the Year or Government Stooges?\' b\'PM faces tough battle as NZ votes \' b\'Arizona boy, 8, accused of killing 2, including dad\' b\'After five years of appeals, 3 are finally executed for Bali Bombings.\' b\'China aims at higher nuclear power capacity - 70 million kilowatts by 2020\' b"A light unto nations - Israel army studies \'abuse video\'" b\'Multimillionaire takes control of New Zealand\' b"Druglord\'s house raided. hundreds of high powered weapons, grenades and rocket launchers secured in Mexico" b\'Bali bombers executed by firing squad\' b\'Third deadly Hurricane in this year over Cuba - Fidel Castro\' b\'Dozens Dead in Hatian School Collapse (AP Footage)\' b\'Megan Megan suicide letter found. Her bragging that her daddy would be president, allegedly made all her friends sick she said it ad nauseum.\' b\'Russias new nuclear attack submarine starts sea trials\'',
 'b\'IAEA: Documents linking Iran to nuclear weapons push may have been fabricated\' b\'The United States abandoned a nuclear weapon beneath the ice in northern Greenland following a crash in 1968, a BBC investigation has found.\' b\'Holocaust survivors to Mormons: Stop baptisms of dead Jews\' b\'How good is your Northern African/Middle East Geography?\' b\'Obama has reportedly told Poland that there is no guarantee the proposed anti-missile shield for Eastern Europe will be built.\' b\'Largest Australian ISP agrees to a live test of the Great Firewall they called "ridiculous"\' b\'Blogger Jailed for 20 Years Over Poem that Mocked Burmese Dictator\' b\'A court in Burma has sentenced at least 14 members of a well-known pro-democracy group to 65 years in prison.\' b\' World recalls end of World War I\' b\'Lest we forget, hell on earth... in memory of those who perished in the Great War.\' b\'False-Flag anyone? Osama bin Laden is planning an attack against the United States that will "outdo by far" September 11\' b"Baby \'used as punchbag\' died despite 60 visits from social services" b\'A look around WWI battle sites\' b\'"In occupied Hebron, the abnormal has become normal."\' b\'Protests urged as Myanamr jails blogger for 20 years\' b\'Israel allows some fuel into Gaza \' b\'Burma prison court sentences blogger to 20 years, poet to two years\' b\'Killing in Edmonton stuns Dexter producer\' b\'Kim Jong-Ill-er? Reports Kim Jong-Il had second stroke\' b\'Masked gunmen in Pakistan hijak a convoy delivering military vehicles and other supplies to US troops in Afghanistan.\' b\'Meet the single mother-of-five who lives like a Queen in a $2,000,000 home...courtesy of the taxpayer\' b\'Pakistan aims to recapture trucks stolen in Khyber\' b"BBC host replaced in \'racism\' row" b\'How cells take out biological trash to prevent diseases\' b\'UN warns over Gaza food blockade\'',
 'b"Sudan\'s President has announced an immediate ceasefire in Darfur." b\'Former boxer who killed pedophile wins prosecutors hearts\' b\'Israel blocks the flow of food into gaza.  The mormons should baptize those palestenians before they starve to death.\' b\'Afghan schoolgirls burned by acid in attack by men on motorcycle\' b\'The United Nations Is Worthless, Exhibit A\' b\'Japan was not the aggressor?!?\' b"Italian Minister of Employment: \'My whole country is full of lazy fuckers\'" b"In Depth Interview of Gareth Porter  Broke the Story About Fabricated \'Iran Working on Nukes\' Evidence" b"Second Class Citizens:  Israel\'s \'deliberate and insufferable\' discrimination of Arabs Israelis." b\'Tony Blair bodyguard fires gun in Israeli airport\' b"Iran Claims to Test Missile Within Israel\'s Reach " b"5,000 of taxpayers\' money spent on training caviar inspectors as Britain nears recession" b\'Reports of looting, rapes as Congo peace fades \' b\'When religion goes horribly wrong\' b\'Acid Attack on Afghan Schoolgirls\' b\'Schoolgirls sprayed with acid in Afghanistan (Islamic Burqa protects some victims on their way to school)\' b"British people banned from using the word \'British\' in case it upsets ethnic minorities " b\'Can you spare $500? Nigerian scammers turn to Facebook\' b\' Iran test-fires new missile, Israel within reach\' b\'India gives life sentences to the two men, one a Communist leader, who raped and killed the 18 year old girl who led protests that ultimately forced Tata Motors to relocate its Nano factory.\' b\'For the first time India announces the arrest of 9 Hindu terrorists accused of anti-Muslim violence.\' b\'Afghan Insurgency Stronger Than Ever, Taliban Training Extremely Young Soldiers (VIDEO)\' b\'Greenpeace Activists Detain Palm Oil Tanker: Where Do Readers Stand on Direct Action?\' b\'UK recession bites. Jobless numbers at 11-year high.\' b\'Angered over the French indictment of a presidential aide, Rwanda threatens to arrest French nationals in retaliation.\'',
 'b\'"Now for being stupid and believing in witchcraft you will have to work much harder to recoup the money you gave us." Note left by Pyramid scheme operators to taunt angry victims.\' b\'Slapped Iraqi soldier shoots dead two US troops\' b\'Over a Million Liters of Alcohol for Thirsty German Soldiers in Afghanistan\' b\'More human rights abuses by Israel: Gaza shut to fuel and journalists\' b\'Gaza Again Plunged into Darkness, Hunger as Israel Blocks Fuel, Food to Suffering Population\' b"Russian girl learns she\'s an African princess" b\'Man with HIV gets bone marrow transplant for his leukemia, is free of HIV infections two years on.\' b\'Mitch Mitchell, Hendrix Drummer, Found Dead\' b\'Two girls blinded in Afghan acid attack\' b"Hamas willing to accept a Palestinian state within 1967 borders and offer Israel ceasefire; meanwhile, UN running out of Gaza food aid as a result of Israel\'s blockade" b\'Dick waving in full swing: US Rejects Russian Offer to Scrap European Missiles\' b\'UK falsely brands 12,000 as criminals\' b\'Does anyone have any decent pictures or footage of the fighting in DR Congo? All I can find is pics of refugees and a few interviews\' b\'"Output from the world\\\'s oilfields is declining faster than previously thought, the first authoritative public study of the biggest fields shows."\' b\'Germany in recession\' b\'The failed suicide bomber who changed the war on terror in Afghanistan\' b\'Maldives President wants to relocate his entire sinking country!\' b\'Every Major Terrorist Threat Has Ties to Pakistan\' b\'Commandos operating from a warship of the Indian navy have prevented an attempt by pirates to hijack a ship in the Gulf of Aden\' b\'Gunmen kidnapped an Iranian diplomat in Pakistan after killing his guard  \' b\'Baron Rothschild: There is a New World Order.Banks will Deleverage and there will be a new form of global governance. \' b\'Interpol raids net illegal internet drug peddlers in nine countries, including England, Canada and the US.\' b\'Turkey may send six youths between the ages of 13 and 14 to prison for up to 23 years for participating in pro-PKK demonstrations.\' b\'Somali pirate stand-off: Tanks, but No Tanks\' b\'It was only a matter of time before this happened.\'',
 'b\'Russia "Ready to buy Iceland for good money".\' b"RUSSIA\'S parliament will rush through a constitutional amendment that could see Vladimir Putin return to the presidency within weeks." b\'Dubai: What goes up, up, up...must come down. Only 5% of GDP comes from oil, leaving them poised for a big fall.\' b\'Taliban sprays Afghan girls with acid for not wearing burqas\' b\'Paulson in 2007: "I have no interest in bailing out lenders or property speculators."\' b\'Indian probe touches down on Moon \' b"What\'s really happening in the Middle East: Iran and Saudi Arabia are engaged in a Cold War that is playing out in both Iraq and Afghanistan." b\'Sarkozy urges US, Russia to shelve missile plans\' b\'Taliban kill mullah critical of suicide attacks.  Religious leader slain days after preaching against oft-used tactic.\' b\'India suffering "disease of affluence"\' b\'Australia is preparing to block public access to 10,000 websites deemed to carry "unwanted content".\' b\'US drone strike kills 12 in Pakistan\' b\'Israeli troops face abuse trial\' b\'British troops out of Iraq by end of 2009: Iraqi official\' b\'Sarkozy to Putin: Do you want to end up like Bush? \' b\'U.N. says thick brown clouds of soot, particles and chemicals stretching from the Persian Gulf to Asia threaten health and food supplies in the world\' b"Obama aide in \'anti-Arab\' row " b\'Are we just going to let this shit happen? These fuckers are robbing us in plain sight !\' b"Local council spends $150,000 of taxpayers\' cash....in bid to save taxpayers\' cash " b\'Vetting blunders label 12,000 innocent Britons as paedophiles, violent thugs and thieves\' b\'Russian leader Medvedev heading to Cuba & Venezuela \' b\'Junk mail levels drop by 70% all because of the closure of one web hosting company\' b\'Egypt halts doctor visas to Saudi\' b\' Martin Kettle: Tabloid irresponsibility means readers get most of their political information from newspapers no one trusts | Comment is free | The Guardian \' b\'EU unveils plan to weaken Russian grip on gas supply\'',
 'b\'Putin: "I am going to hang Saakashvili by the balls. Why not? The Americans hanged Saddam Hussein." Sarkozy: "Yes, but do you want to end up like Bush?" Putin: "You have a point"\' b\'Jewish Settlers throw rocks at palestinians, IDF tries to force human rights worker recording the events to turn his camera off\' b"Surprise surprise, now clueless UK politicians think they can regulate the internet through \'league tables\' and \'age identity cards\'" b"Woman reaches US army\'s top rank" b\'Child protection register failed to communicate more than 80% of the abuse cases!\' b\'Russia Set To Change Constitution To Allow Vladimir Putin To Become President Again\' b\'Israel for blocking entry of journalists into Gaza\' b\'Did Michelangelo Have a Hidden Agenda?\' b"Must Read If You Haven\'t Already: \'The Israel Lobby\' By Professors Mearsheimer and Walt" b\'Vandals blew up a statue of Lenin in Ryazan\' b\'Taliban urge world to block Afghan executions\' b\'British Couple Divorce Over Second Life: "I looked at the computer screen and could see his character having sex with a female character. It\\\'s cheating as far as I\\\'m concerned"\' b\'Must Watch Documentary: The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy\' b\'Egyptian doctor sentenced to fifteen years jail, 1,500 lashes in Saudi Arabia\' b\'U.N Reports Accuse Israel of Human Rights Abuses Against Palestinians\' b\'Ron Paul on the up and coming G20 Summit\' b\'Curly Cukes to be Decriminalised\' b\'Canada Alert: Rumour has it that a massive computer fraud has hit the PC Bank\' b\'Britain passes out pedometers to battle obesity and create nine "healthy" towns.\' b\'Hong Kong finds melamine in fish feed from mainland China\' b\'Sri Lanka Seizes Tamil Stronghold \' b\'Croat government bans Christmas\' b\'Up to 50 nuclear warheads are believed to have gone missing during the Cold War, and not all of them are in unpopulated areas.\' b\'UN closes Gaza aid centers, citing lack of food\' b\'Car Bombing in Iraq Kills at Least 7 \'',
 'b\'Haitians are so desperate for food that many mothers wait to name their newborns because so many infants die of malnourishment\' b\'Israeli Tanks Storm Into Gaza Strip\' b\'Hillary Clinton will be the next Secretary of State. In Westchester/NYC, Bill is saying "Sweet! Yeah! Off to foreign lands! Have fun!" In Albany, Paterson is saying "This is my ticket out!"\' b\'China says no to sending troops to Afghanistan\' b\'Australian navy given two months off for Christmas\' b\'Afghan article says US Bin-Ladin hunt phoney \' b\'60 Journos Arrested at Sudan censorship rally\' b\'Congo - a picture that changed a life\' b\'ETA chief arrested in southern France \' b\'Tibetan Exiles Meet to Ponder Strategy\' b\'Child refugees make up 60% of the 250,000 fleeing in Congo - Pictures\' b"Iraq invasion \'serious violation of international law\'" b\'CNNs Michael Ware on Iraq withdrawal agreement: Tehran was in the room.\' b\'Russia to build nuclear reactor for Venezuela\' b\'Somali Pirates Holding 14 Ships With 250+ Men Hostage\' b\'Hijacked oil tanker nears Somalia \' b\'British airline pilots threaten strike over ID card plan\' b\'Former MIT Student now a Terrorism Suspect is Not Mentally Competent and Unfit for Trial.\' b\'Iranian grain ship seized as Somali pirates hold world to ransom\' b\'Single Sex Schools to Make a Comeback...How Realistic Is the Thought?\' b\'BBC: Seized tanker anchors off Somalia\' b\'Stage set for Indo-Russia nuke pact \' b\'Israel supports direct talks with Iran.  Says global financial crisis should delay war with Iran.\' b\'Obama Meets With McCain in Chicago \' b\'The Japanese comic version of Das Kapital joins a collection of increasingly fierce literary critiques of the global capitalist system.\'',
 'b\'India sinks Somali pirate ship\' b\'New prostitution laws in the UK mean men who pay to have sex with trafficked women may face rape charges, and ignorance is no defense.\' b\'Finally someone steps up to Somali pirates: INDIA sinks pirate "mother ship"\' b\'Israel boycotts UN racism conference, claims bias\' b"Egypt and Israel were at war. Anwar Sadat, Egypt\'s President, flew to Jerusalem to make peace. His plane door opened. Israel stood still. Israeli buglers sounded the salute. An unforgettable moment." b\'After a mere four years, Ireland plans to reinstate a ban on handguns.\' b\'With no money, Pakistan moms abandon kids\' b\'Somali pirates transform villages into boomtowns - building sprawling stone McMansions\' b\'British and American military secrets may have been passed to the Russians by a double agent -- biggest spy scandal since CIA traitor Aldrich Ames\' b\'Israel slams UN call to end blockade\' b"Forget Red vs. Blue -- It\'s the Educated vs. People Easily Fooled by Propaganda" b\'The Government of Israel continues to act recklessly, and with utter disregard for the human rights of the Palestinian people, including their right to life and safety.\' b\'A 26-year-old flight student is dead after a propeller accident\' b\'The British National Party (BNP) membership list which has been published online by an ex-member can be found here\' b\'IRAQ WAR ENDS\' b\'UN Calls For End To Israeli Blockade Of Gaza Strip\' b\'IAEA: Bombed Syrian site had features like a nuclear reactor\' b\'"Today we have around 1.8 million (reported) cases of Police Torture Each Year in India. Those Tortured are generally the (Low-Caste) Dalits, the Tribals and the Muslims.\' b\'Well, well.  Blackwater wants to fight pirates now.  How unexpected.\' b\'early thaw in the coming cold war?  Moscow reaches out to Obama on missiles\' b\'Pirates strike again, seize Hong Kong grain ship bound for Iran\' b\'More challenges to secret copyright treaty\' b\'WTF? Barack Obama Faces Charges in Memphis \' b"spy called \'The Spaniard\' may have betrayed British and U.S. secrets to Russia for more than a decade" b\'UK government unveils plan for sex trade crackdown\'',
 'b\'Bush ignored by the other world leaders at the G20 meeting\' b\'Israel Bans International Media from Gaza, Arrests Human Rights Activists\' b\'Somali Pirates: We dont consider ourselves sea bandits, he said. We consider sea bandits those who illegally fish in our seas and dump waste in our seas and carry weapons in our seas."\' b\'Teenage Indian boy was thrashed, paraded through the streets with his head shaved and then thrown under a train for daring to write a love letter to a girl from a different caste. \' b\'Russia to build nuclear reactor for Chvez\' b\'The $23 Million Ceiling at UN European headquarters in Geneva\' b\'Man, the Dutch have it good [PIC]\' b\'IMF finally approves $2.1B loan to Iceland\' b\'Afghanistan drug production up 150% since 2001\' b\'Hebrew papers told of Arab plan\' b\'India praised for sinking pirates\' b"Under Iraq Troop Pact , US Can\'t Leave Any Forces (Military or Civilian Contractors) Behind" b\'Crisis in paradise: Meltdown leaves ghost resorts.\' b"U.S. Missile Strikes beyond Pakistan\'s Tribal Belt" b"Experts say the Smithsonian\'s Hope Diamond once belonged to Louis XIV and was looted during the French Revolution." b\'S Africa to cut aid to Zimbabwe\' b\'Easyjet puts chokehold on windpipe op\' b\'Syria Claims Israel Planted Uranium (UN Listens)\' b\'Tokyo War Crimes indictment against George W. Bush\' b\'International Space Station celebrates decade in space\' b"Hungry in Zimbabwe: \'If you rest, you starve\'" b"The World\'s Most Powerful Eating Strategies" b\'UN agrees DR Congo troop increase\' b\'Oil price drops below $50 a barrel\' b\'Man banned from all churches in England and Wales\'',
 'b\'Denmark considers outlawing male circumcision on minors.\' b\'Russian scholar: "Our people are much more nationalistic, much more chauvanistic, and anti-democratic than Putin himself, so the current regime is by no means the worst that we could have." (AUDIO)\' b\'Family makes 200K a year and gives most of it away\' b\'Week End Picnic: Families Slaughtered by Israel on Gaza Beach\' b\'Children are dying in Haiti, victims of food crisis\' b"Radio host shocked as woman admits eating \'little black girls\'" b\'The U.S. Department of Energys National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and Petrleo Brasileiro S.A. (Petrobras) to Commercialize Biofuels\' b"More Than 1/3 of China\'s Land is Being Scoured by Erosion! Food Supplies at Risk!" b"What\'s the most generous nation in humanitarian donations in relation to GNP?  Surprise! It\'s Saudi Arabia.  US and England don\'t even hit the top 5." b\' Russian parliament approves extension of presidential term\' b\'Al-Jazeera editorial wonders why Western diplomats are such slow learners\' b\'Russian Duma passes reform to extend presidency to 6 years. Welcome back, Comrade Putin?\' b\'Germany Drops Attempt to Ban Scientology\' b\' French Socialists in run-off vote\' b\'Poland: Picketing hospital workers call for turning hospitals into cooperatives instead of traditional privatization\' b\'Russia set to extend presidential term\' b"US global dominance \'set to wane\'" b\'UN should suspend Israel membership: Nobel Laureate Maguire\' b\'World struggles to take on plague of Somali piracy\' b"Slump in stockmarkets wipes out two-thirds of China\'s billionaires" b\'Cholera outbreak strikes Zimbabwe\' b\'What is the value of 500 Rs for different people in India or rather the World\' b\'billionaires body stolen\' b\'How the Allied multinationals supplied Nazi Germany throughout World War II\' b\'ATTN: RIAA/MPAA: This is piracy.\'',
 'b\'Swiss Army bans vegetarians from fighting \' b\'Kofi Annan and Jimmy Carter barred from visiting Zimbabwe to assess the humanitarian crisis\' b\'Former police chief in Argentina, wanted for alleged crimes against human rights, has shot himself dead on live TV.\' b\'Progressive, tolerant Malaysia issues a fatwa...on yoga\' b\'1,000 penalties for out-of-date ID details\' b\'Icelanders demand PM resignation, clash with police\' b\'In this year so far 24 missile attacks have taken place killing 344 civilians. The number of so-called militants does not exceed ten.\' b\'Daryl Hannah Helps Stop Japanese Whaling By Joining The Sea Shepherd, The Ship Stopped $70M In Whaling By Japanese Last Year\' b\'Situation in Pakistan more dire than Afghanistan: expert\' b\'Mugabe tries to hide cholera death toll\' b\'Perth Mint (AU) is overloaded with demand for gold, suspends taking orders until JAN 09\' b\'Refusal to declare Lisbon dead \\\'treason\\\', "It is a simple question: will you respect the Irish vote?"\' b\'Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan to get anti-sniper device that can pinpoint the position of the shooter within a fraction of a second\' b\' Iran executes man in Israeli spy case\' b\'Michael Jackson Converted To Islam\' b"China stole files related to NASA\'s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter that detailed the space vehicle\'s propulsion system, solar panels, and fuel tanks" b"Australia\'s Sex Party takes on \'nanny state\'" b\'Paraguay reports 2nd cross-border raid by Brazilian troops\' b\'Is Mexico Finally Cleaning Up Corruption? Mexico Arrests Ex-Chief of Antidrug Agency \' b\'Britain colder than Moscow as blizzards sweep in from the Arctic\' b"Afghanistan\'s struggle to tap wind energy" b\' Iran hangs Iranian convicted of spying for Israel\' b\'HIV/AIDS spreading fast in Russia despite more funding to fight it, AIDS coordinator says\' b\'The God Delusion = Judas Priest = D&D\' b\'A former police chief in Argentina, wanted for alleged crimes against human rights, has shot himself dead in front of television cameras. (video)  \'',
 'b\'London Police boycott tasers "because of their potential to cause fear and damage public confidence"\' b\'Reddit upvoted the original story, why not this one? Muslims arrest those involved in acid attack against schoolgirls in afghanistan\' b\'Greenlanders go to the polls in referendum on self-rule\' b"Sunken \'pirate ship\' was actually Thai trawler, owner says " b\'Seventy-two percent of the Israeli public rated the general level of corruption in the Israeli government as "high to very high"\' b\'The freedom of historical debate is under attack by the memory police\' b\'US intelligence kept a file of personal nature on Tony Blair while he was Prime Minister, in violation of an agreement between Britain and the US not to spy on each others leaders\' b"Food Bank in Seattle, Washington. C\'mon Reddit--Let\'s Donate In Brenden Foster\'s name." b"Hey, Arab lady, you don\'t like it that we destroyed your homes?  Here\'s a headbut for you, and one for your Arab friend, too!  Now you\'re all under arrest." b\'10 Taliban arrested in acid attack on schoolgirls\' b\'UN General Assembly President Accuses Israel of Apartheid and Calls for a Campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Against Israel\' b\'First pics of Indian navy sinking pirate ship\' b\'The end of the cafe/bar culture?\' b"Somali Pirate \'Mothership\' sinking a mistake? " b\'Russia sues Ukraine over gas debt\' b\'"Between September and October property prices have plummeted by as much as 49% in some parts of Dubai"\' b"The Czech Republic\'s Vaclav Klaus is next in the rotation as president of the European Union, a fact that makes some in the Union very nervous." b\'Blast kills 3 outside Russia subway station\' b"Oops, Sunken \'pirate ship\' was actually Thai trawler, owner says " b\'Russian warships cruise into US back yard to make power point\' b\'Wal-Mart to Give 90 Million lbs Food to Help Combat Hunger \' b\'Zimbabwe Health Crisis "A Disaster of Unimaginable Proportions"\' b\'Nobody every seems to give a shit about the Congo\' b\'Kim Jong-Il Apparently Healthy.\' b\'Zimbabwe on brink of collapse as outbreak of cholera spreads\'',
 'b\'RIP Brenden Foster, the 11-year-old whose last wish was to feed the homeless.\' b\'Georgian ambassador admits that they started it.\' b\'How Canada honours our war dead sends shivers down my spine... seeing it in person is beyond breathtaking\' b\'Turns out Indian Navy actually sank Thai fishing boat, not pirate mothership. Embarassing...\' b\'Mumbai under attack. Bomb blast and firefights in South Mumbai. Blasts and gun flights in Oberoi, Taj and Trident Hotels. A lot of Chaos, nothing is clear at the moment. \' b\'South Africa President Mbekis denial of the well-established scientific consensus about the viral cause of AIDS and the essential role of antiretroviral drugs led to the death of 365,000 people\' b\'"Pirate Boat" Indian Navy Sank Was Thai Trawler.\' b\'Mumbai rocked by deadly shootings \' b\'Evidence Suggests British Liquid Bomb Plot was Directed by UK/Pakistan/US Intelligence \' b\'Greenland votes for self-rule\' b"Divers Find Ammunition on Lusitania,  so much for \'innocent passanger ship\'." b\'Quixtar and Amway are scams - Spread the word.\' b"Following in China\'s footsteps, US baby formula manufacturers add melamine!" b\'Mumbai attacked by terrorists\' b\' 3,000 dead from cholera in Zimbabwe, Local Government takes action to conceal the scale of this deadly epidemic\' b"One-third of China\'s Yellow River is Heavily Polluted with Industrial Discharge" b\'Everest and Himalayan Glaciers Could Vanish By 2035, Imperiling a Billion People\' b\'Afghan President Hamid Karzai said Wednesday he would bring down U.S. planes bombing villages if he could\' b\'Chinese villege may have Roman Ancestry - unusual numbers of western faces among chinese brethren...\' b\'Muslim clerics cancel fatwa against... yoga\' b\'Man Who Killed 6 Cops with a Knife is Executed \' b\'Thai crisis exposes class struggle \' b"Palestinian Children Teargassed Protesting \'Annexation Wall\'" b\'Official: Russians want to search for oil off Cuba.\' b\'Intimidation and murder in Coca-Colas Colombian factories\'',
 'b\'Live updates on Mumbai Blasts\' b\'Johan Franzen scores the Goal of the Year [VID]\' b\'Israeli forces destroy Palestinian greenhouses and farms in Gaza \' b\'Experts doubt Al Qaeda link in Mumbai attacks\' b\'Israeli Occupation Firces troops fire at children, Israeli Occupation Army demolish two homes in Old Jerusalem\' b\'The US has requested that Israel refrain from embarking on any large-scale operations during the last weeks of the George W. Bush administration\' b\'Finally!  A Lego illustrated bible\' b\'Full Text: PM Manmohan Singh Address to Indian People Regarding Terrorist Attacks in Mumbai\' b\'Google Map of Mumbai Attacks\' b" \'Hostages freed\' at Mumbai hotel - BBC News" b\'"I know that in 1954 Israeli agents pretending to be Muslims blew up American targets in Cairo in the hopes of prompting the US to attack Egypt. "\' b\'Airbus A320 Crashes Into Mediterranean Sea\' b\'Both airports in Bangkok, Thailand closed due to anti-government riots\' b"Official: Siege ends at Mumbai\'s Taj hotel" b\'Mumbai: Exporting Pakistans Resources [Warnerd]\' b\'Huge explosion at Taj again, 9 rescued from Trident\' b\'Gunmen in Mumbai Leave 101 Dead, Hostages Taken\' b\'France finally agrees to pay damages to nuclear test victims\' b\'Activists dump 5 tons of coal outside a meeting organized to block action to reduce CO2 emissions at the upcoming climate talks in Poland next week.\' b\'Mumbai Is Attacked By Terrorists in a scene of coordinated attacks that eerily resembles 9/11\' b"Charities can\'t keep up with deepening poverty" b\'Toxic waste causes Somali piracy\' b\'Regarding the events in India: The only question we should be asking ourselves, by Arundhati Roy \' b\'Indian Commandos Free Mumbai Hostages. \' b\'Airbus A320 crashes during test flight off the French coast\'',
 'b"Mumbai photographer: I wish I\'d had a gun, not a camera. Armed police would not fire back" b"Let\'s try not to panic... (Pic)" b\'Hemp: Swiss citizens vote tomorrow to legalize it\' b"What Happens To You After You Get Caught Spying For Israel Against The US-  You Get Hired By A Washington \'Thinktank\'" b\'Mumbai terrorists recruited with promise of escape\' b\'Japanese Told to Work Less, Have More Sex \' b\'India uncovers Hindu terror group that carried out bombings blamed on Islamists\' b\'Deepak Chopra agrees: Washington, not Al-Qaeda, is responsible for the Mumbai attacks\' b"Iceland: A portent of the future. When the global debt bubble bursts, will the people rise up\' in anger as they did in France in the 1780\'s? As they are in Iceland today. " b\'Police declare Mumbai siege over\' b\'Switzerland Likely To Approve Prescription Heroin\' b"Pictures of the Iranian man who threw acid on the woman\'s face during the reading of his punishment. His punishment, to have acid dripped onto his eyes until he goes blind" b\'Thanks reddit, for making the reddit icon with Indian flag. I appreciate your support. The incident however made me feel ashamed and wretched as an Indian...\' b\'Pirates on speedial - "They are under P for pirates."\' b\'The U.S. general commanding NATO forces in Afghanistan has ordered a merger of the office that releases news with "Psy Ops," which deals with propaganda\' b\'Conservative Canadian Government May Fall\' b\'President Zardari: Theres a little bit of India in every Pakistani and a little bit of Pakistan in every Indian. I do not know whether it is the Indian or the Pakistani in me that is talking today\' b"Inadequate Sex Blamed for Increased Crime Among China\'s Workers" b\'"What They Hate About Mumbai" - a Mumbaikar\\\'s view\' b\' Patrick Cockburn: Pakistan is the root of the problem\' b\'Indian force kill last gunman in Mumbai\' b\'Chinese internet giant sacks staff over paid for search listings\' b\'Dutch ban on "magic" mushrooms to take effect\' b\'How to Deal with Pirates: "We shall offer them liberal and enlightened terms, dictated at the mouths of our cannons."\' b\'The Ministry of Defence turned large parts of the country into a giant laboratory to conduct a series of secret germ warfare tests on the public.\'',
 'b\'The U.K. will make it an offence, punishable by up to ten years imprisonment, to publish or elicit information about any police constable\' b"\'No-one in our house works\'" b\'US Cruise Ship Carrying Over 1,000 People Chased, Shot At By Pirates Off Somalia.\' b\'Icelandic banking system collapses, hundreds storm the central bank\' b\'Australians organise protests in backlash against internet censorship\' b\'The Guardian reports that, Tony Blair helped Murdoch overcome an official investigation which was jeopardising one of his big investments...\' b\'With tail between the legs, Pakistan finally accepts the terrorists were from Pakistan that rocked Mumbai\' b\'China reveals 300,000 children were made ill by tainted milk \' b\'Mob runs riot as Zimbabwe runs out of water\' b\'Thailand gets even weirder: Court dissolves ruling party, bans PM\' b" Mumbai: Surviving militant says team took orders from \'command in Pakistan\'" b\'For those following the events in Canada: An explanation of how and why the neocons are being removed from power \' b\'BP to Help Commercialize Clean Energy in China With a Joint $73 Million Investment \' b\'Mumbai Police Believe Pakistan-Based Militant Masterminded Attacks\' b"China\'s Wacky Weed" b\'South Korea officially ends reconstruction mission in Iraq, calls troops home after 5 years\' b\'Arab World Trails Shamefully Behind\' b\'US stands by refusal to sign cluster bomb ban\' b\'Five Mumbai Terrorists May Have Escaped Capture\' b"Robert Mugabe \'should be removed by force, and South Africa must help\'" b\'How free is free speech in Latvia? Not very.\' b\'Condoleezza Rice played a private piano recital for the Queen at Buckingham Palace during a visit to London.\' b\' Switzerland pays price for isolationism\' b\'Biological terror attack likely by 2013, panel says\' b"After 17 Years Schoolgirl\'s Murderer Finally Brought To Justice."',
 'b\'Brazil Announces Plan to Slow Amazon Deforestation by 70%\' b\'Big brother police to get power to stop you in the street to demand ID  (UK - of course)\' b\'CCTV footage of cops fighting Bombay terrorists. Mob got him in the end.\' b\'The Daily Show on the Mumbai Tragedy: "There have always been motherfuckers, there will always be motherfuckers, but what we can\\\'t do, is let them control our motherfucking lives."\' b\'The Vatican on gays: "Better dead than married!"\' b\'People over 60s are the fastest-growing group of criminals in Japan, with more arrests than teenagers in many areas\' b\'Live Earth Concert Cancelled Due to Terrorist Attacks\' b\'UK government sneaking in mandatory ID cards\' b\'Until last week, no one in the U.K. had dared search Parliament since 1642, when such an act led to the beheading of King Charles I.\' b"First oil was expensive and we were told to be afraid, now it\'s very cheap and we\'re told to be afraid" b\'As Rwandan genocide raged, a Canadian general\\\'s pleas for help were ignored  "Hundreds of thousands" could have been saved\' b\'Italian judge suspends trial of CIA agents\' b"The world\'s most successful tennis player, Pete Sampras, became bored with retirement so he is back in London to play competitively again" b"Argentina\'s President Vetoes Law that would have Protected Glaciers" b\'Europe Should Not Appease China, Says Dalai Lama\' b\'Abdel Bari Atwan on the Mumbai attacks: "Today India is seen as moving closer to Israel in business ties as well as importing weapons from Israel."\' b\'The Associated Press Trivializes Iraqi Death Toll, Amplifies Censorship and The New York Times Adds Unique Twist in Censoring Genocidal Numbers.\' b\'Iran has recently executed an IT expert who confessed of being an Israeli spy for at least three years\' b"Doctors: Terrorists Torture of Jewish Victims in Mumbai \'Beyond Words\'.   Why hasn\'t the US MSM reported this?" b\'Nations to sign cluster bomb ban treaty: United States, China, Russia, Israel, Pakistan and India reject ban\' b\'Nations sign cluster bomb treaty\' b\'Key Chavez opponent faces charges\' b\'Venezuela: "All those companies where the employers exploit the workers, or where it has become indebted and cannot pay its workers, well, they have to be recovered, nationalised, taken over".\' b\'I killed 110 Children, Claims Witchdoctor\' b\'How do you pay a pirate\\\'s ransom? "what goes on would be worthy of a Hollywood action movie script."\'',
 'b\'"I fell in love with a female assassin..."\' b\'The Lie We Love: Healthy babies adopted from the developing world are usually not orphans at all.\' b\'European court ruling : the DNA of innocents may not be kept on file\' b\'Benazir Bhutto: Bin Laden was Murdered (she was killed a little over a month after saying this)\' b\'Jewish settlers turn TERRORIST. Rampage/Riots after forced removal from illegally occupied home.\' b\'The only surviving suspect in the deadly attacks on Mumbai told investigators that he shot a small boy and, because he was crying, "He shot him again, and killed him, to shut him up."\' b"There Goes the Conservative\'s Argument... Bloc part of secret coalition plot in 2000 with Canadian Alliance" b\'"I know there is a God because in Rwanda I shook hands with the devil."\' b\'"Niggers don\\\'t expel Jews! This isn\\\'t what we brought you to Israel for!" are just some of the degrading slurs Border Guard officers reported hearing from masked settlers\' b"Berlusconi plans to use G8 presidency to \'regulate the internet\'" b\'Those pirates who attacked a cruise liner - were actually fishermen\' b\'Venezuelans occupy car parts plant: "too many people are waiting for president Chvez to solve their problems... the people have to push the revolution forward"\' b"Pakistani TV: \'Hindu Zionists\' and Mossad Behind Mumbai Massacre" b\'Zimbabwe: Civilisation in reverse\' b\'Canadian Prime Minister has Suspended Parliament to Stop a No Confidence Vote ... Abuse of Power Much??\' b"If You Think the Neo-Con Warmongers are Gone You\'re Wrong. They Are Waiting to Attack Iran " b\'Calling all Pakistanis - Article by Thomas L. Friedman NYT\' b\'Neocon coup in Canada. Harper to suspend Parliament to forestall ouster by majority opposition bloc.\' b\'  FBI Seized Gold and Silver "Coins" from the Office of Liberty Dollar  \' b\'Mumbai Gunman Promised Cash for Family\' b\'Saudi to help Israel bomb Iran\' b\'The lineage of the terrorists who attacked Bombay is better traced to those vicious acts of 20th and 21st century terror which feature self styled protagonists of all the faiths and ideologies...\' b\'Hebron settlers evicted by force\' b"Mumbai gunmen took coke? Plausible. Mumbai gunmen injected LSD? I\'d say this reporter has never taken acid." b\'Russia to Send Warship Through Panama Canal (flexing muscles?)\'',
 'b\'Canadian Conservatives Suspend Parliament to Avoid Facing a Non-Confidence Vote \' b\'DNA samples of more than 857,000 innocent citizens now face deletion from the national DNA database after a landmark ruling by the European court of human rights in Strasbourg.\' b"Reddit Headline: Sperm Donor Gets Sued. Reality:Guy has Sex with Lesbian, Demands to be called Dad for 4 years, has ANOTHER Kid with said Lesbian, get\'s Bored with Kids and Takes Off. Gets Sued." b\'Romania removes theory of evolution from school curriculum. Also removed Voltaire, Camus and Nietzsche from the philosophy curriculum. Way to keep the population ignorant!\' b\'Evicted Israeli settlers terrorize Palestinians.  \' b\'The extent of the suffering in Zimbabwe has reached Auschwitz proportions\' b\'Video: Jews shoot Palestinian men\' b\'Sperm donor ordered to pay child support\' b\'Japan Extends Citizenship To Out-Of-Wedlock Babies\' b\'The captured pakistani terrorist sings like a canary\' b\'Oil falls below $44. Down 70% from its peak in July.\' b"Arab states slam Israel\'s human rights record at UN forum " b\'Nanny haunted by guilt despite heroism: "No one thinks of dying with a baby in their arms"\' b\'Born and raised in a North Korean concentration camp [Google Tech Talks]\' b\'The sex ed revolution \' b\'Supreme Court to review case of enemy combatant on US soil\' b\'Reports: Pakistan army had hand in Mumbai attacks\' b\'Israeli paper - Hebron settler riots were out and out pogroms \' b\'Stay classy KBR.\' b\'Patriarch Alexy II, head of Russian Orthodox Church, dies\' b\'Blogging barmaid booted by Brussels\' b\'Japan: Stop All Support for War\' b\'Terrorist suspect arrested in February had Mumbai attack plans\' b\'Dog Risks Life To Save Injured Friend\' b\'Christiane Amanpour: O. J. Simpson trial coverage helped the Rwandan Genocide to occur (excellent, depressing interview on genocide)\'',
 'b\'False Flag?  One of the men arrested for illegally buying mobile phone cards used by gunmen in Mumbai attacks is a counter-insurgency police officer\' b\'Doctors Without Borders: 75% of rapes they deal with are from the DR of Congo\' b\'Rape at epidemic proportions: Victims range from infants to 90 yr olds.\' b\' Jewish settlers set fire to Palestinian home\' b\'Canadian and Australian Prime Ministers give exact same speech, word for word, in run-up to Iraq War. We know who the puppets are, but who are the masters?\' b\'"Danish Special Forces capture Somali pirate boat"\' b\'Hoax call to Zardari "put Pakistan on war alert"\' b\'Russian ship enters Panama Canal for the first time since World War II\' b\'Another fake WMD report from Debka douchebags\' b\'US Wants Four Ex-ISI Officials Declared Terrorists\' b\'"Zimbabweans are reduced to plucking undigested corn kernels from cow dung... That could be tonight\\\'s supper."\' b"Europe\'s Scandal of the Year? - German Billlionaire Blackmailed by Swiss Gigolo, Prosecutors Say." b"Nuclear war for the lulz? Hoax India call \'put Pakistan on high alert\'" b\'CEO of top Swiss bank dies suddenly, sparking rumours of suicide\' b\'What will become of Canada?\' b\'Hoax call fuels Pakistan-Indian tensions - "A man pretending to be India\\\'s foreign minister called Pakistan\\\'s president and talked in a "threatening" manner during the Mumbai terror attacks"\' b\'29 killed after car bomb explodes in Pakistan\' b\'Jordanian man strangles 16-year-old married sister after she visited a female friend because he had to "cleanse family honour".\' b\'US backing for India fuels tensions with Pakistan\' b\'Canada halts parliament amid row\' b\'At Least 22 Dead in Pakistan Blast\' b\'Germany introduces health care services catering specifically to aging homosexuals\' b\'5 Blackwater guards charged in shooting\' b\'Carter Center: Guinea worm disease at all-time low. Pushing toward eradication.\' b"The Vatican\'s Policy of \'Cover-up\' on Clergy Sex Abuse"',
 'b"Chinese girl gets \'kiss of deaf\'" b\'Israeli PM Ehud Olmert: "The sight of Jews standing with guns and shooting at innocent Palestinian civilians can only be called a pogrom."\' b\'Japan: America entrapped Japan into carrying out Pearl Harbor -- Japan never waged a war of aggression\' b\'What the "no" day means on Greece and why student anger erupted across Greece over Saturday\\\'s fatal police shooting of a teenage boy.\' b\'Former ISI chief tells Fareed Zakaria on CNN that 9/11 and Mumbai were "inside jobs"--Zakaria, member of the Trilateral Comission, offers big fat disclaimer\' b\'The Taliban movement "now holds a permanent presence in 72 percent of Afghanistan, up from 54 percent a year ago."\' b\'UK: RIP Oliver Postgate - creator of Bagpuss and the clangers\' b\'[VIDEO] Greece: Police chases protester. Police beats protester.  Other protesters protect first protester.\' b\'In order to sustain global auto-mania, we require overwhelming self-delusion.\' b\'UN Agency: Nearly 1 Billion Hungry\' b\'The 7 Dumbest Things Ever Done by Airport Security | Cracked.com\' b"Two Pilots survive 18 hours on an ice floe in -20C after crash-landing in Canada\'s far north." b\'Sony to cut plants and 8,000 jobs\' b\'UK: Schoolgirl with learning difficulties gang-raped and scarred with acid\' b\'Video of Massive Riots in Greece - In response to the murder of 15 year old boy by policeman\' b\'Pakistan ex-spy chief: U.S. wants him on terror list\' b\' Who are the protesters in Greece?  \' b\'France fined for delaying EU laws\' b\'Military jet crash in San Diego kills 3 on ground\' b"Pakistan won\'t hand suspects to India" b\'Gallup: "Venezuelans more satisfied than other Latin Americans" but "ranked just below North America and Western Europe"\' b\'Financial Times writer speculates on the pitfalls of world government\' b\'Athens riots: live video coverage\' b\'India releases details of nine dead Mumbai gunmen\' b\'Homeless dog risks life to rescue pal\'',
 'b\'Canada: Wal-Mart tries to prevent employee unionization. Wal-Mart tries to go to Supreme Court. Wal-Mart loses.\' b"After suffering a financial meltdown, 60-70% of Iceland\'s fishing stock is infected by a parasite, making it nearly impossible to sell. Fishing accounts for half of Iceland\'s exports." b\'Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), has withdrawn its objection to a Wikipedia page that contained an image of a naked girl.\' b"Hitler was the perfect boss: Former maid breaks her silence on the \'charming\' dictator" b\'Mugabe finally admits massive cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe.  Add this to starvation, riots, and 231,000,000% inflation.  It is time for Mugabe to step down.\' b\'Greece: "Police using fascists and policemen in plain clothes, with rocks and sticks, pretending to be demonstrators, targeting either the demonstrators or vandalizing small shops and houses" [PICS]\' b"It\'s official: China is the world\'s biggest polluter" b"Dubai\'s solution to sewage problems: Dig a hole in the desert and dump it." b\'Somali pirates have received US$3.5 million ransom for the release of the Ukrainian freighter\' b\'Iraqis applaud charges against Blackwater guards\' b\'Spains ruling elite tries to ignore the fate of 300,000 murdered by Francos fascists, the 500,000 people they imprisoned and the 500,000 they forced into exile.\' b\'Global oil demand will collapse next year and commodities will not return to the highs they reached this summer in the foreseeable future\' b\'U.S. declines to free Reuters photographer in Iraq (Reuters)\' b\'10,000 bone fragments found in an Argentinian detention center shows that bodies were thrown into a pit, shot, and burned along with tires.\' b\'Mumbai massacre gunmen identified, and guess which country they ALL belong to..\' b\'UK: 90% of Private Pension Plans In Red Over $300B\' b\'Japanese recession much worse than first predicted\' b\'Greece Braces for General Strike\' b\'Strikes cripple Greece, shaken by riots\' b"How Burma\'s opposition lost its fear" b\'Out by June: UK plans Iraq withdrawal\' b\'Strike shuts down Greece, more violence feared\' b"Sustained speculative attack sends pound to record low against euro. As a Brit i\'m fucking pissed off, I hope we don\'t adopt the Euro." b\'Riots in Greece [video]\' b\'Mumbai cop took bullets to help nab one terrorist alive.\'',
 'b\'Escapee Tells of Horrors in North Korean Prison Camp\' b\'"Indian police have arrested a man for writing a book blaming Hindus for deadly anti-Christian violence in the country\\\'s east earlier this year..."\' b\'Violent unrest grows:  Greek-inspired protests spread across Europe\' b\'European democracy: Ireland who rejected the Lisbon treaty in 2008 will have to vote for it again in 2009 and again and again and again until they do exactly what Brussels tells them to do\' b\'Countries Ranked by Political Corruption\' b\'Bodies pile up as Mugabe wages war on diamond miners\' b\'Russia May Join OPEC??\' b\'Kick Ass Retired Marine Corps General who has repeatedly beaten the U.S. Navy in wargames lays out his strategy for defeating the pirates\' b"World\'s most valuable resource, a curse for most Nigerians. Though Nigeria is one of world\'s richest oil states; people are among poorest in world" b\'GREEK UNREST SPREADS - Solidarity Protests Across Europe Turn Violent\' b"\'There is no cholera in this country\' - Mugabe" b\'A Chain Reaction of Proliferation: How each country got its bombs, visualized.\' b\'Strike Cripples Riot Torn Greece - Government Hangs by Fraying Threads\' b\' Blast at Iraq restaurant kills 47 \' b\'Study Reports Anal Sex on Rise Among Teens.  Go teens go! \' b\'A Terrorist Gets the Judicial Middle Finger\' b\'Mumbai attacks: honest Mumbai ex police officer exposes the corruption and lack of motivation in the police force. Swifter action and better equipment could have prevented attack\' b"Think that Zimbabwe\'s problems are all caused by Mugabe, with the West as innocent bystander? Think again" b"Caylee\'s skeletal remains found - Now will Nancy Grace shut up?" b\'India unveils plans for new FBI-style security service\' b\'Jamaica: Gangs oust 200 people from homes\' b\'Pakistan police detain founder of group blamed for Mumbai terror\' b\'Lawyers march as more dissidents are snatched in Zimbabwe\' b\'The priceless expressions of an Australian family that ate some poo.\' b"Wal-Mart Takes Accident Victim\'s Legal Winnings"',
 'b\'The unrest that has gripped Greece is spilling over into the rest of Europe, raising concerns the clashes could be a trigger for opponents of globalization, disaffected youth and others ...\' b"Look up tonight to catch the biggest moon we\'ve seen for 15 years" b"World\'s Friendliest Countries: Canada, Germany and Australia on top.  United Arab Emirates at the bottom." b\'The EU is treating Ireland like some naughty schoolboy\' b\'Greek embassy in Berlin occupied by ANARCHISTS!\' b"China builds \'psychedelic\' pedestrian crossings to really confuse drivers " b"Mugabe : Cholera denial was \'sarcasm\'" b\'Manitoba 5 yeard old "She was beaten, forced to eat her own vomit, locked in the basement without clothing, shot with a BB gun. Nearly every bone broken"\' b"UK:  Form 696, which was promoted by Sir Ian Blair, demands that public venues define \'the ethnicity of their audience\'." b\'Does Russia face massive social unrest? - "Russian industrial towns might face social unrest and violence as companies plan massive layoffs, a Russian sociologist says."\' b\'[Confirmed] North Korean leader had a stroke: French doctor\' b\'No charges will be laid in connection with the death of Robert Dziekanski, the polish immigrant who died at the Vancouver Airport last year, after being Tasered by police. [video]\' b\'Moscow mayor: Freedom of assembly? Not for gay people\' b\'GM in final death throes.\' b\'China accuses Dalai Lama of ordering assassinations\' b"Mugabe claims Cholera crisis is over while thousands in Zimbabwe suffer and die. Isn\'t it time for the world to act????" b\'Greek Consulate in Berlin Is Occupied by Protesters, Police Say\' b\'The Most Dangerous Woman in the World - Aafia Siddiqui\' b\'Poorer nations inflated vaccination numbers: Only half as many children as claimed received shots, study finds\' b\'Arundhati Roy: Mumbai was not our 9/11\' b\'Can anyone explain the origin and history behind the Greek Riots?\' b\'Militant Organization of Russian Nationalists takes claim for a Tajik migrant worker found decapitated in Moscow.\' b\'New Deal Will Allow Shell to Develop One Quarter of Jordan for Oil Shale Exploration\' b\'Raw Video - At least 47 killed, 93 injured in Iraqi restaurant blast\' b"Pompeii family\'s final hours reconstructed"',
 'b"President Mugabe, you are under arrest on charges of torture. Mugabe\'s jaw dropped. His face was contorted with fear." b\'Shocking pictures of a policeman on fire after a petrol bomb was thrown at him\' b\'UK Home Secretary : Time to tackle the non-violent extremists\' b\'SEC warned, "Madoff Securities is the world\\\'s largest Ponzi Scheme." In 1999.\' b"Office of lawyer defending Greek boy\'s killers ransacked" b\'Russian MPs vote to scrap juries for terror and treason cases\' b\'Russia has scrapped the right to trial by jury for people accused of organising violent crime, terrorism and civil unrest.\' b\'Zimbabwe blames cholera on British "biological weapon"\' b\'Indian navy foils a hijack attemp on a merchant vessel by Somali pirates, this time the pirates avoid being blown up.\' b\'Christmas Party Death:  Canadian shoots and kills former boss\' b\'800 dogs die in kennel flood\' b\'Navy:1 and Pirates:0. CNN:Indian navy captures 23 pirates,their ship,7 AK-47s and prevents 1 hijacking.\' b"First the UK, now Germany:  German Internet Watchdog To Remove URLs To \'Virgin Killer\' From Search Engines" b\'Mugabe: Cholera is biological attack by west. \' b\'A loose global network of battle-hardened former soldiers and their relatives, the Pink Panthers, have been organizing diamond heists around the world.\' b\'Deep in the land of the Taliban\' b\'Her limbs were found at the home of a witch doctor  who fled cops following a tip-off\' b\'Guitarist stabbed 50 times by bandmates in Italy\' b\'Ecuador defaults on foreign debt \' b\'Pentagon May Have Mixed Propaganda With PR?\' b\'Arundhati Roy: On a day when the newspapers were full of moving obituaries by beautiful people about the hotel rooms they stayed in, hunger in India got only a small box in the corner. \' b\'6 alleged Islamic extremists charged in Belgium\' b\'Jellyfish gone wild ruin international tourist destinations\' b"Muslim lawyer Anjem Choudary brands Christmas \'evil\'" b\'A crash as historic as the end of communism\'',
 'b\'Turks apologize for Armenian massacres\' b\'Greek youths break into state TV center, take over\' b"Iraqi journalist who threw shoes at George Bush had \'arm broken\' by police" b\'"A superpower never has allies. It only has agents."\' b\'Turkish Academics To Apologize For Armenian Genocide\' b\'Greece: Protester uses a laser pointer to show where a riot cop is.\' b"Does anyone else think two thrown shoes have already become the symbol by which history will understand Iraq\'s rebuke of the Bush campaign? Al-Zaidi\'s brother gives context." b\'BBC/Arab media: Iraqi shoe-thrower is being tortured\' b\'Shoe thrower hates both US, Iran role\' b\'Arabs hail shoe attack as Bushs farewell gift\' b\'When I wrote this, they called me a conspiracy theorist. (A Review of a Financial Times Op-Ed)\' b\'Cameras, cameras everywhere, and not a person to watch them\' b\'Scientology Implicated in Reed Slatkin $50bn Ponzai Scheme\' b\'Online poker billionaire Mr Dikshit ordered to pay US authorities $300 million\' b"UK: Blind man\'s guide dog barred from restaurant for offending Muslims" b\'The man behind the Narco Submarine\' b\'Brave Iraqi reporter withstands beating by guards - refuses to name co-conspirator who supplied him with the shoes.  U.S. may send him to Guantanamo for enhanced interrogation to keep America safe\' b\'Official: Shoe-thrower in Iraqi military custody\' b\'Act now, or Congo could be Rwanda all over again\' b\'Hackers responsible for deforesation in Amazon, says Greenpeace\' b"\'I was still holding my grandson\'s hand - the rest was gone\'" b"\'Explosives found\' in Paris store" b\'Obama Plans to Give a Major Speech In an Islamic Country Soon After Taking Office\' b\'UN commits to preserving mass grave sites in Afghanistan\' b\'In Mexico, we Kidnap your Anti-Kidnap Experts\'',
 'b\'Shoe-thrower faces up to 7yrs for "offending the head of a foreign state"\' b\'Spectacular Images of 2008 \' b\'*CBC Probe* -Tasers Tested Fire Stonger Current than Company Says\' b\'Man kidnaps child and trains him to kill black people.\' b\'Icelandic government preparing a lawsuit on the British government, what will  the reactions of Britain be??  Did Britain cause the enormous bank collapse in Iceland?\' b\'Washington on the dead US soldiers who served in Iraq: "It is regrettable that they had to die," Gaffney said, "but I believe they did have to die"\' b\'Greek youths hang protest banners from Acropolis\' b\'Russia provides 10 MiG fighter jets to Lebanon for free\' b\'Al-Zaidi faces up to 15 years in prison for hurling shoes at Bush\' b\'U.N.: Militaries can pursue Somali pirates on land\' b"we\'re now at 200+ banks bailed out" b\'Awww, now I feel bad for being a pirate\' b\'I thought GM needed money from the government?  Why are they building in China!?!\' b\'Sarkozy concerned about spread of Greek uprising: "The French love it when I\\\'m in a carriage with Carla, but at the same time they\\\'ve guillotined a king."\' b\'Interview with Nikos R., friend of Alexandros Grigoropoulos\' b\'"Resistance" - Greek protestors on Parthenon (pic)\' b\'Greek protesters unfurl banners at the Acropolis as riot damages reach $1.3 billion.\' b"Israel\'s Army says Gaza militants fire 9 rockets at Israel" b\'A Dutch dictionary company says Web visitors have voted "swaffelen" -- an English slang verb meaning to swing one\\\'s exposed penis -- as the word of the year. \' b\'Minnesota to Somalia: The Kinkos Crusade [Warnerd]\' b"The Armenian Genocide: (Video) This is a compelling documentary which focuses as much on Turkey\'s remarkable efforts to deny the massacre - which includes killing those who speak of it even today. " b"Out With the Coal & Oil, In With the Geothermal in East Africa\'s Rift Valley" b\'SEC Missing In Action on Financial Crisis Had Knowledge of Madoff Wrongdoing 9 Years Ago\' b\'SAfrica refuses to join growing calls for Mugabe to quit\' b\'US Military and Western Mainstream Media try to conceal War Crimes in Fallujah \'',
 'b"Man applauds `shoe-ing\' of Bush, arrested" b"A Hero who took a stand against torture, murder and abuse of power. Too bad he isn\'t American." b"More Government Control: Journalists Worry \'Big Brother Law\' Will Kill Press Freedom" b\'Israel blocks UN rights official\' b\'Iraqi journalist broken and now said to be sorry for shoe-throwing. Shoes destroyed. \' b\'Looks like Iraq is doing the whole McCarthyism  thing now: Over 30 Iraq Interior Ministers Arrested\' b\'Give them more guns: China to send warships to fight Somalia piracy\' b\'Free speech in peril: Jacob Zuma sues South African cartoonist\' b\'Muntadhar al-Zeidi: Man of the Year; "A small act that represents so much"\' b\'Nigerian babies fed antifreeze - dozens killed.\' b"Shoe-thrower faces 15 years in prison (where he\'ll be treated like a king)" b\'South Korea apparently has the most dedicated opposition party ever\' b\'Castro says could release prisoners for U.S. talks\' b\'Russian warships to visit Cuba\' b\'South Korean Lawmakers Brawl over U.S Free Trade Pact!  - [And throw in some Furniture Barricades and Construction Tools Too].\' b\'Australian ATMs *continuously* targetted and blown up with gas.\' b\'But the first step is ADMITTING you\\\'re an imperialist: "U.S. can no longer fund its unofficial empire" [VIDEO]\' b\'Warning for asthmatics  dont go and watch a fireworks display on a snowy night\' b\'India : The monster in the mirror\' b\'I was still holding my grandsons hand but the rest of him was gone\' b\'Oil Under $40; More Oil Stored on Ships at Sea Than at Any Time in The Last twenty Years\' b"Gondola Tower Snaps at Canada\'s Whistler ski resort" b"Pakistan\'s President Zardari Attempts the Impossible" b"Up to 25 Iraq government officials have been arrested on allegations that they were plotting to revive Saddam Hussein\'s outlawed Baath party" b\'Credit card crackdown coming soon\'',
 'b\'Chinese ship uses Molotov cocktails to fight off Somali pirates\' b"Tree man\'s roots begin to grow back " b\'Heartbreaking that many hundreds of families in Iceland are in need for food, families hurt, the rich seem to walk away with ease\' b\' UN split over homosexuality laws : Sixty-six countries at the United Nations have called for homosexuality to be decriminalised. \' b\'Mark Felt, the former FBI official who revealed himself to be Deep Throat, the source that exposed the Nixon-era Watergate scandal, has died.\' b\'Man repays 5 debt, 39 years on! (One of those aaaw nice stories)\' b\'White couple, black man battle for claim to South Africa farm\' b\'Belgian Government Collapses Over Bank Affair\' b\'Man viciously beaten in an unprovoked attack is left paralysed - forgives attacker - "Why should somebody else\\\'s life be ruined?"\' b\'Here We Go Again: Mediterranean Fiber Optic Cables Cut, Disrupting Middle East Communications\' b\'Rwandan genocide mastermind jailed for life\' b\'Hamas declares Israel truce over \' b"It\'s terrorism, pure and simple: Suicide mice in cat attack" b"\'Thousands made slaves\' in Darfur" b\'"The US government on Wednesday launched steps to seize a 36-storey New York office tower allegedly part-owned by the Iranian government in violation of sanctions against Tehran."\' b\'Severed cables bring down phone lines linking Europe, Asia, Mideast\' b\'Chinese ships will fight pirates\' b\'After 30 Years, Economic Perils on Chinas Path - NYTimes.com\' b\'Just How Big is Asias Largest Railway Station? Beijing South\' b\'Interoute, the internet networks company, reports that three of the four internet sub-cables that run from Asia to North America have been damaged.\' b\'Aston Martin designs new London Bus!\' b\'Charities lose billions following what is perhaps the largest ever pyramid scheme collapse in history\' b\'Nobel Prize jurors under investigation for bribery\' b\'Giant squids are mating with undersea sub-cables again...\' b\'Iraqi judge: Shoe-tossing reporter was beaten\'',
 'b\'Scientist repeat 1962 Milgram test: More than 80% of people torture others when told to do so by an authority figure. Have we learned nothing?\' b\'"I loved her. I tried to approach her many times, but she rejected me. But since I became a pirate, she has tried nine times to get with me."\' b\'Submarine cables cut again: internet and phone links between Middle East, South Asia and Europe lose 65%-90% capacity\' b\'Belgian government offers resignation\' b\'Bush Won\\\'t Condemn Countries That Jail Gays: "It\\\'s disappointing," said Rama Yade, France\\\'s human rights minister  b/c of America\\\'s long tradition as a defender of human rights.\' b\'Germany: Use anti-child pornography software or be denied access to the Internet.\' b\'Three undersea internet cables in the Mediterranean were severed within minutes of each other. Again.\' b"Belgium\'s government collapsed on Friday after a top court found signs that it had sought to sway a legal ruling on the future of stricken bank Fortis." b\'China blocks Internet access to New York Times\' b\'In Zimbabwe, $100 million buys a bus ticket\' b\'Dark side of Argentine sex city\' b\'An undersea lake of oil may transform Brazils economy forever\' b\'The Greek Riots in Pictures\' b"Anonymous notes posted outside schools in Mexican city threatening to kidnap pupils if teachers don\'t give them their end-of-year bonuses -- give them to who? They\'re anonymous!" b\'Robert Mugabe says Zimbabwe is mine, while the central bank unveils a new 10 billion Zimbabwe dollar bank note.\' b\'Police stripped woman and left her naked for 6 hours\' b\'Tragedy at Christmas show as actress plunges 25ft to her death in front of horrified audience\' b\'Japanese whale "researchers" are at it again.\' b\'China blocks Internet access to New York Times\' b\'Amnesty International slams Indian anti-terror law\' b\'China to deploy ships off Somalia\' b\'Swedish city hit by youth riots\' b\'Shoe Throwing Reporter Offered A Palestinian Bride\' b\'Electric Motorcycles Bouy Hondas Hope for Financial Future\' b\'AFP: Iran urges Pakistani clampdown on terrorism\'',
 'b\'Man threatened with arrest under the Australian Anti-Terrorism Act for videoing police performing a search in public.\' b\'German intelligence head threatens Wikileaks site. Threat triggered by an article about the arrest of German agents on suspicion of throwing explosives at an EU office in Kosovo.\' b"Top Notch Journalism, NY Times admits to publishing fake letter purporting to be from the mayor of Paris that attacked Caroline Kennedy\'s bid for a Senate seat" b\'Gordon Brown wants loans to the poor to have 27% interest rate.  Labour MPs Revolt. \' b\'GOP consultant killed in plane crash was warned of sabotage\' b\'Iran is shipping missile parts to Syria in Venezuelan planes, to avoid UN sanctions \' b\'Protests in Iceland may escalate\' b"Lesbian\'s brutal gang rape investigated in California" b\'UK: Homeowners who have not missed a mortgage payment could be threatened with repossession by lenders using an emergency clause to demand that the entire loan be repaid at short notice.\' b\'Pakistani Jets Scramble As India Hardens Tone\' b\'Oligarchs go cap in hand to the Kremlin as their vast empires begin to crumble\' b\'As Brazil destroys the Amazon jungle hundreds of eco-warriors trying to protect the environment are at risk of assassination\' b\'Blix may testify against Iraq war makers\' b"Brazil\'s Tough New Drunken-Driving Law -- Blow a .02 and lose your license for a year" b\'Russian oligarchs are lining up for $78 billion of Kremlin loans, giving Putin the opportunity to increase government control of the nations biggest companies.\' b\'Russians protest plan to raise taxes on imported cars\' b"Looking back over China\'s last 30 years - CNN.com" b"Mexico\'s drug war: Soldiers decapitated heads stuffed in a plastic bag and left outside a shopping center." b\'FDNY Lieutenant Admitted Plan To Take Down WTC 7\' b\'British police failing to investigate 40% of crimes - because they are too hard to solve\' b\'Interpol slams India for lack of cooperation\' b\'Playing politics:  India reluctant to turn over evidence while demanding that Pakistan crack down on the militant group suspected of hatching the plot\' b"Bush \'shoe maker\' hit by demand " b\'The Odd Couple ATT and Apple\' b"The pope has sparked controversy by saying defending heterosexuality is as important as saving the world\'s rainforests from destruction."',
 'b\'American Express gets $3.39 Billion, Capital One gets $3.6 Billion, DIscover gets $1.2 Billion...Lets have the intrest rate for this money at 22.99% compounded monthly and with a $3 million late fee.\' b"Archbishop Desmond Tutu has accused South Africa of losing the moral high ground by failing to stand up to Zimbabwe\'s president, Robert Mugabe. " b\'Mexican Beauty Queen Arrested In Gun-Filled Truck (PHOTOS)\' b\'Japan Considers Sending Ships to Fight Pirates\' b\'AS  SEEN ON REDDIT: Please help Sergio Lopez Family, fire victim, 3 kids, house burned, lost his wife, and job... \' b\'Drug Trafficking : One of the Most Serious Challenges Faced By the Nations Worldwide\' b\'CO2 Emissions "Not a Factor" When Approving Coal Plants, EPA Administrator Says\' b\'England - 60,000 households to pay tax at 90%\' b\'Marijuana Ring that Smuggled 900 TONS of Weed into Arizona gets busted\' b"Press Association: Police \'secretly taped Damian Green arrest\'" b\'Ahmadinejad to give festive speech\' b\'U.S. and Afghans Plan to Recruit Local Militias \' b\'Only 137 trucks of food were allowed into Gaza in November. This means that an average of 4.6 trucks per day entered the strip compared to an average of 123 in October and 564 in December 2005.\' b\'Chinese seek to pull cats from the menu\' b"Coup declared in Guinea after dictator\'s death" b\'Undersea cable cut disrupts Mideast and India communications\' b\'Behold the most depressing deer hunting video since Bambi\' b\' Report: Egypt ready to host Palestinian talks \' b\'Virgin Media ups broadband access ante to 50 Mbps\' b\'U.S. recession deepens, countries boost spending\' b\'Mugabe responds to US and UK calls for his resignation. Calls them "Stupid and Foolish" [Video]\' b\'Saudi girl (8) must remain married to man (47) says judge.\' b\'David Shepherd Named Man of the Year 2009!    UNNreports.com\' b"France: New Anti-Capitalist Party `a very exciting initiative\'" b\'Fed Up, Ordinary Guatemalans Turn To Vigilantism\'',
 'b\'Hell on Earth, this is a city of ShipBreakers. \' b"Full text of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad\'s Christmas message" b\'The economic crisis, right wing government and riots push Greece to the edge. There is talk of revolution and even the old-fashioned Communist Party of Greece (KKE) is stirring. \' b\'The Right To Food\' b\'Love and Support: A relative living and working in the UK supports eight families back in Somalia with the money he makes\' b"Israel warns Hamas will pay \'heavy price\'" b\'Merry Christmas to the United Kingdom Redditors, and all others in the GMT timezone!\' b"The full text of a Christmas message from Iran\'s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad" b\'Mission Accomplished: For first time, Christmas official holiday in Iraq\' b\'Merry Christmas From After Hours Friends\' b\'"Man accused of smuggling mummies"\' b\'"Das Kapital" manga reaches Japanese bookstores: "chronicles factory run by son who rebels against his father\\\'s socialist principles and becomes a slave driver"\' b"Dozens held over \'Tibet rumours\'" b\'suigle not google ! a new search engine for houses\' b\'Britons admit sedition charges\' b\'Ahmadinejad\\\'s "Queen for a day" message\' b\'Mormon and former Utah state trooper apparently committed a series of roadway shootings before attempting suicide; He also allegedly shot liquid at woman, temporarily blinding her\' b\'Sometimes Blogs Are a Good Thing\' b\'IDF preparing for Gaza op\' b\'Is war with Pakistan the only option?\' b\' Guinea coup leaders tighten grip \' b\'In the midst of the Madoff debacle, "Hamas" attacks Israel and the ADL whines that the world must support Israel\' b\'Pakistan: Joint left demonstration against India-Pakistan war drive\' b\'IJF Condemns Death Threats Against Pakistani Journalist Ansar Abbasi\' b"Israel\'s Aerial Weapon against Hamas {VIDEO}"',
 'b\'120 reportedly killed in Israeli strikes on Gaza\' b\'Just a reminder that in November 2007 the US Government ordered Firefighters to Spy on Americans: Fahrenheit 451 is not make-believe any more\' b\'Nokia Maps show Kashmir as part of Pakistan; Hindu nationalist mobs riot and burn down Nokia shops\' b\'Britain and US refuse to demand end to Israeli airstrikes on Gaza\' b"It\'s not rape if she is my daughter. In Mexico, incest is considered a crime against the family, not the victim and the underage victim is initially considered as much a criminal as the rapist." b"\'Israeli air strikes\' target Gaza: Residents in the Gaza Strip say Israeli F-16 bombers have launched a series of air strikes into the territory." b\'UK continues down path of 1984, wanting to censor all English language pages on the internet and exempt parents from responsibility.\' b\'Do not forget, that s Israel is killing hundreds, supposedly to protect itself from Hamas, Israel created Hamas in the first place\' b\'The BBC takes a look inside Gaza.  Finds malnutrition and shortages \' b\'More than 150 Palestinians Killed and Hundreds Injured in Israeli Air Raid\' b"A woman found bound in the trunk of her own car may have been there for well over a week.  The good news:  She\'s ALIVE!" b\'Israel Set for Gaza Invasion After Rocket Barrage\' b"Canada, U.S. agree to use each other\'s troops in civil emergencies" b\'Harold Pinter on US hubris and bullying\' b\'Israeli air strikes in Gaza Strip kill 155\' b\'AFP: Casulties in Gaza are at least 225, more than 700 wounded. \' b\'When War breaks out between India and Pakistan who would win?\' b"Saudi Human Rights Council Launches Women\'s Rights Campaign" b\'Eurosceptic and climate change sceptic becomes EU President\' b"As Taliban nears Kabul, shadow gov\'t takes hold" b\'Destroy all terrorist camps in Pakistan, Indian Muslims urge Indian Govt\' b\'Saudi Columnist Calls for End of Religious Police, Newspaper Fires Him\' b"What\'s going on here?  Condi Rice gets over $300,000 worth of jewels from Arab leaders." b\'Samuel Huntington dies. \' b\'Main stream media vs. corporate media , a distinction and a difference\'',
 'b\'Today Israel takes down an entire apt building of civilians to kill the family of one man. In Canada, we call that  terrorism.\' b"Australia\'s topless ban to protect Muslims and Asians" b\'Israeli warship collides with boat carrying medical volunteers bound for Gaza\' b\'wife takes final pics of her husband in ER waiting room where he was told to wait while a virus ravaged his organs\' b\'It has started: Protests around the world against US and Israel\' b\'Israel pounds Gaza for fourth day - The massacre continues\' b\'Israel attacks a ship containing medical supplies\' b\'If they are the greatest ally of the United States, why did they need to know about our missile defense system?\' b\'Unacceptable! [News Photo]\' b\'Why America Needs to Stop Supporting Israel\' b"Holocaust \'greatest\' love story a hoax" b\'Israel has banned reporters from the Gaza Strip -- only reporting from behind Israel lines is now allowed.\' b\'Ski jumper with the best distance record barred from Olympics.  For being female.\' b"Taliban militants beheading and burning their way through Pakistan\'s Swat Valley" b\'Israeli Navy Attacking Civilian Mercy Ship! \' b\'Hundreds of demonstrators marched through the Swedish capital on Monday and set fire to an Israeli flag painted with a swastika\' b\'Crippled accounting standards: the cause of the economic crisis?\' b"Asian governments roundly condemn Israel\'s \'crimes\' in Gaza Strip " b\'Chaos fear after President Abdullahi Yusuf of Somalia resigns\' b\'Israeli terrorists bomb a Pharmacy\' b\'Corruption taints every facet of life in China.\' b\'Israeli warship orders boat carrying medical volunteers and supplies - with CNN reporter on board - to turn back to Cyprus, accusing the vessel of terrorist activity\' b\'Hamas official blames rockets on "Collaborators"\' b\'Israel prepares for "long weeks of action" \' b"Ayatollah Sistani, whom Paul Wolfowitz lauded for \'the first pro-American fatwa\', Calls on Muslims to take practical steps against Israel"',
 'b\'Greece: Union activist loses her eye in acid attack. Her supporters blockade company. Riot police "forced to run leaving shields, helmets and even shoes behind."\' b\'Israel has been in violation of international law since 1967, protected by the United States veto of UN Resolutions condemning Israel for its violent, inhumane, barbaric, and illegal acts.\' b\'Zbigniew Brzezinski to Joe Scarborough on Gaza: "You know, you have such a stunningly superficial knowledge of what went on that it\\\'s almost embarrassing to listen to you."\' b\'Iceland after the fall\' b\'Russia is to shut off gas supplies to Ukraine, raising fears of European energy shortages\' b\'Video about living conditions in Gaza (from 2007)\' b\'"Here is a simple, stone cold fact. You cannot read or hear the truth about what is happening in Gaza from any corporate media in the United States."\' b\'MP wins support to ban topless sunbathing on Aussie beaches\' b"The IL Gov scandal is wrong, but almost EVERY election/bill/decision victory is directly correlated to the amount of money spent.  So, what ISN\'T for sale?" b"While everyone was focusing on Israel and Hamas, a terrorist organization elsewhere killed 189. Is a Palestinian\'s life more noteworthy than these people\'s?" b\'Christmas Massacres - Ugandan rebels kill 400 in DR Congo\' b\'Sex offenders must hand over online passwords\' b"Some Myths about Israel\'s Attacks on Gaza" b\'Does anybody really think Israel would be a peaceful nation even if the Palestinians gave all of their land to Israel?\' b\'This Sun Times story was censored for political reasons. No shit. Go ahead. Try to find the original. \' b\'The original, legal owners of the Israeli land on which Hamas rockets are detonating live in Gaza.\' b\'The Emperor IS Naked - The story behind the Gaza initiative\' b"Iran shuts down leading reformist newspaper for criticizing Hamas\' attacks and human shield use" b\'Volunteer suicide bombers seek to attack Israel\' b\'Over 70,000 deaths, and over 1 million disabilities among American soldiers attributed to Iraq Wars\' b\'Brigitte Bardot\\\'s "Hate Crime" Against Islam - Freedom of speach abolished in France (and in most of Europe)\' b\'Israel calls Gazans to warn them to flee for their safety\' b\'Israel: If this is how the Children of God act, what are the Children of the Devil,\' b\'ABC News: All (Illegal Immigrants) Aboard ICE Air\' b"Polygamy in the UK : Woman didn\'t know new husband was already married."']

With our headlines formatted, we can set up our CountVectorizer. To start, let’s just use the default settings and see how it goes! Below, we’ll name our default vectorizer, then use it on our list of combined headlines. After that, we’ll take a look at the size of the result to see how many words we have.

basicvectorizer = CountVectorizer()
basictrain = basicvectorizer.fit_transform(trainheadlines)
(1611, 31675)

Our resulting table contains counts for 31,675 different words! The shape of the sparse matrix (Sparse matrix is a matrix which contains very few non-zero elements.) also shows that their is 1611 observations (days) where we expect to train on the target variable. The left hand shows the number of occurence for each word. Each word is not described as a number.

Now, let’s train a logistic regression model using this data. In the cell below, we’re simply naming our model, then fitting the model based on our X and Y values.

  (0, 27644)	1
  (0, 15827)	1
  (0, 17942)	1
  (0, 3368)	1
  (0, 14117)	1
  (0, 17820)	1
  (0, 27457)	1
  (0, 30389)	1
  (0, 31189)	1
  (0, 31498)	1
  (0, 31487)	1
  (0, 25369)	1
  (0, 1707)	1
  (0, 17355)	1
  (0, 25701)	1
  (0, 14408)	1
  (0, 7322)	1
  (0, 5393)	1
  (0, 23758)	1
  (0, 2138)	1
  (0, 19303)	1
  (0, 14022)	1
  (0, 3215)	1
  (0, 2911)	1
  (0, 28417)	1
  :	:
  (1610, 19539)	1
  (1610, 16624)	2
  (1610, 11414)	3
  (1610, 15838)	2
  (1610, 16869)	1
  (1610, 20151)	3
  (1610, 15149)	1
  (1610, 13136)	1
  (1610, 2208)	1
  (1610, 30676)	1
  (1610, 31412)	1
  (1610, 15079)	1
  (1610, 24885)	2
  (1610, 31100)	1
  (1610, 5769)	1
  (1610, 4954)	3
  (1610, 13089)	1
  (1610, 28343)	16
  (1610, 2573)	1
  (1610, 26517)	1
  (1610, 14898)	1
  (1610, 24571)	1
  (1610, 20034)	11
  (1610, 28628)	10
  (1610, 2705)	6
# So you can easily incorporate a sparse matrix to train the model.
basicmodel = LogisticRegression()
basicmodel = basicmodel.fit(basictrain, train["Label"])

Our model is ready to go, so let’s set up our test data. Here, we’re just going to repeat the steps we used to prep our training data, then predict whether the DJIA increased or decreased for each day in the test dataset.

testheadlines = []
for row in range(0,len(test.index)):
    testheadlines.append(' '.join(str(x) for x in test.iloc[row,2:27]))
basictest = basicvectorizer.transform(testheadlines)
predictions = basicmodel.predict(basictest)

#### The predictions are set, so let's use a crosstab to take a look at the results!
#### The cross-tab is pretty interesting I have never really ised it.

pd.crosstab(test["Label"], predictions, rownames=["Actual"], colnames=["Predicted"])

The prediction accuracy at first glance is not very high. From the terms that has been used to predict, it would be interesting to identify which words contribute most to a rise or fall in the market by identifying the top coefficients and associated words.

# A way to obtain the feature names from the associated numbers in the matrix.
basicwords = basicvectorizer.get_feature_names()
basiccoeffs = basicmodel.coef_.tolist()[0]
coeffdf = pd.DataFrame({'Word' : basicwords,
                        'Coefficient' : basiccoeffs})
coeffdf = coeffdf.sort_values(['Coefficient', 'Word'], ascending=[0, 1])

Advanced Modeling

The technique we just used is known as a bag-of-words model. We essentially placed all of our headlines into a “bag” and counted the words as we pulled them out. However, most people would agree that a single word doesn’t always have enough meaning by itself. Obviously, we need to consider the rest of the words in the sentence as well! This is where the n-gram model comes in. In this model, n represents the length of a sequence of words to be counted. This means our bag-of-words model was the same as an n-gram model where n = 1. So now, let’s see what happens when we run an n-gram model where n = 2. Below, we’ll create a new CountVectorizer with the n-gram parameter set to 2 instead of the default value of 1.

advancedvectorizer = CountVectorizer(ngram_range=(2,2))
advancedtrain = advancedvectorizer.fit_transform(trainheadlines)
(1611, 366721)

This time we have 366,721 unique variables representing two-word combinations. This is noteably higher than the previous time, the reason for this is the logic that hides behind factorial computations.

advancedmodel = LogisticRegression()
advancedmodel = advancedmodel.fit(advancedtrain, train["Label"])
testheadlines = []
for row in range(0,len(test.index)):
    testheadlines.append(' '.join(str(x) for x in test.iloc[row,2:27]))
advancedtest = advancedvectorizer.transform(testheadlines)
advpredictions = advancedmodel.predict(advancedtest)
pd.crosstab(test["Label"], advpredictions, rownames=["Actual"], colnames=["Predicted"])

This time we’re up to nearly 57% prediction accuracy. That means we can finally beat a newspaper reading monkey. Keep in mind that with this analysis we have barely scratched the surface of NLP here, moreover we have barely scratched the surface in terms of machine learning techniques. In the future it might be interesting using various adjustments of n-grams (3,4,5 - word phrases) and seeing whether it will result in different outcomes.

  • ngram_range=(1,1) Bag of words (default)
  • ngram_range=(2,2) Bigrams only
  • ngram_range=(1,2) Both!

Now it would be interesting to see if the highest and lowest coefficient words “phrases” make more intuitive sense.

advwords = advancedvectorizer.get_feature_names()
advcoeffs = advancedmodel.coef_.tolist()[0]
advcoeffdf = pd.DataFrame({'Words' : advwords,
                        'Coefficient' : advcoeffs})
advcoeffdf = advcoeffdf.sort_values(['Coefficient', 'Words'], ascending=[0, 1])
2720470.286533right to
247100.275274and other
2853920.274698set to
3161940.262873the first
1575110.227943in china
1595220.224184in south
1258700.219130found in
1244110.216726forced to
1732460.211137it has
3225900.209239this is
326846-0.198495to help
118707-0.201654fire on
155038-0.209702if he
242528-0.211303people are
31669-0.213362around the
321333-0.215699there is
327113-0.221812to kill
340714-0.226289up in
358917-0.227516with iran
315485-0.331153the country

Awesome check out these interesting graphics when you can: https://www.kaggle.com/rahulvks/d/aaron7sun/stocknews/topic-modeling-using-gensim

Another okay one: https://www.kaggle.com/jiashenliu/d/aaron7sun/stocknews/presenting-seven-classifiers

Awesome, you can incoporate the sentiment analysis:


Following is some latnet Dirichlet Allocation Topic Modeling. It includes a vsiaulaisation to explain the resutls obtaine.

```python from nltk.tokenize import RegexpTokenizer from stop_words import get_stop_words from nltk.stem.porter import PorterStemmer from gensim import corpora, models import gensim

%time tokenizer = RegexpTokenizer(r’\w+’)

create English stop words list

en_stop = get_stop_words(‘en’)

Create p_stemmer of class PorterStemmer

p_stemmer = PorterStemmer()

#Our Document trainheadlines

list for tokenized documents in loop

texts = []

loop through document list

for i in trainheadlines:

# clean and tokenize document string
raw = i.lower()
tokens = tokenizer.tokenize(raw)

# remove stop words from tokens
stopped_tokens = [i for i in tokens if not i in en_stop]

# stem tokens
stemmed_tokens = [p_stemmer.stem(i) for i in stopped_tokens]

# add tokens to list

turn our tokenized documents into a id <-> term dictionary

dictionary = corpora.Dictionary(texts)

convert tokenized documents into a document-term matrix

corpus = [dictionary.doc2bow(text) for text in texts]

%time #generate LDA ldamodel = gensim.models.ldamodel.LdaModel(corpus, num_topics=10, id2word = dictionary, passes=1,chunksize=10000,update_every=1)

import pyLDAvis.gensim pyLDAvis.enable_notebook() news = pyLDAvis.gensim.prepare(ldamodel,corpus, dictionary)

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