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Open Business Analytics and Data Science Research

Walk through a few public domain solutions on GitHub, Medium, or the FirmAI website.

Industry Examples

Selected Solutions

Get in contact to discuss the possibility of creating a custom solutions with an open source developer, researcher, or academic. Tasks include dashboard design, process automation, strategic planning, causal discovery, prediction and decision optimisation. Click below to view a few of the examples and potential use cases.

Example Solutions

Analytics & Automation


FirmAI is committed to develop free business analytics solutions that can easily be relayed to an administrator for action. The analytics section is primarily focused on reporting. Some sections remain unreported and are simply served to the decision making units as part of a prescriptive analytics process.

See This Report


Open sourced automation is our primary concern. FirmAI's mission is the creation and maintenance of fully automated human-agnostic firms. The combination of machine learning and decision optimisation tools can offer various such automated solutions.

See Decision Tools



Automation solution delivered to various industries.


Various tools and techniques with varying degrees of complexity.


Reporting is central to the prediction and automation process.

Decision Making

Automation and analytics focus is to filter down the most viable options from a decision set.


An investigation into some experimental ideas for automation.


Samples for code and specific use cases.


Machine Learning


Supervised learning is the machine learning of inferring a function from labeled training data.


Unsupervised learning is the machine learning task of determining a function from unlabelled data.



The application and operation of robots to improve business efficiency

Business Process Automation

The automation of complex business processes and functions beyond conventional data manipulation and record-keeping.