Decision Making

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Finance, Actuarial and Economic Modules:
Repository Description
Pyfolio Is a Python library for performance and risk analysis of financial portfolios.
Pyliferisk Is an open library written in python for life and actuarial calculation contracts, based on commonly used methodologies among actuaries (International Actuarial Notation).
Hark Repository for microeconomic functions.
QuantEcon Modern open source computational tools for economics, econometrics, and decision making
Notebooks Notebooks contributed to QuantEcon

Repository Description
Google Optimisation LP, MIP and CP optimisation.
Pypsa Power Power System Analysis Examples.
Platypus Multiobjective Optimisation.

Computational Analysis:
Repository Description
Scikit-survival A module for survival analysis.
Human Decision Making Fitting human decision making using reinforcement learning, see repository.
Expertsys Decision Tree Textual analysis of decision trees.
Model Interpretation Digital book surveying multiple model interpretation techniques.
Lime Features Local explainable surrogate values for feature explanation
Shapley Values Features game theoretically interpreted based on their contribution to the target “payout”.
Six Pack A/B Test Sixpack is a framework to enable A/B testing across multiple programming languages.
Flask A/B Test Flask-Split is a Flask extension for A/B testing your web application.

Repository Description
EMA Scenario Discovery A notebook example on scenario discovery.
EMA Workbench Examples of decision making under uncertainty.
PySD Simulating System Dynamics Models in Python.
Marketing Datascience A series of marketing data sets and notebooks.
Nashpy A library for the computation of Nash equilibria in two player games.
Networkx Network Analysis Package.

Repository Description
Process Mining Software Process mining package.
Comidor Paid for business process management.
Processmaker Process management.
Activiti Activiti is a light-weight workflow and Business Process Management (BPM) Platform.
Bonita BPM Paid for business process management.
Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite Platform for creating cloud-native business automation applications and microservices.
Camunda Workflow and decision automation platform.