About Us

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FirmAI is a centralised repository of current and experimental business intelligence tools (BITs) and approachable academic research. Any tool that advances business automation is simply called a BIT; this includes among others, machine learning, econometric, statistical and decision optimising tools.

The expectation is that most BITs are already widely known and used by companies with monopolistic characteristics. The contributors to FirmAI seek to level this asymmetry by helping small to medium sized companies automate their business activities. FirmAI also aims to help firms get in touch with academics interested in open source business innovation.

The purpose of FirmAI is to advance business competition and innovation through two tenants. First the democratisation of automation, and second regulatory and policy design recommendation for tax, data sharing and small business support.

FirmAI supports business automation in the following seven ways:

  1. Catalogue business intelligence tools.
  2. Release notebook and application examples of the most important innovations.
  3. Get academic insight into the latest innovations in the field.
  4. Highlight important research articles related to firm automation.
  5. Help companies identify automatable activities with check-lists, case studies and speculative company fiction.
  6. Release public and anonymised datasets where appropriate.
  7. Comment on the dangers of automation with proposed regulatory and policy steps.
  8. Incorporate advice from experts around the world.

At FirmAI we are well aware that data availability is the most pressing concern for small to medium businesses. The technology stack underlying the future of firm automation is set to become a lot more accessible and widely distributed, while the accessibility to data is uncertain. This significantly enhances the probability of monopoly powers engaging in rent seeking activities. FirmAI catalogues publicly available data from web-scraping and other activities.


FirmAI contributors and authors pride themselves in using a wide range of technologies to solve and automate the most complex and pressing business problems.

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